Is Love Lost? (sequel to 'I don't know)

The sequel to I don't know where Harry realizes something that has been there all this time.


8. Not happy...

"Niall?" Sam sobs. "Yes princess!" I respond. "Before I left I told Harry I loved him but he turned me down, now he wants me back, he thinks I still love him!" I was stunned, I never knew this. "Well, you don't love him now!" I said. She turned to face me and I leaned in to kiss her after I while I pulled back and stared deep into her eyes. "Niall Mate!" Liam shouted up the stairs. He ran up to our bedroom door and I turned around. "Yes!" I replied. "The interview ain't happening, because of the state Harry's in!" I looked down in disappointment, it was like Harry was ruining my life. "What do you mean the state hes in?" I asked confused. "Well he won't eat or speak and were really worried, what happened?" Zayn asked. I looked at Sam who was in tears by now. "He-he pinned me to the wall an-and he kis-kissed me" Sam cried. The boys looked shocked. "Why the hell?" Zayn whispered. "He only had two beers!" Liam said. we thought they left leaving me and Sam. I wiped away her tears. "Now where were we?" I asked winking. She giggled and leaned for a kiss. 

I turned so I was hovering over her, not breaking the kiss.When Liam walked in again. "Liam!" I yelled. "Sorry I just thought that you were coming with us?" Liam replied politely. "Oh!" I managed. still hovering over Sam she just laughed at me. Emma started crying so Sam went to sort her out. I stood in front of Liam not knowing what to say. He just fake laughed and started to leave. "Sorry" He said before leaving. "Its okay" I said. "Bye Li!" Sam shouted from the top of the stairs. I just laughed. After 5 minutes Louis rung up and asked if we seen Harry, he sounded so worried.

It was about 9pm when we heard a knock at the door Sam went to get it.

Sam's P.O.V

I went to answer the door and when I opened the door Harry was stood there, red puffy eyes and messed up hair. "Yes?" I asked. "Sam I was so wrong for turning you down years ago, please I love you" Harry cried. "I love Niall, you lost your chance months ago. Where were you when I was dying, you just stood there!" I said raising my voice. I Texted Louis to say that Harry was round here. He Texted back to say that he was on his way. "Please Sam I can't do this without you, I love you! Please say you love me too!" He cried falling onto his knees. "I'm sorry I love Niall and Emma with all my heart and I can't just change Niall and love you just because you want me to. Hello? News flash! Me and Niall are parents!" Harry just continued to cry as Louis drove up the drive way and jumped out the car. "Oh thank goodness, Harry I was so worried." Louis said helping him back up. "Thank you Sam!" Lou said smiling. "I love you Sam" Harry shouted and crying after. Louis came up to me after Harry was in the car. "I don't need this, I'm too exhausted, looking after a baby is so tiring and then I have Harry saying he loves me" I moaned. "He doesn't understand that I love Niall, I did love him once upon a time but not now!" I finished and Louis sighed. "I'll try to sort him out" He said. "Thanks" 

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