Moment in time

Can my day get any better!? Having my 18th birthday with my best friends Robyn and Olivia the biggest party animals on this planet, and receiving a mysterious letter with three meet and greet tickets to One Directions concert!
What might happen at the concert and will love bloom between the girls?


4. Paintball

Laast night was amazing I've never had so much fun in my life, I'm mean who knew that the guys were so down to earth instead of being caught up in all that stardom. I rolled over 6:30 it's like forever till noon 'bzzzz' my phone buzzed and lit up 1 new message it flashed I picked it up and unlocked it and went to messages it was from Niall ~ Hey Jamila ~ what was he texting me at his hour for and how did he know I was up? ~ Hey Niall why are you texting me at this hour?~ I sent the text and waited for his reply and it was quite quick ~ sorry did I wake you, it's just the guys are still asleep and I'm bored~ I smiled ~ Hahaha ok what you doing? :) ~ I rolled over on my back ~ ahh not much really just laying in bed texting you!:) ~ ~ what are we going to do today? ~ ~ I don't know the guys gave me the choice, what would you like to do??;)~ what could we do is the question ~ how about paintball?:)~ I sent the message and got out of bed and threw on my slippers and walked down to the couch my shorts were all crinkled and were kind of uncomfortable but at least they looked good. My phone buzzed again ~ sounds like a challenge and I accept ill tell the boys when they get up~ I checked the time it was 7:00 half an hour had passed ~ ok Niall I'm going to go have breakfast see you soon:)~ I sent the text and waited for him to say goodbye ~ ok enjoy your breakfast;)~ I put my phone down on the coffee table in front of the couch and walked over to the kitchen I opened up the fridge door but there was nothing any good in there. I walked over to the pantry and saw some crunchy nut, I grabbed the box and sat it on the bench and ' bzzz' my phone went off again I walked over to it and unlocked it again it was Niall again ~ Sorry but what are we going to have for lunch?~ a smile spread across my face. What is with that boy and food honestly, I started typing ~ you know what we can always have Nandos~ I pushed send and walked back into the kitchen and finished getting my breakfast and sat down at the dining table. Just as I finished Robyn walked in groggily and sat down next to me " morning hun, how long have you been up for?" She asked wiping the sleep out of her eyes " about half an hour, how did you sleep?" " alright but I kept hearing your phone going off so I decided to get up" crap I should have turned the volume down but I didn't think it was that loud " sorry it was Niall he was bored so he decided to talk to me" i said sounding innocent " whoop whoop someone likes you " I only met him like 6 hours ago " my phone buzzed again I went to reach for it but Robyn snatched it up before I could, it was almost like she thought I was doing something illegal that I wouldn't show her. " is that what were doing today, paintball?" " yep you got a problem with that?" " no" she snapped. " what did he say" I asked trying to grab my phone but she leaned backwards so I couldn't reach " he just said yay" " ok so put my phone down please!" She slowly put it down on the table " thankyou is Olivia up yet?" I asked rocking back on my chair hoping to see her come down the hallway but nothing then I heard a Big Bang I got up out of my chair and sprinted down the hallway into the bathroom I opened the door and Olivia was picking up her mohair straightener " sorry it fell out of its socket thingy" she said placing it back in its holder. " YOU SCARED THE LIFE OUT OF ME!!!!!!!!!" I screamed at her making my face go bright red " jeez calm ya horses down its not like anyone was breaking in or anything" " well how was I supposed to know that" I said storming out of the bathroom and into my bedroom to find what I was going to wear today. 'Ugh I don't know why I keep those two around all they do is make trouble and scare me, but then again they are my best friends and they stick up for me and all that' I thought to myself. Once I had finished brainstorming I finally picked out what I was going to wear, it was a pair of shorts with floral print on them with a thin cream jumper that sits off my shoulders and a pair of black converses. I walked back into the bathroom and fixed my hair into a side ponytail and put on a bit of foundation, then went back out into the lounge room to check the time 11:50am ' Wow time does sure fly by' I walked into the kitchen to see the girls laughing at some photo on her phone they were both ready but had milk all over there faces from breakfast and didn't even realise. I decided not to tell them and let the boys tell them ' revenge is sweet' " knock knock is anyone home" came Niall's voice from outside the door I ran and opened it up he as wearing a white singlet with the American flag on it and a pair of jeans and the same black converses I had on " ah look matching shoes" he said looking down at our feet "it seems that way, but yours are bigger than mine" I giggled I looked back at the girls who were running up behind me in a frantic rush to beat each other to the door they stopped just before they were about to hit me " Hey Niall" they both said in unison " Hey girls, uh hope you don't mind me pointing out that you have a little milk around your mouth" " Crap do we, Jamila why didn't you tell us!" " revenge, you scare me I embarrass you!" I said looking back at Niall who was giving me a sort of ' scared you how' look " this morning Olivia was making loads of noise and I thought someone was trying to break in!" " oh ok" " hurry up guys" I heard Harry called from one of the cars " ok the girls just- but they cut him off running out " we're done" they screamed as they pushed past Niall to stand I front of the two cars " do you know where paintball is" I asked hoping we wouldn't end up getting lost " yeah we looked it up this morning, it's like 20 minutes from here" he said seeming quite proud