Moment in time

Can my day get any better!? Having my 18th birthday with my best friends Robyn and Olivia the biggest party animals on this planet, and receiving a mysterious letter with three meet and greet tickets to One Directions concert!
What might happen at the concert and will love bloom between the girls?


6. Beach party

I rolled over in my cool crisp silk sheets the sunlight was streaming through the white blinds, my room was quite large it had dark brown timber walls with a cream mirror stuck on the wall with a tall built in wardrobe next to it. I think back to my kiss our kiss his beautiful blonde hair his amazingly soft lips and his ocean blue eyes full of lust, I haven't known him long but he seems to fit all my standards and add in the extra bonus of his amazing friends how could it get any better. I better ring my auntie to make sure it's ok to camp at her private beach I thought as I rolled out of bed like a sack of potatoes and reached for my phone, I unlocked it and found her number and pressed call " hello" my aunt said waiting for a reply " hey auntie Anette I was wondering wether a few friends of mine would be able to camp down at the beach for a couple of days" I asked hoping she wouldn't mind my direct approach " of course not sweetie that's fine come down and stay as long as you like, but make sure to come and say hello first" cha-ching " thanks heaps auntie will see you soon then!" I said excitedly hanging up the phone I got changed into a little slip on strapless dress covered in flower patterns and raced out the door and down the stairs into the lounge room where Niall was sitting on the couch eating a god knows what sandwich,I walked over and plonked myself next to him " morning" he said putting his sandwich down and leaning in to me I pecked his lips and he resumed his eating marathon " how did you sleep?" He asked shoving the food he was chewing into the side of his cheek making himself look like a chipmunk " good actually, and I rang my auntie and she said we could come down when we are ready" " that's g-" he swallowed just as he was about to say something "great" I giggled " where are the others" I asked looking around but it was silent " they are outside playing hide and seek I believe" wow I haven't played that game in years and I really wanted to though but we needed to pack so we could get going. I grabbed Niall's almost finished sandwich and threw it towards the bin completely missed but I didn't care " y-you threw my sandwich" he said with a really confused look on his face but then it changed into your going to pay " no one throughs the Horans food away" he said jumping on top of me and tickling my sides " s-stop I'm s-serious" I laughed until I brainstormed the perfect idea I slowly reached up and grabbed the back of his neck pulling him down completely flat on top of me and pressed my lips against his. He slowly moved his hands up beside my head cupping them and deepening the kiss he ran his tongue along the bottom of my lip asking for permission and I granted it opening my mouth as our tongues danced together I ran my hands down his side feeling his perfect form I got to the end of his t- shirt when he slowly pulled up stopping the kiss he looked at me and smiled " apology accepted" I giggled as he kissed my lips again and got up off me " I need to tickle you more often" he said a cheeky smile reaching his lips. I stood up and grabbed his hands pulling him up " so what was the reason you threw my sandwich away?" He said sounding curious " we'll mr lazy bones we need to pack everything for our camping trip" I said turning around and walking outside, Niall close behind I slid the door open and looked outside there was Harry standing there with his eyes covered up counting " 9 10" he dropped his hands and saw us and smiled " hey guys" he said " wanna come and play hide and seek" he asked making his smile even bigger Niall stepped in front of me " we need to start packing our stuff" he stopped and tilted his head in the air and cupped hi hands around his mouth " WERE GOING CAMPING" he yelled and everyone popped out of bushes and from behind tress and ran towards us " did someone say camping" Louis exclaimed as he bolted towards us " yes I did, we are going for" he stopped and looked at me I realised what I was meant to say " it actually doesn't matter how long we stay" all there faces brightened " how about a week, it would be great to do something out and get to know each other more" he said as he walked behind us " Ill start packing my stuff" he said walking into the house. We all followed him in Niall came with me to my room to help me pack the stuff he had brought back from my house I had four pairs of shorts four t-shirts two dresses and a night gown and some thick pjs. We had all finished packing and