Moment in time

Can my day get any better!? Having my 18th birthday with my best friends Robyn and Olivia the biggest party animals on this planet, and receiving a mysterious letter with three meet and greet tickets to One Directions concert!
What might happen at the concert and will love bloom between the girls?


7. Lost love

My body was shaking all over I was so cold, I stretched my arm out looking for Niall's luscious body but it was gone I quickly sat up and looked around the tent door was left wide open so I jumped up and grabbed some clothes and threw them on. I got out of the tent and walked out side Niall was sitting by the fire with his head resting in his palm, he looked to be thinking really hard but I had no idea what about " Morning" I said sleepily he quickly turned around and looked at me " morning babe" he got up and walked over to me I wrapped my arms around him and he kissed the top of my head I looked up at him " where is everyone" he looked around and shrugged his shoulders when we heard a squeal coming from one of the tents I broke away from Niall and ran over to the tent and opened it up when not much to my surprise I saw Louis and Robyn rolling around like a pair of puppies playing a game they both stopped and looked at me " sorry I heard Robyn squeal and thought something was wrong" I closed the tent door and walked back over to Niall he looked at me oddly " what was it" he asked raising an eyebrow as I snuggled back into his chest " just Robyn and Louis having a tickle fight" I said shrugging my shoulders " what are we going to do today babe?" He asked pushing his chest away from my face to look at me " we'll I was thinking something along the lines of raft building, rock wall climbing and maybe some abseiling" his face was so flawless I could stare at him all day and the best part is he's all mine. " sounds like fun babe" he smiled and let go of me walking over to the first tent with Robyn and Louis in it he opened up the tent door " woah guys get a room with a lock on the door" he said backing away from the tent i giggled and he looked at me and winked, he walked over to the other tent and opened it up very quietly Zayn and Liam were still fast asleep Niall turned around to face me he waved me over and I quietly jogged over and stood there watching them sleep Harry was even more adorable than normal Niall leaned over " you know our wake up song" he whispered in my ear I simply nodded " good babe we'll do that" he kissed my temple and on all fours started jumping in the guys I joined in they both slowly woke up Harry grabbed Niall's face and kissed him on the cheek and he very quickly stopped I burst out laughing when all of a sudden Zayn wrapped his arms around my waist " settle down there little worm" his deep morning voice gave me the chills but he quickly let me go I sat up and looked at him and he smiled and smiled at him aswell I looked over at Niall who was looking at us " ok well now your up get ready to go up for breakfast " I said trying to break the awkward silence that had grown between us I got up off of Zayn and exited the tent Niall quickly followed I stopped and waited for him " did you get jealous babe" I asked him as he walked up beside me he turned and looked me in the eyes " no I'm not jealous because you are mine but if you weren't mine I would of knocked his nose off" he said sticking his head in the air very proud of the little speech he gave I smiled and quick as lightning grabbed me in his arms and kissed me so passionately it made me want to cry I wrapped my arms around the back of his neck as he stroked my face with his thumb it felt so right to be with him it was amazing the feeling he gave me would soon turn me insane we pulled apart when " Now who needs to get a room with a lock on the door jeez" Louis exclaimed as he hopped out of the tent and Robyn followed after him " at least we were in a tent not outside" she and Louis stood there hand in hand they were so cute together I had to admit " so are you two you know" I asked and Robyn nodded and winked at me " hmmm that's like asking do monkeys like bananas the answer is of course they do" Louis said face palming himself " Thank you for my daily riddle Lou" Niall said walking over to them he put his hand out and they did this weird looking hand shake that was very confusing I just ran over to Robyn and gave her the biggest hug I could " I really love him Jam I mean he just makes me feel so right" " now you know what I went through when you didn't want me to be with Niall it was slowly driving me insane and he still is" we were whispering to each other which caused the boys to try an eaves drop but it didn't work we just pushed them away " I never said you couldn't be with him I just said the if he