Is Love Lost? (sequel to 'I don't know)

The sequel to I don't know where Harry realizes something that has been there all this time.


6. No contact...

I woke up to the sound of Emma crying. I sighed I looked at my clock *3AM* I jumped out of bed, not wanting to wake up the boys, too late Niall is awake. "Please! I gotta interview at 8" He groaned into the pillow. "Sorry I whispered putting Emma back asleep and in her cot. I crawled back into bed and fell asleep. When I woke up at 7 I walked downstairs and the boys looked tired. "Doesn't Emma have a mute button!" Liam said groggily taking a sip of coffee. "Sorry" I say again. "Its not your fault princess" Niall says kissing me. I feed Emma and clean her up. Niall holds Emma until he leaves he gives me a hug and kiss and does the same to Emma. "Bye daddy, Bye Uncles!" I say holding Emma's wrist so shes waving and Niall chuckles.

Niall's P.O.V

The interview was like normal and I was missing Emma and Sam like crazy. No one really knew about Sam yet until near the end of the interview I said "I'd like to announce to my lovely girlfriend Sam and my lovely baby girl Emma." I then show a picture of them to the camera and the audience 'aw' and stuff like that. "How old is Emma?" The interviewer asks. "1 day old actually" I smile proudly. The audience 'aw' again making me blush. "Sorry girls Niall's taken" I laugh to myself. "So who is single?" Harry puts his hand up. "Still looking for that special girl Harry?" The interviewer points out. "Yup" He laughs. The interview ends and we walk out when I have a idea. Eleanor has already been on a interview with us, why not Sam? I suggest it to the boys on the way home and they think that its a good idea.

I walk into the house "Hey Sa-" I start when I walk into the living room I see Sam asleep on the couch with Emma in her arms. The boys walk in and I tell them to be quite so they walk in and see what I mean. I take a picture and post it on twitter.

@NiallOfficial - Look what I found when I came home, My two princesses aw :D

I make Sam a cup of coffee and walk in and shake Sam's shoulder. Her eyes slowly open. "Good morning princess" I say kissing her. She smiles and lets me hole Emma, shes so light and delicate. I silently sing to her and put her in the cot upstairs. I love being a dad.

"Hey" She says quite down. "Whats the matter princess?" I ask "I have no contact with my parents, they don't know their grandparents. She sighs and I put my arms round her and sing softly in her ear, next thing I know is that shes asleep in my arms, she must be so tired, she looks so cute when shes sleeping, so I carry her bridal style up to our room and lay her in the bed. I come up an hour later to check on her and shes just waking up so I go up and cuddle her until shes awake. "Hey I was wondering?" She looked at me. "Yeah?" she asked. "Maybe we should get a house of our own, you know a small little house, 2-3 bedrooms?" I ask. She sat there thinking. "That would be awesome, when?" I look into her beautiful green eyes. "As soon as possible" She smiles and we lay there for a while longer. 

"Oi lovebirds!" Louis says walking in the room "Me and the lads were talking and we thought of going to a pub, for 18+!" I looked at Sam then back at Louis. "What about Emma?" That's when El walked in. "I can take care of her, I don't like pubs" Eleanor laughed. "Thanks" Sam said. I left the room whilst Sam told her what Emma like and didn't e.t.c 

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