Is Love Lost? (sequel to 'I don't know)

The sequel to I don't know where Harry realizes something that has been there all this time.


12. The rehearsal *Updated*

I woke up and saw the light streaming in from the curtains. I instantly closed my eyes not wanting to wake. "Niall" Sam whispered shaking my shoulders. "What" I moaned. "You have a rehearsal, remember"

"Fine" I sighed, draping my legs over the side of the bed. I threw on some clothes and walked downstairs, to find Sam sat on the couch. I had a plan tomorrow was our anniversary and I had a really good plan for when Sam comes back from work. I smiled to myself thinking about it. "what?" Sam asked. "Oh nothing" I teased giving her a cheeky wink. She just chuckled. I sighed as I looked at the time. "Right I'm off" I sighed. "Okay see ya later" She smiled. I loved her smile.

I arrived at rehearsals on time, which is unusual for me, I walked in and met the boys. "Niall, Can I speak to you, alone?" Paul asked, I was sweating and started getting nervous. Harry, Liam and Zayn had confused looks. "Someone's been naughty" Louis joked, earning a smack from Liam.

"Right Niall...." Paul started as he shut the door. "I know your behavior yesterday was unacceptable but I have discussed this and you have made a fair point, it would''ve been better if you didn't shout and speak like humans okay?" Paul explained. I just nodded. I could slightly see the boys eavesdropping, even though they couldn't hear us. 

"I can't loose Sam, not again" I pleaded, hoping Paul would have some empathy. He let out a big sigh sitting down.  "Look Niall, she stays ONLY if it doesn't tamper with your career, one false move and shes gone, Got it?" He explained looking into my eyes. "Yes" I sighed of relief. "Thanks" I smiled. "No problem kiddo" He joked as we left the room. I was smiling as we left. "What?" I asked them. "Whats up?" Zayn asked. "Nothing..." I said. "Ah! its your anniversary tomorrow" Louis said with a wink. I just gave him a slight nod,

Tomorrow is going to be great

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