hurt you I would go all revenge style on him kill his family and all dearest to him and then painfully kill him" she whispered with a smile across her face. I let Robyn go and walked back over to Niall who was sitting on the log near the fire pit I sat down next to him and laid my head on his shoulder " are you ok baby" I asked placing my hand on his leg he placed his hand over mine and stroked it with his thumb " yeah I'm fine I just think i'm going to die because I haven't eaten anything yet" and I found that as my cue to jump in and save my poor little dying prince, I jumped off the log and walked over to Harry and Zayns tent and opened it up " right you two are going to get up right now or Harry I will steal Molly and Zayn you will never see your hairspray again!" I yelled and marched off Niall sharply turned around and saw the two boys scrambling out of bed trying to get changed I walked to the next tent which had Olivia sound asleep in it I quietly walked over to her and kneeled down next to her ear " Olivia my darling there is a giant spider crawling on your head but I will get it off if you get up" I walked out and a few seconds later she was jumping around and screaming that's when Harry trying to be superman jumped in yelling for her to tell him what was wrong then she stopped and hugged him he turned around to look at us and gave us a big thumbs up we started laughing but stopped because Niall's stomach sounded like a dying whale " right come one baby lets get you some pancakes and waffles with maple syrup" I said grabbing his arm and dragging him over to the quad I grabbed his helmet and stuck it on his head and didn't bother to put mine on, I jumped on and started the engine and waited for Niall to get on and he eventually did grabbing onto my waist and I took off up the hill.
We had got to the top of the hill and Niall and I climbed off and sat our helmets on the seat and raced each other to the front door we stopped just before we hit it. I grabbed the door knocker and banged it up against the door and stood back it slowly opened and a tall man stood at the entrance " do not be afraid I am your aunts chef she had to go out but invites you in for breakfast" he slowly stepped back and pointed to the dining room we both nodded and walked in I was expecting some giant banquet and was I ever so right the dining table was covered in pancakes and waffles that were covered in maple syrup and icing sugar , there were bowls of yoghurt and cereal and platters
of fruit. Niall instantly dropped my hand and ran over to the table and started eating I sat down next to him as I heard the other quads pull up outside I reached for a plate and put some yoghurt and some fruit with two pancakes and just as I was about to grab my fork when Liam, Harry and Olivia burst through the doors and ran towards us " LOUIS DISAPPEARED" Harry screamed at us trying to catch his breath Niall and I both stood up at the same time " what do you mean disappeared" I asked looking at them " Louis saw Zayn kissing Robyn and ran off" the only thing I could think of was shit why would she do that " ok so where is Zayn?" I asked really confused as to why this was all happening " we'll Zayn ran straight back to us to tell us and apparently she kissed him which frankly I believe " the look on Olivia's faced scared me we have to find out where he is " right everyone on the quads but I want Liam to show me where these two were kissing" I said grabbing Niall's arm " what if he's hurt or injured" Niall looked at me like he had just been torn in two " babe he will be fine trust me" he nodded and quickly kissed me " I trust you" a smile spread across my face I quickly turned and ran for the quads dragging Niall along with me I jumped on and started the engine " don't you need to put a helmet on" Niall asked I shook my head " just more time being wasted" I looked at Liam and nodded and he took of me following him while Olivia and Harry stayed behind to look for him. We arrived at the place I used to call mermaids cove because when I was young I used to come down here and skip rocks and I thought i saw a mermaid so I named it mermaid cove " over there on the log" Liam said pointing to the log I nodded and turned the quad off and walked over to the log I could see two sets of footprints around the log I looked more to the left of the log and there were footprints that stopped at one place and then turned around " here" I screamed and everyone rushed over too look " there Louis footprints because they only get to here and then turn back" I said explaining my theory " but the bad thing is he has run into the nature reserve and it's the biggest one in the state" Liam and Niall's faces went blank " we'll we have all day to find him and I have an idea, just