Moment in time

Can my day get any better!? Having my 18th birthday with my best friends Robyn and Olivia the biggest party animals on this planet, and receiving a mysterious letter with three meet and greet tickets to One Directions concert!
What might happen at the concert and will love bloom between the girls?


3. The concert

I laid in bed for about an hour wondering who those tickets may have come from they were addressed to us and they weren't from mum, so who were they from? My phone buzzed on my dressing table it was a text from Olivia ~ Hey babe ready to go shopping for the concert tonight we can get our nails done and everything, and I've already told Robyn and she is waiting with me we just need you to come get us~ I smiled like a goof at her message sometimes I don't know what I would do without her ~ hey Oli that's great I'll come and pick you guys up in half an hour~ I texted back and got out of bed. I threw on a maxi dress and a pair of sandals grabbed my keys and walked out the door. Mum was working away and it was just me, by the time the girls and I got to the shopping centre it was packed there were people everywhere. We first walked into City Beach but there was nothing any good, we then went to Alley and that is where I found my dream dress. It was baby blue with a flowing blue skirt that landed just above my knees. Robyn picked a fitted black dress that's stops mid-thigh with gold studs. Olivia picked a similar dress but it was white and had an open back. By the time we had left the shops we had several bags containing dresses, shoes, handbags and purses. When we arrived home it was 4:00 we had 3 hours to get ready and get to the arena. It was now 6:00 and we had all put on our little bit of makeup, dresses and shoes on. We left in my little swift, we put the Take Me Home album on as loud as possible and began our journey. We were halfway there when " Are we there yet!!" Olivia chimed sounding 7 years old, " Almost young one" I said trying not to take my eyes off the road. We had finally reached the arena and it took me about five minutes to find a park next to a big 4x4 and and one of those half cars. When we got there the line was huge but quickly dying down a loud noise came over the P.A's " One Direction concert starts in half an hour" all the girls screamed including Robyn and Olivia " we must of missed them coming in, shame" I yelled over the screaming girls " oh well who cares were going to meet the afterwards anyway" Robyn said stating a good point. We finally got in and were seated told to stand in this marked off square right at the front, it was hard squeezing threw all the screaming fans but we got there and we were actually able to touch the stage. The boys were about to come on when the screen light up reading ' Hello Australia, make some noise for' the screen said then went to another slide ' ONE DIRECTION' all the girls started screaming and crying I think the girl on my left fainted. The boys walked out Zayn, Liam ,Harry, Louis and the adorable Niall I watched I'm walk out and he was looking around when he caught my eye and smiled at me I smiled back almost melting on the spot. the started singing Little things and we all joined in when Niall came over and stood in front of me and started signing his solo to me my heart was beating 300 miles an hour then he got up and walked away, Robyn and Olivia almost jumped on top of me " OMFG he was singing that to you!" Said Olivia trying to scream over the crowd " I know" I said trying not to giggle like a little school girl. The concert finished and I swore the whole time Niall was staring at me I wasn't quite sure wether he thought he knew me or something. A tall man wearing all black ushered us back stage to where the boys had finished signings, they had changed Harry was wearing a simple black tee with white jeans and black converse, Louis was wearing a his normal sailor looking outfit complete with glasses, Zayn was wearing a singlet that showed off his strong arms with a pair of jeans, Liam had similar taste just with a hat and Niall was wearing a green shirt with a four leaf clover printed on it and a pair of grey jeans. The man that had brought us to them had disappeared and it was just us and them Liam looked up and saw us standing there got up slowly and walked over to me " Hi I'm Liam, but you probably know that already!" He said with a dazzling smile " Hi Liam great concert" I said trying not to sound like one of those crazed fans " thanks" he said and went and introduced himself to the others and sat down again. Zayn was the next to introduce himself and then sat down again " where are the others" I asked noticing the absence of Niall, Louis and Harry.
"They just went to the toilet but they'll be back" " what couldn't they go on there own or did they have to hold hands" Olivia said making us all laugh, when we stopped Harry popped his head around the corner to see who was there he looked and me then at Robyn and then at Olivia but his eyes stopped there he didn't move any further they just sat frozen staring at Olivia. He finally moved came up to me and said 'hi' and said hi to Robyn but then when it got to Olivia he stuttered " uh- hi I'm um" shit he said to himself silently he turned to Liam and whispered something " uh I think the word your looking for is Harry" Olivia said with a big smirk on her face " oh yeah I'm Harry" he said shyly shaking her hand " Olivia" she said blushing. I think Harry finally pulled his charm back together " beautiful name for a beautiful girl" he said battering his eyelids " would you like to come with me I have something I would like to show you" he said holding out his arm she gladly accepted and as they walked away she looked back at us we both held up our thumbs and she giggled. Once they were all gone we all laughed " what was that all about" I asked Liam and Zayn they both looked at each other and laughed " dunno but he has never forgotten his name before" Zayn said with a smile. Then Niall and Louis walked around the corner and looked at us then at Zayn and Liam " where's Harry?" Niall said with his cute Irish accent " He ran off with his prince, he even forgot his own name!" Liam said " wow that's umm extreme" Louis said. Niall looked at me " weren't you in the font row?" He said and winked at me " uh um yeah I was" he slowly walked away from Louis and up to me "Niall , what's your name?" He asked with a dazzling smile " Jamila" I said trying not to fall apart " Wow what a unique name it's so beautiful" " why thankyou!" I smiled and looked down at the floor. Once we were all introduced we sat down and started talking " so are you two here on your own?" Asked Niall " No we are with one of our other friends Olivia, but her and Harry ran off somewhere" said Robyn we all laughed " why does that not surprise me little flirt!" Said Louis staring at Robyn. After we had been talking for about an hour and a half lots of laughs and jokes later " hey do you two and Olivia want to hang out with us tomorrow?" Said Niall his eyes sparkling like an ocean on a summer day. " uh we c-" Robyn started but I cut her off " yeah sure that would be great" " cool we will come and pick you guys up at 12:00 , is that ok?" " yeah here's our address " I quickly pulled a pen out of my jacket pocket that I had only put on half an hour ago because it was cold " uh does anyone have some paper" " just text it to me what's your number" Niall asked pulling his phone out of his back pocket " uh it's 04870 87 642" I said slowly as he punched the numbers into his phone " cool how you guys getting home" Niall asked " uh my cars out the front, but we better get going" I said getting up " here let me walk you- uh I mean let me walk you all out" " uh sure, but where's Olivia" and at that she popped around the corner " here I am" she said with her hand around Harry's shoulder " we'll that was funny" Harry said smiling " we'll you two love birds can have fun tomorrow as well because they are coming over" said Liam " really , omg that's great" Olivia squealed " we'll they better get going come on" Niall said " bye Louis see you tomorrow!" Robyn said not taking her eyes away from his " yes I will" he said grabbing her hand and kissing it she giggled as he let go " come Jamila" said Niall holding out his arm and I accepted. We walked out to the parking area and there were five cars left " which one is yours?" Niall asked looking around " the yellow swift" I said pointing to it as his eyes lit up seeing where I was pointing" " wow it's so cute nice choice in car" why thankyou". He walked me over and opened up my door I sat down " what a gentle man" I said as Olivia and Robyn got in " thankyou I believe my mother taught me well!" He said and shut the door, I started the engine and wound down the window " thanks for a great night and I will se you tomorrow" I said " will do bye" he said and winked " bye I said as I wound the window up but not before I heard him say " god she's beautiful" that remark made me smile like a big goof.

A/N Hope you guys like this chapter sorry it took me so long to write the next one won't be too long away!:)
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