Twilight : What Never Happened

This is for the twilight competition. i may add a few new characters


3. tHrEe

   Jacob’s face melted into a smile as I walked up to him and he pulled me into one of his bear hugs. By the time he let go, I was breathless and gasping for breath. He waited for my breath to restore to normal.

    ‘Let’s go for a ride on our bikes,’ he suggested eagerly and grabbing my hand, half dragged me to his garage. I looked around for Billy, but he was nowhere in sight. The beach was unsually isolated and in the distance the sight of the seas licking the shore rose my spirits. Coming to La Push somehow managed to wipe me of my misery and anger or any other worries. I knew that Jacob was part of the charm. We were just setting out when a thunder growled and the next minute rain began washing down and dissolving into puddles.

   ‘There goes our trip,’ I mumbled annoyed and unhappy.

   ‘Don’t worry, Bells,’ Jacob assured me, his delight still lingering. ‘We will figure out something else to do.’

    ‘Oh sure,’ I said, rolling our eyes, still annoyed, ‘lets play tag.’

    ‘If we play tag,’ Jake said his face serious and calculating, ‘you’d probably end up in crutches.’

    I picked a crumpled piece of paper lying on the ground and threw it at him. It missed him by almost a meter.

    ‘Oh Bella,’ he said laughing, ‘you are awfully scary.’ The he handed me a can of soda and patted the ground besides him. I sat down there, sipping the soda, watching the rain come down in slanting lines. It was silent for a while except for the healthy and boisterous sky.

    A sudden noise shot through my reverie and made me jump. I turned to find Jacob next to me pressing the buttons of a battered looking device.

    ‘What is that?’ I asked curious and amused.

    ‘Billy’s old radio,’ Jacob answered with a snort, flipping through the channels. ‘It is a miracle it still works.’ He suddenly stopped at one of the channels. A song was beginning and I narrowed my eyes in concentration, watching him nod to the music, as I tried to revive the voice from my memories.

    ‘Taylor Swift?’ I said, making a face in disgust. Edward’s choice of songs was rather old fashioned and somehow I was attuned to them. He nodded vigorously.

   Suddenly, he was on his feet. There was a sudden enthusiasm kindled within him and he was tugging at my hand, trying to get me on my feet.

   ‘No!’ I cried in horror as I realized what he was trying to do.

   ‘Please Bella?’ he said, pleading.

   ‘No!’ I protested.

   ‘Please, just his once?’ he begged. I was still shaking my head but stopped when he said, ‘for me? Just this once?’  I sighed, warning myself that sooner or later my soft nature would get me into trouble and got to my feet. He gave me his warm smile that I loved so much and pulled me to the centre of the room. His arms went around me and to my waist.

    ‘Don’t blame me if a tread on your toes,’ I said warningly, ‘It’s your entire fault.’

    ……..just let it flow……

     I moved along with him, trying to keep up with the pace of the rhythms.

     …….till you open the door, there’s so much more…….

    My first memories with Jacob…

     ……I was trying to fly but I couldn’t find wings………

   Edward deserting me, leaving me clinging just to the edge of sanity

   …….but you came along and changed everything…….

   Jacob helping me out, trying to put my broken pieces together……..

   …………You spin me around………

   Jacob’s smile, his child like eagerness……….

   ………Feels like I am falling…….

   Jacob rescuing me after my recklessness of ‘cliff diving’

  ………you make me crazier……

   Our valentine’s day…….


   Our bike rides…….


   We swayed along………



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