How Breaking Dawn Should Have Ended

This is for the Twilight Fanfic competition.

This is how I think Breaking Dawn (last Twilight book) should have ended. If you have read it then you know there is a lot of build up to a fight and bam! no fight. I found it very disappointing and really let the book down. Also the ending has changed for the film too and if you have seen the trailer you get a glimpse of what might happen.

In this movella I'm going to write different versions of how it should have ended. Please no hate if your favourite character dies and please no hate in general.

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8. Version #7

Bella's P.O.V 

I walked into the office to hand in my slip and saw Edward there arguing. Someone walked in and the wind swirled my hair around my face. The girl came in and placed some paper into the wire basket and left again and Edward turned around to glare at me. Chills ran up my spine. The saying "If looks could kill." shot through my mind.  

In a flash Edward  was at my side and his cold hard lips pressed against my neck and his teeth sank in through my skin. It felt as if his teeth were like razors and they had punctured through my skin effortlessly. I screamed out in pain and saw that the women behind the desk fainted. Everything was unreal, but it was too real to be a nightmare.

Edward drank my blood like he had been in the desert without water for three days, and soon everything was becoming unclear and felt like I was slipping away. It started to feel more like a dream. Every drop of blood he drank, the more I slipped away. I wish I never came to Forks. It was the worst mistake ever.

What had I done for Edward to hate me so much? What had I done for him to kill me? 

Soon there was no blood left in my body. I knew I was dead.

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