Is Love Lost? (sequel to 'I don't know)

The sequel to I don't know where Harry realizes something that has been there all this time.


5. The delivery...

The boys jaw dropped. "Your joking!" Louis smiled. Me and Niall shook our heads. I looked at my stomach thinking, 'I'm going to get fat' Niall could tell that I was worried. "Don't worry your still beautiful to me" He whispered and kissed my cheek. I smiled. The boys came up and congratulated us. "whens it due?" Zayn asked. "Too early to tell" I replied. "Roughly in 9 months" Niall said winking. I just laughed.

****Months later****

I am expecting to have the baby anytime between this week and next week. Its exhausting just walking from my room to the living room, this baby weighs a ton. Niall helps me all he can, I think that's very sweet. When hes at an interview me makes sure the phone is right next to me and it has plenty of charge in-case if emergency. Hes so over protective but I don't care, I like it, it makes me feel safe.

It was 2am and I woke up and my stomach was giving me the worst pains ever. Until I screamed out "AHHHHHH!" I woke Niall up screaming and he jumped up and fell out of bed and got up. "Is the baby coming?" He asked panicking. I nodded and let out another scream he quickly put on a shirt and joggers and got me out of bed and lead me down the stairs. The rest of the boys ran out into the hallway just staring at me, half asleep. They suddenly realized and got some random clothes on and rushed out helping Niall. Louis drove us with me, Niall in the back. Zayn Liam and Harry followed in another car. I was constantly screaming and Squeezing Niall's hand.

I was rushed by the nurses into the delivery room. The boys were allowed in and Niall held my hand still. I could tell by his face that he was scared, I was terrified. "Right on the count of 3 I want you to push okay, 1 2 3 push!" The nurse was telling me. after a while I pushed and then I heard crying. I opened my eyes and panicked "Wheres my baby?" Niall looked at me "Don't worry hes just being washed." I sighed of relief and the our baby was brought to me and I held her, finally letting go of Niall's hand. "Uh doc?" Niall asked. "Yes!" He replied. "I feel like my hands broken!" He said looking at me and the boys laughed. "Nope just lightly sprained" He smiled. Niall came over to hold our baby. "Its a girl" the nurse told him. We smiled. "Our little Emma" I smiled. "Yeah Emma I like that" Niall said passing her back to me. I was so tired, Niall went to get me a drink and came back and I was asleep with little Emma asleep in my arms. 

Niall and the boys headed back and to build all of the baby things ready for when I got back. Niall came back to the hospital with a baby car seat in the back and dropped me back home. When I got in the boys had put up balloons and everything for me and Niall. "Surprise!" They shouted. "Sssh! Emma's sleeping!" I said. "Surprise!" They whispered and I laughed putting Emma to sleep. 

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