I've always been fascinated by the paranormal. My adopted parents aren't too keen on anything of that nature though. They're really religious, and they don't believe in anything I tell them. In fact, I'm not really important to them, but they keep me anyway. But I swear, everything changed when the new kid came to my school.

That's when everything changed.

Note - This will contain strong language and violence. If you're not into that sort of thing, please, don't blame me when that occurs in this story. Just stop reading.


4. Laura - My Burning Angel

I awoke to a blinding light that was actually called sunlight. I muttered something under my breath, moving my hands to push me into a sitting position. Everything hurt. Red and black specks insistently took over my vision, and my head threathened to burst.

And then he touched me, and catched me as I fell backwards. "Woah, steady here dragon." he chuckles, flicking his black hair out his eyes. I coughed and spluttered, sending some blood flying from in my windpipe. His face went from a cocky smirk to a look of geniune concern as some of my blood caught his face, the vibrant red clashing with his porcelain skin.

"Are you okay? Seriously, that was a lot of magic for a someone who didn't realise they had it." Gerard asked, and I choked some more "Magic doesn't exist angel boy." He smirked, and I then realised I'd called him angel boy. Oh shit.

"Oh but it does, dragon girl. How else do you explain your little fancy fire trick?" he chuckles, a silent unsaid challenge in his eyes. "But... Why are you calling me dragon girl? It's not funny!" I shouted, and he shook his head with a smirk "Because of your crest Helsing."

"My crest is a dragon, yeah, how do you-helsing?!" I retort, raising my voice so he especially gets that last bit. The angel boy laughs, and then points to my crest, and then to his. "Your crest represent which hunter family you belong to, and yours dear is the Helsing crest. I am Gerard Raziel." He explains calmly, before adding with a smirk "So Angel Boy is an appropriate nickname. Though I highly doubt you knew that before I told you."

"Raziel is an Archangel...?" I stated with uncertainty. I was rewarded with a quick nod, and then he tensed unexpectantly. Suddenly, burning bright wings of fire appeared at his back, and a blade of flame was gripped. He put his spare hand to my lips, and whispered "However, you're the important hunter, dragon girl."

I nodded, catching my breath and forcing back the questions which burned at my throat. He smiled, and then a large black wolf lunged at my burning angel. Gerard hissed, and turned to slash at the monsterous beast's throat, and the animal ducked and backed off, a growl rippling from it's fangs.

And I was caught breathless, waiting for someone to save me. Gerard however, dragged the burning sword across the cold pavement. "Lupin, hunting without your pack of demon lackies?" he spat, amd the demon wolf gave a toothy grin, and let out an ear splitting howl.

"No, I thought maybe take care of the Pheonix Dragon." It laughed harshly as a pack of smaller yet still as intimidating wolves appeardc. They sniffdc and barked, running their tongues over the red fangs lining their jaws. Snapping and snarling, a pair lunge for my guardian angel, trying to snap at his pale neck.

But Gerard was quicker, making a wall of flame in front of him, and slowly begins to take to the air, hovering over with fierce grace. The pair of demons yelped and howled as they disappear into clouds of shadows, their glowing firey eyes the last thing to disappear.

Lupin snarls and barks an order, and the wolves seem to disappear as a female voice rings from behind "Leave while you still can!" I spun around on my heels as another girl stood behind me. Everything seemed pretty normal about her, long brown hair down to her bum, bright blue eyes that better suited a wolf than the little girl before me.

But then, I noticed her ears weren't human. They were those of a wolf. And then the long brown wolf tail touching the floor, as she grinned a toothy smile. "Well look what the cats dragged in..."

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