How Breaking Dawn Should Have Ended

This is for the Twilight Fanfic competition.

This is how I think Breaking Dawn (last Twilight book) should have ended. If you have read it then you know there is a lot of build up to a fight and bam! no fight. I found it very disappointing and really let the book down. Also the ending has changed for the film too and if you have seen the trailer you get a glimpse of what might happen.

In this movella I'm going to write different versions of how it should have ended. Please no hate if your favourite character dies and please no hate in general.

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5. Version #5

Jacob's P.O.V 

I sat on the hard cold ground and sobbed into my arms. 

"Bella's dead." I whispered through sobs. It was too late, she couldn't be saved. The thing will be dead soon enough. 

"It will be OK Jake." Seth comforted. 

"But that thing needs to be killed." Leah added and as if she flicked a switch, anger swirled around my body. 

I stood up and walked back inside. I saw Blondie was holding the thing and leaped at it. Knocking it out of her arms and onto the floor. Blondie screached at me and I rolled out of her way before she could attack me. I grabbed that thing and ripped it's head off. It was clearly a danger to humans if it killed it's own mother. It was a monster. 

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