I've always been fascinated by the paranormal. My adopted parents aren't too keen on anything of that nature though. They're really religious, and they don't believe in anything I tell them. In fact, I'm not really important to them, but they keep me anyway. But I swear, everything changed when the new kid came to my school.

That's when everything changed.

Note - This will contain strong language and violence. If you're not into that sort of thing, please, don't blame me when that occurs in this story. Just stop reading.


3. Gerard - That's A Pretty Fancy Magic Trick

AN - Some chapters will told from Gerard's point of view, and I'll put the name of the person who's viewpoint it is at the beginning of each

The last thing I expected was for them all to the ganging up Laura like that. I mean, she was an outcast, but wow. Kids are brutal these days I guess. But somehow, I expected the fire, and the magic. I mean, it's not like I'm not used to such displays. But that, she didn't even know she was a hunter, I bet you.

And then she collasped to the floor. Well, I had to do something. "Laura! Stay with me!" I shouted as I rushed to her side, adn she just smiled and fainted. Shit. So far so good. "Hey kid, wake up. Come on, wake up!" I repeated, and took her gloves off her hands.

And then gasped. This girl wasn't just a hunter, she was the last daugther of the Helsing line. She was a keeper, and she's got the best blood there is. "Come on, don't fucking die on me...." I muttered, and settled for a sharp slap across the face. And absolutely nothing from her except the red mark. Shit.

"Come on..." I muttered, and then clicked, sparking a bright blue light in my right hand. "This had better work sweetheart. We can't lose ya yet." I kept talking to myself, before placing my hand on her head, and the blue light spread all over it, enveloping her in a soft light. It hummed and whistled, and I sighed when she didn't wake up. But now she was breathing steadily, so, not a complete waste.

I sat back and tapped my fingers against the cold pavement. We thought that she was dead. We assumed all the last Helsing child had been captured and killed. And just trying to figure out how to tell her about it. 'Oh yeah, you're just the last daugther of the greatest hunter family. You had a couple of brothers and sisters but they were murdered by demons. Nice to meet ya, and we'll just enlist you and take you away from everything you've ever known and force you to fight for us.

Somehow, I didn't think that would work. So I sat idly and hummed to myself. No use playing with magic, it only drains and then if (not when this time luckily) I had to defend myself ending up like little Laura there. Then my mobile went off in my pocket. With a sigh, I dug the phone out my jeans pocket and raised it to my ear.


"Gerard! Have you heard? There's a new hunter in the area! She set a load of pupils in a Catholic school on fire!" A girl's excited voice rings through, and I can't supress a chuckle. Looks like Shade had no idea where or who I was with. "Listen, I'm sat with her right now, and she's unconscious but breathing. You are not going to believe this, but she's the last of Helsing family we've been searching for!"

"Gerard, where are you? We have to get her home immeadiately!" she shouts, forgetting she's on a phone and nearly bursting my left eardrum. I hissed like a cat in annoyance, and the person on the other end chuckles devilishly "I know where you are Gee. I'll pick up you soon."

"Get here as soon as you can Shade. I'm not waiting for those kids to come back." I muttered, and then ended the call and shoved the device back into my pocket. And then sat back, lit a cigarette and simply waited for one of two things.

a) Shade to appear soon and everything to be fine and Laura to wake up. And we break it to her nicely.

b) (And this is more likely) A demon to appear because they'll be attracted to her display of magic like moths to a flame. And then shit will go down. And she'll probably wake up and have to defend herself. Again.

Isn't this life the charm?

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