Moment in time

Can my day get any better!? Having my 18th birthday with my best friends Robyn and Olivia the biggest party animals on this planet, and receiving a mysterious letter with three meet and greet tickets to One Directions concert!
What might happen at the concert and will love bloom between the girls?


2. Party time

It's almost five o'clock i should probably ring Olivia and ask if she is ready, I picked up my phone and dialled her number " hey Hun happy birthday, what are we doing tonight I'm ready and I was waiting for you to call" classic Olivia always ready to party " hey cool uh if you want Robyn's here with me we can come and get you?" "Sure that be great, an hour I need to finish my makeup" she said so quiet i nearly didn't hear her " ok we're not quite finished getting ready yet either, bye" "bye" I hung up and put the my phone down and walked back to my room to put my dress on. It was a slim black dress with gold studs around the top area with a pair of black heels. While Robyn was wearing an orange flowing dress with a cardigan and a pair of white heels, I slipped my dress on and my heels and clip clopped over to the bathroom to fix my hair. Robyn was already in her outfit " wow Jam you look stunning, might even pick up a mr right if ya know what I'm talking about" she said with a cheeky smile " not going to happen ever I'm never going to find mr right, I think I will just stick to sleeping alone" I said with a no hope left what so ever god I hope it's going to be a good night. It's seven and we've finished getting ready and we walk out to my little yellow swift aka Burt, we hope in and drive off to Olivia's house. We pulled up in her driveway and she was waiting outside her door looking so elegant with her pure blonde hair and stick thin figure but she was utterly beautiful, she walked over to the car and hopped in " ok girls where is the party getting started?" I wasn't quite sure where we would go but I had a slight idea " everyone BUCKLE UP get ready for a wild ride" I announced as I sped out of her driveway and into the quiet night. I drove to a small club just outside of town with its black and purple title 'The Outter' you could here the loud music from out on the street, as we all hopped out of the car and walked up to the large bouncer " ID" he spoke in a deep gruff voice. We all pulled out our drivers licences and showed him them " Your Jamila?" He said to me " yes i am why do you ask?" " i have something to give to you" he said as he reached inside his black leather jacket, he wasn't that tall but he was very buff. He pulled out a long silver envelope " Some lady told me you would be coming here and said to give this to you!" I was wondering who it was from " hurry up Jam the suspense is killing me" Robyn shouted in my ear. I ripped open the seal and pulled out three meet and greet tickets to One Direction, I quickly spun on my heels so the girls couldn't see what I had pulled out of the envelope. " what is it Jamila?" Olivia squealed " guess what girls, were going to the.......One Direction Concert" "OOOMMMMGGGG you are kidding me" Robyn squealed so loud the bouncer had to block his ears " and we get to meet them, but I wonder who sent them to us?" "Who cares it's One direction" " I guess so"
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