Is Love Lost? (sequel to 'I don't know)

The sequel to I don't know where Harry realizes something that has been there all this time.


9. Whats going on...

SO SO SO SO SOrry for not updating Movellas wasn't working so i'll write lots of chapters to make up for it :D

"Who was that..?" I asked Sam. "Oh! It was Louis saying that he found Harry..." She trailed. Just when I got lost in the thought my phone lit up.

Phone call

Me: Hello?

Harry: Niall I-

Me: Save it!

*Rustle sound*

Louis: Hey Niall...

Me: Whats going on?

Louis: Well........Harry was trying to say sorry but-

Me: He kissed my girlfriend so its gonna be pretty hard to forgive him when I have a CHILD!!

Louis: Okay okay,....................So hows Emma?

Me: Shes-

I got cut of by Sam shouting my name. "NIALL!" She shouted again, she sounded so scared, I jumped and hung up before running to her. "WHAT WHAT!" I asked frantically. She was crying whilst holding Emma. "I c-c-can't hear he-her b-b-breathing!" She was terrified. She handed Emma to me and I was trying to wake her up, I felt my cheeks getting wet as I was finding her pulse, very weak. I looked at Sam with a red face. "Hospital.Now" I cried. She nodded and got in the car, we drove to the hospital and got seen to very quickly.

Me and Sam were waiting, Frantically looking at everyone who came in the waiting room, hoping it was the doctor. "Horan?" The doctor asked. Me and Sam rushed to her as we entered to where Emma was lying. It was horrible she was connected to tubes to breath, at least she was alive. Sam burst into tears at the sight of her. "Were afraid there's no easy way to say it, but she has great difficulty breathing, we are working on the cause of what it is or how it happened, but were really sorry." He explained. I was stood there stuck to the ground. "She will stay for a few more nights to make sure shes safe!" I just nodded, noy knowing what to do.

We walked out the hospital because Emma had to have a MRI or something like that. ME an Sam were going to tell the boys tonight, I turned my phone on to see 5 missed calls? It rung once again so I answered. I answered weakly.

"Hello" I sobbed. "OH thank goodness your okay..." Liam shouted. "What you are okay right?" He added. I just stayed silent. "Oh god Niall what happened?" He asked. "I-I-its..." I started, I was crying too much. Liam was getting worried. "Is it Sam?" He asked. "What? No...were fine..." I trailed off. "Hows Emma?" He asked as I burst into tears, sobbing, "Niall?" He asked worried, I couldn't take it so I hung up.

I got a text from Zayn....

Niall, Wassup? You sounded upset oon the phone. Need someone to talk to I'm here -Zayners xx

I just sighed and Texted back.

It happened so fast I was in a lot of shock, sorry mate, Say sorry to the others, I'll tell ya later Where ya to? -Nialler

Almost instantly I got a reply.

Ah right! Were all fine mate, were at Louis' flat so be there in 10? -Zayners xx

"Sam  wanna come with me to Louis'?" I asked as we were in the car, she just started at me, she was so upset, like me, she shook her head. "Not today" She replied her voice above a whisper. "You want me to stay with you?" I asked as I was driving home. "No, you can go i'll be fine" I nodded and when we arrived I ran to her side and opened the door for her and when she stood up I planted a long passionate kiss on her lips. She smiled weakly. "If ya need anything call, and I mean anything." I said. "Okay Nialler" she said as she kissed my cheek and walked inside. I then got my phone out to reply

On my way now, be there in a min -Nialler

I got in the car when I had a reply.

Okay mate, Harry's here so just ignore him. -Zayners

I had completely forgot that I was mad at Harry. Huh?

Nah! I don't care at the mo, I have bigger things to worry about, like Emma :( -Nialler

I arrived at Louis' and I got inside and explained everything to them, I could see that they were on the verge of tears. "Were sorry mater" Liam reassured whilst rubbing my back as I sobbed. I was just about to speak when Sam called. "Gotta get this" I said running out the room.

"Niall?" Sam asked crying. "Yes, what what?" I asked quickly. "The doctor phoned..." She trailed off. "Yeah?" I asked, worried. "Emma ha-has C-C-Cancer" She cried. I screamed out in tears as I fell on the ground dropping my phone. I was laying on ground clenching my stomach, when Liam and the boys came running in. "Niall What happened." Zayn asked.

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