Is Love Lost? (sequel to 'I don't know)

The sequel to I don't know where Harry realizes something that has been there all this time.


11. Don't go...

"What?" I chocked. Paul just nodded "Sam needs to go.." He said more slowly this time. "Why?" I managed. Paul sighed. "Because of all this drama with the baby, its going to effect the band." He explained not taking his eyes of me. "SHE'S MY BABY TOO!" I yelled. "Alright, alright no need to shout, well this is tricky...." He trailed off. "I said i'd always be there for Sam, sure tours and interviews and other things in mind, but I promised that i'd protect her when shes hurt." I cried. Paul hated when people cry. "Niall......look I know you love her, we all do, but you have to move on......get on with your career" He explained. "By doing this your not just hurting me but breaking me apart..." I sobbed, I didn't look Paul in the eyes, I was afraid. 

"I can't let her go" I whispered before shutting the door on Paul. I instantly broke down into tears. "Niall, whats wrong?" She asked running up to my side. I couldn't speak I was uncontrollably crying, first my baby and now my girlfriend why was this happening to me. It was like I was cast with bad luck. I was so screwed with Paul he was going to be Mad Mad Mad at rehearsals tomorrow. I explained to Sam everything Paul said. "W-What?" She chocked. Soon enough of crying in each others arms Sam was asleep, she was so cute, I smiled to myself of how lucky I got.

Sam's phone started ringing but no number appeared so I answered anyway...

"Sam?" They asked. "Nope, Niall her boyfriend here" I Replied. "We have news about Emma" As soon as I heard that I jumped up. "Really" I chimed. "She is staring to show improvement and if she does she will be healthy enough to come home in about a month, she'll still be ill." Explained the doctor. "Wow, that's great" I managed to say above a whisper, I was speechless. They hung up and I saw Sam still sleeping.

"Sam!" I said shaking her shoulder. "What?" She mumbled. "Its about Emma" I beamed. "What?" She shot up. "Shes getting better and could come home in about a month or so." I practically yelled. She was frozen, couldn't believe it. I engulfed her into a big hug. After chatting I Texted the boys saying she was improving. Their replies...

Zayn: That's excellent mate, I hope the best -Zayners xx

Louis: Great to see there is finally improvement :) -Lou xx

Liam: Wonderful, hope she makes a full recovery -Li xx

Harry: That's good, hope to see her home ASAP -Haz xx

Then I remembered how I acted to Paul today, he's gonna kill me. I got a text, from Paul...

We need to talk tomorrow, glad to hear about Emma but that doesn't change earlier how you reacted anyway see you at rehearsals bye..

Not good! I was lying in bed cuddled with Sam not wanting tomorrow to come, not wanting to wake up....

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