Sweet Sixteen

Some sweet sixteen this year's gonna be...
It's Rosilyn's sweet sixteen and boy is she looking forward to it. But she doesn't know that there are some surprises in store for her this year....
From Captain Cool addicted brothers to fussy friends to secret crushes to facing parents, Rosilyn realises that her sweet sixteen won't be an ordinary one...


1. Birthday girl in trouble

It's my 16th birthday.

My morning has been totally lazy. Mom's out on shift and dad's away so looks like the house is mine. Apart from my 10 year old brother Jude, of course, but he has nothing better to do than spend his morning in bed. My phone looks like it's about to explode and I can almost read what it says without looking. Yep, I was right. A million and one birthday messages from Luala, my best friend, have somehow found their way to my plain flip Nokia.

It's so unfair. Mom and dad never spend their morning with me on my birthday - and they always do with Jude. Okay, I know, I'm 16, aren't I? So? Luala's parents come to pick her up from school - I can't imagine what they do on her birthday. Oh well - shouldn't I be enjoing the privacy? I shuffle round the kitchen, walking in circles, and finally bring out a mug and make some hot chocolate. All I can say is, I'd better get some good presents for that.

I have never thought about being 16. In fact, I only remembered that it was my birthday an hour after I woke up. My cute kitty calendar on the wall would be a great help if I actually put anything on it - so I can't exactly blame the kitty.

My useless Nokia is still beeping and getting onto my anger management. It seriously doesn't know where to draw the line. I pick it up and throw it on the floor - real hard. I hope it doesn't break, but if it does, it'll be a good excuse to finally get myself a blackberry. I pick it up and check the damage. Damn, not broken yet. Oh well.

I'm just about to dial Luala's number into the landline when I realise I have 3 voicemails.

1. "Happy birthday Rose Sweetheart! May your Sixteen be sweet with a cherry on top! Love daddy and mommy!"

Daddy and mommy. Yeah, I loved being in pre - school, didn't I? 

2. "Sweetie, it's mom. I've got a pizza in the fridge though it might be a bit mouldy. If it is I've got a spare 20 bucks in the safe, you can buy a pizza. Or just make sandwiches. How do you feel about a curry takeaway for dinner? Should be back by around 4ish! Stay safe and look after Jude."

3. "It's me! Luala. I can make it at about 8:30 tommorrow - see ya then!"

OMG. Luala. I said she could be here at 8:30 - and it's 7:30. Okay, why am I stressing? I've got one whole hour.

Okay, let me rephrase my sentence. I've got one whloe hour TO CLEAN WHAT LOOKS LIKE A JUNKSITE. Oh, Jude doesn't know how dead he is.

It takes me half an hour to clean the downstairs area. I'm whizzing around, picking up sweet wrappers and papers and cartoons about Captain Cool. All I can say is, boys who get inspired by Captain Cool turn out like my brother, and brothers who are inspired by Captain Cool and have sisters, those sisters turn out like me. No, not with glamerous looks and quirky chat up lines, but with anger management and chickenpox. Funnily enough, I caught chickenpox the day he started reading Captain Cool. Can you believe it? I can. 

I have to abandon my hot chocolate and run upstairs to sort my bedroom. No, I think I'll sort JUDE OUT FIRST.


Nothing. It's actually quite quiet, apart from the echoes of my screaming. Isn't Jude in his room? And wouldn't he have screamed something offensive back by now?

"Jude?" I say. It's more of a question than a beckon. I open the door and walk into his room.

Time for a game of spot the difference. His room is normal but the duvet is on the floor, his Rayonti telescope we got him for his birthday is missing and the window is right open. I rush outside to stick my head out but bang my head hard on something.

I can't believe I didn't see it before, but I banged my head straight into a ladder.













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