had loaded our stuff into the cars but we were just waiting for Niall to finish packing his midnight snacks and we we're off. By the time we arrived at my aunties house it was about 2:30 we'd taken a while to pack but it really didn't matter, as we pulled in to her drive way everyone was amazed with the view. We were on a large hill and out past the fence you could see the rippling cool waves of the ocean and hear birds and frogs it truly was amazing, I looked next to me Niall had his mouth wide open " you alright there" I said as I grabbed his jaw and closed it " yeah just wow it's so amazing" " yeah but you should see the house" and nobody had noticed it but they all turned to the left and my aunties ginormous house it was like 100 years old the paint had cracked over time and faded the walls were moving out of place but it was still truly beautiful " wow how loaded is this woman" Harry asked from the other car still in awe " first she's not loaded she inherited it from her parents who got it from there parents and so forth " we'll who gets it next" " we'll not her kids because she never had any and our family is next in line so me" I said smiling at Niall he smiled back and gave me a quick kiss "oooooohhhhh" everyone chimed " what Niall said shrugging his shoulders " ok guys we need to get this show on the road" I yelled to everyone as we all got out of the cars. We all walked up to the front door and I rang the door bell and waited I herd footsteps and then I saw my aunties outline through the door she opened it and a wide grin came to her face as she looked at me and then at Niall and she winked at him and Niall in return just smiled. My auntie is thin and tall with amazing brown hair that cascades halfway down her back her amazing blue eyes glistened but they weren't as amazing as Niall's she looked back at everyone else and waved and they all waved back but Harry winked and smirked as Liam nudged him with his elbow. She looked back to Niall and I " hello my sweetheart" she said opening her arms and I ran into them holding her in a tight embrace she let me go and looked back at everyone else I forgot she had never me the boys but she knew Robyn and Olivia I turned and faced them " Aunt A this is Niall, Zayn,Louis,Liam and the cheeky one Harry!" I said pointing to him " I am not cheeky I'm just very suspicious" everyone laughed I turned back around and asked we could go and set up and we would be back up for tea " yeah sure darling but take the quads down its to far walk to carry all that stuff" she said pointing to the shed " thanks Aunt A" I said giving her another hug. Everyone was talking out by the cars I walked over o the shed and opened up the door there were four quads all different colours red,yellow,green and blue I called everyone over and as soon as the saw the quads they sprinted back over Harry rushed past me trying to get on one but I grabbed his shirt and pulled him back in front of me " there are something's you need to know first ok" I said looking at Harry and he just nodded first right now you will be picking your pairs for all week then you will choose a coloured quad and that Is for that team only to use and last anyone who hasn't ridden a quad rides with me or with Niall and we will pick our teams down there" everyone nodded in agreement. Robyn knew how to ride a quad aswell so she took Olivia and Liam took Zayn I took Harry and Niall took Louis, we all started the engines and I went forward telling everyone to follow me " hold on Hazza" I said as he gripped me tightly around the waist " your warm" he said as I took off across the flat and down the hill. The ride was so much fun I think I hear Zayn scream a few times but it was fun, we pulled up at our campsite it was a large flat open dirt area with about a 50 metre walk to the beach and it sure was beautiful I got off the quad and took my helmet off I went to the back of our quad and took everything off the back of it I had two tents and the others did to but I was hoping they didn't lose any in the ride down I walked over and checked Niall had two but Liam and Robyn had lost both there tents so now we only had four " great we ow only have four tents" I said looking at the quads " what do you mean" everyone asked " on the ride down four of the tents mush have fallen off the back" I said looking back up the hill "oh well just set the four up and we'll figure something out later" Liam said smiling at me giving me a ' everything is going to be ok' look. I sighed and looked back at everyone " first lets pick our pairs" everyone hustled around finding certain people and of course they were in the same groups as always me and Niall Harry and Olivia who had become extremely close since my hospital incident then Liam and Zayn and Robyn and Louis " we'll that was easy" I