of himself he turned around and held out his arm, I placed mine through his and he walked me to the drivers side of the convertible and opened the door and placed me in. " Jamila, Zayn, Liam and I will go in this one and Louis, Olivia, Robyn and Harry will go in the other and you guys can lead- he started explaining something else but I totally zoned out his hair was just so gorgeous and his eyes were like a rippling waterfall his skin was almost faultless, and his smile was just delightful when he smiles it makes you want to smile to its almost contagious and the relationship he has with food is unreal!! But I was quickly snapped back into reality when I heard the car door slam I looked next to me and Niall was sitting there smiling and Zayn and Liam were in the back " ready to go?" He asked while handing me the keys " yep so I just follow Louis?!" I asked hoping he didn't realise I herd almost nothing he said " yeah he knows the way" " buckle up boys" I tried to sound like a soldier but majorly failed " hang on wait, please tell me your not one of those road raged drivers!?" Zayn asked making us all laugh, but he was dead serious " no Zayn it's ok I'm quite a good driver, if I do say so myself" he still looked tense but quickly relaxed. " we'll hurry up you guys" Harry said from the other car which was already going, I turned the engine on and they took off and I quickly followed. It was when we were about halfway there that I realised that the whole time Niall was staring at me and the boys in the back were quietly giggling to themselves, I could only hear a few words but I quickly pieced them together' do you think' ' he can't fall for' ' she is kind of gor-' I wonder what is going through their minds of course he's not falling for me we only just met. Louis finally mad one last turn into a parking lot with a sign at the front (Paintball) I remember hearing form one of my friends that it doesn't hurt when it hits you but it sure does afterwards, we all got out of the car I realised there was no other cars here except one " why is there like nobody here" Olivia asked looking around " because we asked them to tell others it was closed,we don't want you guys getting hassled by paparazzi if someone takes a photo of you with us" Niall said looking at me and winking " oh ok fair deal, but is there like a guy still in there to teach us how to play and everything" " yeah of course there is Robyn" Louis said. We walked in and there was a young guy about our age he was tall with large muscles and short brown hair, and dark brown eyes like mine. We walked over to the counter " uh so this is the famous One direction" he said holding out his hand for the guys to shake which they did, " yeah we're just here to have some fun" " we'll fun is right this way" he said signalling for us to follow him. He walked us into this large cupboard area where all the jackets and guns were kept we stood there as he explained what we had to do and how to do it. I noticed his eyes always coming back to me and Niall was twitching and fiddling with his shirt, what is with guys I mean honestly " ok so everyone got it?" He asked waiting for a reply " yeah" we all chimed. I walked over to grab my vest but it was really confusing but the instructor walked over and stood in front of me " you ok there" I can't quiet remember how to get it on" trying to sound innocent " that's ok ill do it for you" he said walking around the back of me and placing the jacket over me then he moved so close against my back I could feel his muscles just as he was about to clip the jacket when " uh I think I can do that" Niall said coming up in front of me the instructor looked up " what's your problem " he said giving Niall a glare " my problem is you now I will finish this" he said the instructor slowly put his hands up as if to say ' fine you win' Niall bent down and did up the buckles " are you ok" he asked looking me over " yeah thanks for that, he was getting a bit touchy" " your welcome, now do you want to be on my team?" He asked I realised we were going in pairs Robyn and Louis, Harry and Olivia and Liam and Zayn. " yeah sure why not, just remember no mercy" I said and he laughed " yes ma'am " we walked out into 3 large paddocks with lots of trees and things to hide behind the instructor still had his eyes on me but he quickly looked away when Niall gave him a death glare "GO!!" He yelled we all split into our groups and took off Niall and I were hiding behind a large dirt mound Olivia and Harry were behind a two trees and we had no idea where the others were. " what's the plan" Niall asked quickly peeking out from behind the dirt mound " I don't know, if we see anyone other than ourselves shoot them!" I said as a large paintball hit the dirt mound I slowly looked up to see Harry trying to shoot me I shot up and aimed my gun straight at his chest and fired it hit him a little off where I aimed but I hit him" ow that hurt" he wailed which gave his position away and everyone popped up and started shooting him"STOOOP!" He screamed completely covered in paint everyone stopped, but not realising it he ran and ducked behind a log before any of us could shoot him again. We all looked at each other then ducked behind our hiding spots, Niall looked at me " what should we do?" He said looking me right in he eyes " I don't know, improvise" I said as i took off out of our hiding spot and made a clear dash for a tree but I felt a round hard paintball hit the back of my head as I hit the ground my head spinning I rolled over onto my back I heard Niall running towards me and then his large hand cup my head " wh- what happened?" I mumbled trying to keep my eyes open " Zayn hit you in the back of the head with a paintball, just try and keep your eyes open for me!" But it was too late I had blacked out.

A/N Hey guys hope you enjoyed this chapter! Tried to add some drama into it but the next chapter shouldn't be too long but I've got some exams I have to study for so it will be a it longer than normal! Love you guys
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