I've always been fascinated by the paranormal. My adopted parents aren't too keen on anything of that nature though. They're really religious, and they don't believe in anything I tell them. In fact, I'm not really important to them, but they keep me anyway. But I swear, everything changed when the new kid came to my school.

That's when everything changed.

Note - This will contain strong language and violence. If you're not into that sort of thing, please, don't blame me when that occurs in this story. Just stop reading.


9. Gerard - Moping

AN - Short Chapter, but just setting the next chapter up.

Laura had been gone for about 6 hours, on her own, alone. Well, that was very un-Laura-ish. She would usually be huddled up in her room buried in quilts complaining it was too cold. And that was a pretty good laugh whenever it happened.

“Gee, stop moping around with your head on the table and get looking for her. Something’s happened if she’s not back now. Shade’s already gone looking for her.” Mikey said plainly, leant against the kitchen cupboards with a mug of coffee. His glasses were perched at the end of his nose, and he would always push them back to the right place and then they would fall back. His brown hair was straightened, as my baby brother simply had to spend an hour in front of the mirror straightening his hair.

Mikey was also like a stick insect. He barely had any weight on him at all, and therefore he looked so unassuming. No one would have guessed Mikey’s the second best fighter in this place. That guy is murder incarnate with a sword.

“So…?” Mikey asked. I hadn’t an answer for him. Mikey however, did. “Get off your arse, Gee.” He warned, a silent threat hanging on the end. I groaned in reply. And Mikey smashed a bottle into the back of my head. I screamed, and then jumped to my feet clutching the back of my head defensively. “What the fuck was that for?” I shouted, and Mikey shrugged with his trademark pokerface.

“To stop you moping.” He said simply, before chucking me my jacket. “Go on, go look. It’s killing you not knowing where she is.”


Then, I pulled my jacket, and dashed out into the pounding rain.

“Laura! Laura! Where are you?!”

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