Is Love Lost? (sequel to 'I don't know)

The sequel to I don't know where Harry realizes something that has been there all this time.


3. realized what...?

"I realized that I love you" I said not looking Niall in the eye. He lifted my chin and a huge grin appeared on his face as he leaned in and I could feel his lips brush onto mine. "OI! Time for tea--" Zayn said. We pulled away and looked at him. "Sorry, its just that dinners ready" He said and smiled. I just laughed with embarrassment and turned red. "Okay just a minute" Niall said to Zayn just before he left. "I love you" Niall whispered looking deeply into my eyes. I looked deep into his crystal blue eyes "I love you too" I smiled as we walked downstairs and sat at the table next to each other.

Zayn just smiled at us and we smiled back, Liam noticed this. "Whats up with you guys?" He asked looking between Zayn and me and Niall. But Niall gave Zayn a stare to signal to say nothing, so Zayn just laughed. Every so often Niall would squeeze my leg with his hand and i'd laugh. "Do ya mind Sam! I'm trying to speak!" Louis joked. "Sorry" I laughed and gave Niall a stare and he laughed. "Niall!" Louis joked again. "Whats up with you two tonight!" Harry laughed. Me and Niall laughed, Eleanor was getting suspicious so after tea she grabbed my wrist as we were heading to the living room. "El, you coming?" Louis asked. "In a min Lou" Eleanor replied.

She dragged me back into the dining room. "What is up with you and Niall?" I blushed and looked down. "No way!" She said getting what I meant. I nodded and she hugged me. "Have you kissed yet?" She asked. "Once but Zayn interrupted by telling us that dinner was ready, please don't tell! We want to do that!" I laughed. "Ah well, secrets safe with me" Eleanor joked. Just then Niall entered and said "Can I speak to Sam alone for a minute?" Eleanor smiled "Okay" She said and gave me a hug and left. "Hey princess!" Niall said. "Hey handsome" I giggled as he pulled me closer and gave me a long kiss. "How do we tell them?" I asked. "We could send them signals like, walk in hand in hand, sitting on laps e.t.c" I nodded. "I'm gonna get a drink i'll be in a minute" Niall said, as I left I could feel Niall smack my bum, I turned around to see him with a cheeky grin I laughed and went to the living room. 

I sat down smiling and looked at El and she laughed. "Whats going on?" Lou asked playing with Eleanor's hair. Before I could answer Niall walked in "Hello princess!" He said before squeezing next to me and putting his arm round me. "Are know....?" Liam asked. Niall nodded and kissed me on the lips. "Aw" Zayn said. 'What a day' I thought.

Zayn soon enough fell asleep on the sofa so we drew a mustache and beard and wrote 'Bradford bad boy' on his forehead. We tried not to laugh, or wake him up. Harry soon went up to bed same with Lou and El. "We should get to bed" Niall yawned. I nodded as we walked upstairs with Liam following. "Night Li!" I said "Night" He yawned walking into the bedroom he was in. Me and Niall got changed and snuggled in bed. His arm was around me and I could feel him breathing on my neck. I looked up and he was giving me a sort of smirk, there wasn't much sleeping done.

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