Moment in time

Can my day get any better!? Having my 18th birthday with my best friends Robyn and Olivia the biggest party animals on this planet, and receiving a mysterious letter with three meet and greet tickets to One Directions concert!
What might happen at the concert and will love bloom between the girls?


5. Hospital beds

I blinked as I opened my eyes to bright white lights and the sound of nurses rushing around the corridors outside, I picked my head up only to find a sharp pain in the back of my head. I rested my head back down into the pillow, I slowly twisted my head to my left towards the door and then to the right to look out the window but to my surprise sitting in the chair fast asleep with a sandwich in his hand is hair had lost its little flip and was now flat on his face his long eyelashes resting on his rosey cheeks. I looked back up at the ceiling and felt a slight tickle in my throat I coughed and accidentally woke him up " your awake how are you feeling?" He said sitting his sandwich down on the table and walking over and kneeling down next to my bed " alright I guess I'm sorry I woke you" " ehh it's ok I was so worried about you, but luckily it's only concussion but you need to stay over night to keep an eye on you" he said quickly looking at the door as it creaked open Zayn popped his head in " hey I'm so glad your awake I just wanted to say I'm so sorry I was aiming for your back but- " Zayn it's ok I'm not dead or anything" he said a flush of relief coming over him " but if he had of , I would have killed him" Niall said with a smile " we'll ill leave you two alone, see you in the morning" he said as he walked out and shut the door behind him " what time is it?" I said looking around for a clock but there wasn't one Niall pulled out his phone " it's 5:30" he replied as he put his phone back in his jeans pocket. " I feel bad now!" I said looking at the wall in front of me " why do you feel bad!" He asked with a worried look on his face " we'll I ruined our day out, it was supposed to be getting out and having fun not stuck In a hospital!" I exclaimed with a big sigh " you didn't ruin it Zayn did he was the one that put you in here, plus if you want we can go to the beach or something tomorrow if your up for it" his smile spread from one ear to the other." sure why not my aunt lives not far from my place and she has a private beach that she owns we could camp there!" I said slowly turning my head back to face him " that would be great" Niall said just before the nurse walked in with two trays of food " oh goody the foods here" he said standing up and walking up to the nurse and taking the two trays " thankyou " he said exchanging a smile " your welcome sir" she said and quickly dashed back out the door. Niall walked back over to the bed and put our food on the table and helped me sit up " ow" I yelped scrunching my eyes up as a shot of pain flew down my back " are you ok" yeah I said trying to hold myself up, I finally balanced myself and Niall brought my tray over to me. Once we had finished eating I slowly reached for the tv remote but Niall stopped me and picked it up and placed it on my lap " thanks" " your welcome" he said as I turned on the big flat screen there wasn't any good shows on so we just watched the news. There wasn't much going on until something made my mind click on the reporter had just announced something ' One Direction have been seen coming out of a hospital today but not alone with two young girls, but the twist was that Niall didn't leave with them so. So is it possible that Niall may have been injured' " Crap! I told the boys to be careful!" Niall said getting up and pacing the room " now how am I going to get you out of here there will be reporters everywhere!" He screamed in frustration " it's ok what's wrong if they see us!?" I asked a little confused " I don't want them hassling you guys and especially not you!" He rubbed his head " it's ok they won't see me, you can go ou- but he cut me off " I'm not leaving you!" He said and walked over to my bed looking me dead in the eyes " they have already seen us together so your not safe" " how have they seen us together" and just as I said that I saw a big bright flash come form outside the window. Niall ran over and shut the blind " he had been out there for like five minutes but I knew without the flash he couldn't get a proper photo" he said walking back to my bed " how are you feeling right about now?" He asked I could almost see the cogs ticking over in his brain " umm still a little sore but ok" " good" he said sprinting out the door " where are you going" but he was already gone. Just as I was about to lay my head back down he came rushing back in with a neck brace " hang on what's that for?" I asked now becoming a little concerned " here put this on it will stop you from hurting your head were going home now" I couldn't believe what was going on " but why now, can't I go in the morning?" I asked a bit stunned " because there will be reporters crawling around here by four in the morning and I'm not taking that risk!" He exclaimed chucking the brace at me I picked it up and fastened it around my neck. I got out of bed and changed into the clothes I came in and walked out to find Niall sitting on the seat " done, cool lets go" he said grabbing my arm and walking me through a large corridor then into a kitchen to a door that said emergency exit " but Niall that's an emergency exit" I said feeling worried " and this is an emergency" he said letting go of my arm and opening the door there was already a large black land rover parked there with a familiar smile glowing through the heavily tinted windows Niall walked me over to the car and opened up the passenger side door and picked me up by the hips and placed me in fixing my seatbelt " you didn't need to pick me up" I said giving him a ' I'm not a paraplegic look' " I don't care I was being a gentleman" he said looking quite proud of himself. He shut my door and jumped into the seat next to Louis " hey how you feeling" he asked turning around in his seat to face me " yeah feeling better thanks" I said smiling, " we'll let's get this show on the road" Louis yelled as he drove off.I remember the boys talking about some secret house or something before I nodded off to sleep. I felt the cool breeze brush over my face as I was lifted out of the car I squinted my eyes open to see Niall's gorgeous face "shhh" he lulled " just go back to sleep everything is ok" and that was all he had to say I wrapped my arms around his neck and buried my face into his chest, and fell asleep. ' his hair was sparkling and his eyes were magnificent he was standing on the edge of a cliff, I walked up to him he was silent I wrapped y arms around him and brushed my lips past his he started to move his arms away and