wait here" I said running to the quad and jumping on " where are you going" Niall said turning to me " to get the others we need to split up and find him" I turned the quad on and took off. When I got back the boys were pacing back and forth we stopped the quads and got off " it's ok everyone I'm here" Olivia yelled getting off the quad but no one laughed and she looked at the ground " ok guys I have a plan" I walked over to where everyone was standing I grabbed a walkie talkie out of the bag I had brought down " ok what we are going to do is take one of these each and split up and cover half of the national park because he couldn't have gone far" everyone nodded and I handed out the walkie talkies and appointed them where to go " and if you find him just tell us and we will all meet back here and I forgot" I reached into the bag and grabbed some different coloured pegs " use these to mark where you have been about every 10 metres so you don't get lost" I looked at everyone and they nodded " you are so smart" Niall said looking at me " I like to think so to" I said smiling at him I reached over and have him a kiss " ok let's go". It was about half an hour later and I had walked a couple hundred metres into the bush when I heard a low whimpering coming from behind a large rock " Louis is that you" I walked over to the rock but I heard no reply I looked behind the rock and a small deer jumped out from behind it I jumped backwards and screamed " are you ok babe" I heard from my walkie talkie I grabbed it and pressed the button " yeah I'm fine just a deer, has anyone spotted him yet" I asked " nope" they all replied " ok he can't be too far in front of us" I kept walking when I came to a ledge over looking the national park and it was truly gorgeous I just couldn't resist the temptation to take a photo, so I grabbed out my phone and switched it to camera. Once I had snapped a couple of shots I looked back at them and it was gorgeous but I noticed a blurry dot in the corner and I tooled like a person I looked past the phone and to where I thought I saw the person in the photo and no doubt it was a person " LOUIS IS THAT YOU" I screamed at the top of my lungs, the person turned and looked at me " JAMILA" Louis familiar voice yelled back I grabbed my walkie talkie and pressed the button " I found him" I put it back in my pocket and I could hear everyone cheering but I didn't care. I ran to him and when I reached him I jumped on top of him and gave him a massive bear hug and he hugged me back I stood up and slapped him across the face " what the hell was that for!?" He looked at me confused " you sir scared the shit out of us" I grabbed him again and he chuckled " we'll I'm glad someone cares" someone is everyone you should have seen the other boys they looked lost" he smiled as I started to cry he wiped a tear with his thumb " sweety it's ok you have found me now, but I was beginning to think I would have to go Bear Grylls style" he smiled at me and I laughed " ok come one let's get you back to camp" he nodded and we started walking back. We reached camp and everyone was sitting on the log " your leader has returned" Louis announced as we walked towards them everyone's head shot around and looked at us Harry was the first to get up and everyone followed jumping on top of him and laughing Niall got up off him and walked over to me wrapping his arms around my waist " good job babe, my little explorer!" He said leaning down to kiss me " I don't think I did to bad" he chuckled and we looked at everyone else " where are the two love birds" Louis said tears pricking the corners of his eyes " we'll Zayn is in his tent and Robyn has disappeared" Olivia said sensing the hurt he was feeling " but mate you have to talk to Zayn because he didn't do anything she kissed him" he shook his head " I don't believe it she loves me she wouldn't do something like that I know it" I felt sorry for him I walked over to him and put my hand on his shoulder " Louis she does it all the time I thought that you might be different to her but obviously not she just can't stand being with only one person she feels alone her words not mine" he looked down at the ground and then looked at me " thankyou but I love her" he started crying I put my hands on either side of his face and made him look at me " who are you" I said and he looked at me like I had grown two heads " Louis Tomlinson" " no I said who are you" he was still really confused " you are Louis the Tomo Tomlinson and you soldier deserve better and you will get better" a smile spread across his face as he wrapped his arms around me " thankyou" he whispered into my ear " come on guys lets get back" I said as we all started to depart.
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