exclaimed with a giggle " now for the quads I have already dibbsed the green one for Niall and I but you are free to chose which one you want" as soon as I finished they all rushed to the quads and there was no fighting cause the all picked different ones to each other " ok we're done lets set up our tents". Niall and I were first to finish and we had decided that we should probably do the others to because they were taking a while, I walked over to Harry who had string wrapped around his feet but didn't realise he started walking towards me " Harry you've got-" but I was to late he hit the ground like a giant sack of potatoes it was actually quite funny but i rushed over to help him up " you could have told me I had string around my feet" I laughed " I did but it was to late sorry" I said once he had stood up I bent down to untie the string I got it off and walked over to his tent it was a mess but I could fix it. All the tents were up now we needed to figure out who would go in the tents there would need to be two people per tent and one tent would have one guy and one girl " ok in three tents will be two guys and two girls and then one girl and one guy in the last one, who volunteers?" I asked everyone gathered around and I saw Niall's smile grow larger " we've decided you and Niall should share the tent seeing as you two are so close" Harry repeated with a childish smirk growing on his face, my life is literally over I just nodded and turned around I put my hand up " I'm going to get firewood" and walked off. I was halfway up the beach when I heard footsteps jogging through the sand and I knew exactly who it was " Niall please leave me alone please!" I heard him start puffing as I stopped and waited for him to catch his breath " why what's wrong?" He asked slowly trudging in front of me " it's just everyone is like thinking were going out or something and you probably don't even like me because your a superstar, and I'm just going to be one of your one week fling things!" I exclaimed tears pricking the back of my eyes I looked down at the ground " hey look at me" he grabbed my chin and made me look at him " I would never do that to you, if I was going to make you a fling I wouldn't have stayed all afternoon with you at the hospital I would have left I would even be here now I would be at home eating something!" He looked as if he was going to cry but he didn't " I guess so but it's not like it's official it's not really going anywhere and I don't want to sit on the fence constantly!" I saw his brain ticking over when out of know where he was on one knee and holding my hands " Jamila Catherine Curtis will you do me the honour of being my girlfriend" he asked with a soft voice I was shocked I didn't know what to say and every emotion came rushing forward and all I did was cry he instantly got up and grabbed me i fell to my knees and he went with me he pulled me up and cradled me in his arms I buried my face in his chest. I think we sat there for about half an hour, I looked up at him he was staring down at me " yes" was all I could get out his face lit up and he smiled and kissed my head " we'll it's this moment in time I will always remember and treasure and you know why" he asked I could feel his eyes wandering off I shook my head " because I love you and I will never forget the time I get to show you just how much I do" he said it he said those three little words I thought I would never hear him say that but he did " I love you too" I muttered and he picked me up one arm under my back the other under my knees and he carried me back to the camp. We got into the camp and all the quads were gone except for ours they must have gone up for dinner already " crap Niall grab your helmet" I panicked jumping out of his arms and running for my helmet I quickly clipped it on and jumped on the quad Niall had his helmet on and jumped on behind me wrapped his arms around my waist, I turned the engine on and took off up the hill. I parked the quad and we dropped our helmets and ran inside for some reason the door was open but I was right they were all sitting at the table having what looked like a entrée or something " I'm so sorry we are late aunt A" I said looking down at the ground " it's quite alright darling you haven't missed out on anything take a seat" she said pointing to the two empty chairs opposite each other I took the one in the middle of Robyn and Harry and he sat in the middle of Louis and Olivia " so is everything alright down there" my Aunt asked looking around at us all " it's just great we've got a fire and a guitar and marshmallows were all set up" Louis replied with a smile " we'll that's great, now eat up!" She exclaimed as she took another bite out of what looked to be scallops with a garlic sauce and it was very nice but not very