pushed himself of me and over the cliff " NOOOOOOO" I screamed' " Ahhh" I screamed sitting up in bed I looked around confused I wasn't somewhere I knew was I. I looked down I was wearing a baggy shirt and a pair of pyjama shorts, someone must have changed me into them " what's wrong" Niall yelled bursting through the door looking like he was redy to fight something, he searched the room but his eyes landed on me " why did you scream are you ok" he asked sitting down next to me on the bed " yeah I just had a bad dream" I said looking down at my legs " what about" he asked seeming concerned " It was nothing it doesn't matter now". " how long was I sleeping what time is it" I asked knowing it was morning for the fact of all the light flooding in through the curtains " it's about 10:30 , how are you feeling?" " much better now thankyou so much for being there for me" he really has been amazing, he hasn't left my side once " I wouldn't rather be anywhere else" he said looking me in the eyes he leaned in a little bit it was almost like there was a magnet between us pulling us together I moved in a little we were so close to each other, I could see the amazing colours in his eyes " your eyes are so amazing, you know" he said and that was it his lips were against mine in a passionate embrace I wrapped my arms around the back of his neck and he grabbed my hips and moved on top of me I pulled my legs out from under the sheets and wrapped my legs around his waist. He pulled away and looked at me " you are so amazing" he said running his hands threw my tangled hair " your not so bad yourself" I said kissing him a smile crossed his face " you have no idea how long i have been waiting for that, like since the concert" I giggled " what's so funny missy" " you think you have been waiting for that I've been waiting for that ever since you guys were formed" he laughed at my statement " do you find that funny pretty b- his lips were on mine even more passionate than before. I put my hands on his chest " ok lover boy enough now, we need to go find the others" " Awww why" he whined sounding like a big baby " because I want to see the others, is that ok" " yes babe it's fine come on" did he just call me babe did I really just kiss Niall Horan " are you coming" Niall asked snapping me back into reality " yeah of course". I got up and changed into a pair of sweats and a jumper and walked down the stairs, I had no idea where I was but I walked into a large kitchen and through a door where I saw Robyn and Olivia lying on the couch "hey guys" I said walking over to them and sitting in the arm chair I had no idea where the guys were " how ya feeling babe" said Robyn leaning forward and resting her head on her hands " yeah I'm alright I guess" I said with a large sigh " did you know that Niall slept in your room on a chair all night?!" Olivia pointed out while raising an eyebrow, did he really " did he, I thought that he only came in because he heard me scream" does he really care that much about me we've known each other all of 3 days. " where are the guys" I asked looking around " I think they went to get some breakfast" "don't they have any food in this house?" I asked getting up and walking over to the kitchen, it was massive there were cupboards and shelves every where. I opened the first one I could see nothing I opened every one next to it and there was nothing except for in the cutlery draw there was enough in there to give to an army. I went and sat back down Olivia had gone to the toilet and I didn't know wether to tell them about my little kissing session, maybe ill only tell Robyn I mean she has been like a sister to me " hey Robyn, can you promise not to tell Olivia something" I said her head whipped up ready to hear the gossip " promise" she said holding out her pinky I grabbed it with my pinky " ok so you know how Niall was in my room this morning" she looked at me oddly I was waiting for her whole life speech but she just nodded I continued " we'll I had a nightmare and I screamed and he came running in and asked if I was ok and all I was fine and he was sitting on my bed, then we"- but she knew what was going on " HE KISSED YOU!!!!!" She yelled " shut up, Olivia will hear" I said putting my finger over my mouth " sorry, but I'm going to kill him I swear if he ever touches you again I will slaughter him" she said putting her fists into balls " Robyn it's ok it was actually kind of nice and plus you know how long I have been waiting just to feel his lips, oh and might I add he is a great kisser" she put her hand up in my face " too much information babe , just remind him if he hurts you I will mummify him alive!" She said sounding so serious but I tried so hard not to laugh but failed. I was laughing so hard I almost started to cry " we'll it's good to see someone's happy around here" came a gorgeous Irish accent from behind me I spun around in my chair to see him and the boys walk through the door with three bags of McDonalds and it smelt like hot cakes my favourite. I got up out of my chair and ran to find Olivia she was in the bathroom staring at herself in the mirror " hey Oli what's wrong?" I asked she didn't flinch " what if I'm not good enough for Harry " oh god what's he done to her " what do you mean he would be lucky to have you as his let alone his girlfriend, you are an amazing person and have the best sense of humour on this earth" I said trying to cheer her up and I think it worked , she turned to face me her eyes were swollen and red from crying " do you really think so" " yes I do, oh and what did you guys do on that concert night I have meaning to ask you for ages!" She leaned forward and whispered in my ear " we went up to the top of the building and threw water balloons at people walking past, that's all" I started laughing really is that all they did. " we'll breakfast is ready so out you go" I said as she nodded and walked out the door, I closed the bathroom door and followed her out and my super senses were correct it was hotcakes every one but Niall hadn't started yet " were waiting for you Jamila" said Liam pointing to my hotcakes I ,walked over and sat down " sorry I couldn't wait it smelt to good" Niall exclaimed taking another giant bite out of his food " that's ok, I do understand the fact that if you don't eat every five seconds you will fade away to nothing" he winked at me " sure do" we all laughed as we started to eat I think I almost choked on a bit but I didn't. Once we had finished eating we all sat on the couch and started talking " hey who wants to go to the beach today" I asked they all stopped talking and looked at me " but we can't risk being seen by the reporters " don't worry it's my aunties private beach, we'll be fine" " cool sounds like a plan" Liam replied.
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