How Breaking Dawn Should Have Ended

This is for the Twilight Fanfic competition.

This is how I think Breaking Dawn (last Twilight book) should have ended. If you have read it then you know there is a lot of build up to a fight and bam! no fight. I found it very disappointing and really let the book down. Also the ending has changed for the film too and if you have seen the trailer you get a glimpse of what might happen.

In this movella I'm going to write different versions of how it should have ended. Please no hate if your favourite character dies and please no hate in general.

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4. Version #4

Bella's P.O.V

"Bella no!" Jacob yelled at me. I looked away from the angry ocean and saw him running to me. 

"Don't jump!" He pleaded. 

"I won't." I promised. We walked away from the cliff and walked to my truck. 

"Please promise never to do that again, I went to find you at the beach because Victoria went into the water, vampires have an advantage there. I almost had a heart attack when you weren't at the beach." 

"I promise." I promised and Jacob drove us back to La Push. 

When we got out of the car Sam ran up to him. He looked sad, like something bad has happened. Maybe one of the wolves got injured. Oh no. 

"Harry had a heart attack and passed away. I'm going to the hospital." He said quickly and ran away. 

Six Months Later : 

"Bye, Jake." I said and looked into his warm eyes, I then watched as Jacob run to his car to go home. He gave me a small wave before he drove off. 

I walked up to the front door and grabbed the key under the eave to unlock the door. 

"Bella." he said. I turned around in shock and saw him standing there behind me. My heart raced quickly. 

"Edward." I whispered. I wanted to scream at him for leaving me. 

"I just came to check on you, and I see that you're happy. I'm sorry. Bye." His gold eyes full of sadness and then, he left. Again. I felt like he had just punched a hole in my chest just like before. 

I unlocked the front door and walked into the warmth. I realised what had happened and tears poured out of my eyes. I ran outside but Edward was no where to be seen. I turned and walked back inside and hoped he will return soon . . . He has questions he needs to answer. 

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