Sweet Sixteen

Some sweet sixteen this year's gonna be...
It's Rosilyn's sweet sixteen and boy is she looking forward to it. But she doesn't know that there are some surprises in store for her this year....
From Captain Cool addicted brothers to fussy friends to secret crushes to facing parents, Rosilyn realises that her sweet sixteen won't be an ordinary one...


2. Broken arms, Luala and mouldy pizza

"JUDE!" I call. "You up there? GET DOWN NOW!"

He is up there, on the roof. I don't know how or why he got such a mad idea into his head, but at least he's behaving normal.

"JUDE!" I scream. "ANSWER ME!!"

Just then, my next door neighbour Mrs Clirck comes into her garden. I don't know why, because she's 60 years old and deaf. If she even knew she was deaf. And she still talks to people. How did she even hear that? Stone age hag.

"Morning! Lovely good old weather, eh?" she says. Now I don't have to worry about saying anything offensive.

"Oh yes," I yell. "Lovely weather to be hanging about on the roof. Want to join me?"

Her face looks puzzled. She narrows her eyes.

"Sorry dear," she says. "I didn't quite catch you there. What did you say?"

"Oh really now?" I murmur. "What a surprise."

I climb out of the window and carefully step onto the ladder. Jude is up there, I can see him.

"Na na ne na na!" he yells. "Come get me."

"Look, why are you even UP THERE! GET DOWN BEFORE I LOSE MY TEMPER!"

"Oh really," he says. "No change there."

Aaaaarrrggghhhhh! And I thought he was all I had to worry about.

"Is everything alright up there, children?" yells Mrs Clirck.

"OH, GET LOST OLD HAG!" I can't stop myself from yelling. Jude is laughing and I'm stressing. Thanks Jude, I'm going to have an unforgettable 16th birthday.

"Blimey, is he on the roof?" yells a random man on the street. Oh great. SHOUT IT OUT TO THE WORLD, WHY DON'T YOU!

"My god, he is!" says the woman beside him. "He looks young. Let me call the fire brigade."


"Alright, alright," he says. "Calm down. But I'm going to need a little help. You'll have to come."

"Thanks a million, Jude," I say. "FOR ALMOST GETTING ME KILLED! Oh, god, spare me."

I take a few more steps up the ladder and I am on the roof. This is so scary. For a moment there I think I'll fall off, but I grab hold of the tiles and slowly crawl up. It's only after a few seconds that I relise the roof is slanted. Oh great. Jude is sitting on the top of the roof, where both angles join up. He looks comfortable - but he won't be when I'm done with him. I reach my leg out for the ladder, but it slips, and the ladder falls down. Oh, I'm having such a blast.


My patience has gone out of the roof. Jude doesn't seem to be worried.

"You little idiot!" I snap. "You do realise that we're trapped here till the fire brigade come get us."

"Uh oh," he says. "Didn't think about that."

"Course you didn't," I say. "You never think about anything. Oh god, this is so embarrasing. Wait...is that?"


She's knocked on the door twice so far. Oh great. Time for the most embarrasing moment of my life.

"Luala!" I shout. "Up here!"

She looks around for a second, but finally spots me sitting on the roof. Surprise surprise.

"Umm....Rosilyn?" she asks. "Whoa....If you don't mind, ......can I ask you what the heck you're doing up on the roof?"

"Umm...yeah," I say. "That's the thing.....yeah.... Long story." I glare at Jude. Sadly, he got the wrong idea.

"Care to join us?" he asks. Thanks Jude. A crowd of people are now watching us. This is all I need.

"Umm.....no, thanks," says Luala. "Shall...I call the fire brigade?"

Just then, a bunch of sirens come flashing from down the road. A guy in a big brown coat is approaching with a camera. Suddenly, my house is surrounded by people I know and don't know. I don't know what's going on, but it feels weird.

"This is all your fault, squirt," I say.

"Whoa," says Jude. "Look, Ro, we're gonna be on TV!"

"Oh, no!" I sqeal. "This is so humiliating."

"Learn to have a bit of fun in your life," says my brother, my Captain Cool obssessed, freaky little brother. I'm considering going hippy.

"Oh yeah, this is like, totally my definition of fun." My scowl turns to a frown when I see that Jude's right about the TV people, surrounding my house. Thankfully I've sussed out it's just local news, cause dad reads their paper every day and I'm sure he's the only one who does.

Oh great. Another thing to worry about. My parents. The fire engine is parked up our drive and a firefighter is desperately trying to get contact. I've noticed him a few times already but can't be bothered and Jude looks like he could spend the rest of forever up on the roof. Finally he decides to give a shout. His attempt to entertain us is certainly not amusing.

"Umm, yeah, you guys, everything okay up there?"

Seriously. American firefighters these days. Oh well, they deserve an honest opinion.

"Yeah, going cool, apart from the fact that I've been stuck and stranded on a roof for the last, let me think, 15 minutes and I can fall off any minute. Oh, and my brother. Apart from that, I'm amazing."

The firefighter whispers something to his collegue and turns back to us.

"Okay, we're bringing you back down now. Stay still and try not to fall off."

Yeah, it's not exactly rocket science, is it? Luala's waiting patiently on earth, rolling her eyes at the firefighters every now and then and sending my sympathy looks. That's all I need. Jude, on the other hand, is more concerned about if a fire engine was bigger than an elephant. He's asked me twice and you really do not want to hear the replies.

I check my watch. It's 8:50. What a great waste of time. My hot chocolate is probably an antarctic special by now, and I am not counting on seeing the end result. Aand it's all Jude's fault.

The firefighter climbs onto the platform thingy that rises and you can hop into it. Frankly speaking, I've seen them using it rather often on cats. For a human like me it's degrading.

"Now," says the firefighter, once he reaches the top. "I would like you to hop into this. One at a time now. Any questions?"

"Yes," says Jude, and I hold my breath. "Is a fire engine bigger than an elephant?"

Aafter the firefighter cexplains why that's not exactly a relevant question, Jude gets onto the platform and gets sent back down. I don't know what it's all about, but he starts doing the Captain Cool dance as soon as he gets down. Don't ask.

Next it's my turn. The firefighter opens the door for me to get in. I'm halfway near the ground when I lean over to wave to Luala.

"No!" says the firefighter.

The next thing I hear is the click of a gate, a large scream and silence.



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