filling once we had finished that a giant cloche came out the chef sat it on the table and opened the lid it was a ginormous roast lamb with a big white dish with what looked to be plum sauce and vegetables surrounding the lamb " bono petit " my aunt yelled cutting into the lamb with a big knife and serving it to us she passed a spoon and the plum sauce around we all gladly took some and we were able to pick the vegetables off that we wanted. I think the guys ate so much they looked like they were going to be sick but Niall was still happily chewing on a rib he sat it on the plate and asked something we all dreaded " is there any desert" my Aunts face lit up like a candle " why of course young man" she replied as she got up and walked out into the kitchen I kicked his leg under the table " ow" he yelped " what was that for?" He asked looking around seeing everyone staring at him " you had to ask for desert, so you know what her deserts are like they end people's hunger for the rest of there lives" his face lit up " challenge accepted" I planted my face into my palm and looked back up at him " Niall it wasn't a challenge it was a warning" I looked around " he never gets full ever" Zayn said looking puzzled " trust me that ends once he has finished this!" And my aunt walked out with one humongous glass about 30 cm across full of ice cream with some broken off waffle cone stuffed on top with three types of sauces. Everyone's bottom jaw hit the table except for mine because I knew it was coming she sat it down in front of him " here you go young man" she spoke with a smile spread across her face she walked back out in to the kitchen and came back with a spoon I looked to Liam expecting him to run but he didn't " hey Liam aren't you afraid of spoons?" I asked kind of confused " no that's just a stupid rumour that was spread!" He said looking at me with a smile. Niall took the spoon off of my aunt " do any of you want something" she looked at us and we said no thanks I think it was about half an hour later and we were al just about asleep when we heard a spoon hit the table Niall threw his head back and a sentence came out of his mouth that only I expected " I'm full " everyone's head shot up o stare at Niall he had finished it but he was full yes " wow you weren't kidding were you" he winked at me " no I wasn't now who is ready to go back to camp?" Everyone nodded and got up out of there chairs I walked over to Niall and grabbed his arms but he pulled his hands around my waist and dragged me down into his lap he laced his fingers through mine and puckered out his lips I gave him a kiss as my aunt walked out I pulled away " it's ok I know all about you to your so good together but if you hurt her I will come after you" she laughed and so did I but Niall just nodded she handed me a pack of matches " might need these to get the fire started " I took them from her hands and stood up I gave my aunt a hug and said thankyou " oh and best desert I've ever had" Niall said cracking her a smile and walking out with me intact " your welcome see you in the morning for breakfast" she said as we shut the door behind us. We all had our helmets on and were getting on the quads Zayn and Liam took off first and the rest of us followed with Niall and I at the back. Niall turned the engine off and got off and held his hand out for me I placed my hand on his and stepped off the quad I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed his amazingly soft lips he returned the kiss deepening it I pulled my head back and look at his amazing eyes " you are so amazing you know" I smiled and kissed him " I know" I laughed and he walked me over to the camp fire I let go of Niall's arm and walked over to the fire and pulled out the match box and slid the little compartment contains the matches in it out and grabbed a match, I closed the box again and struck the match against the side of the box and it fizzled into a flame I carefully placed it next to a piece of kindling and it flew up in flames I fell backward and hit my butt hard on the ground but quickly got up the fire was burning well I called everyone to come and sit around the fire I perched myself on one of the logs around the fire and Niall came and sat next to me with his guitar in his hand. Once everyone was seated we had everything we needed we had Niall playing the guitar and singing stereo heart and marshmallows which Liam had stuffed in his bag , I rested my head on Niall's shoulder and I saw Robyn looking at us with envy but I didn't know why she's got Louis following her like a lost sheep he literally worships the ground she walks on but can't stand to see me and Niall together I just don't get it! I checked my watch it was 8:30 and I was on my 6 marshmallow Niall and the boys were singing wonder wall and Olivia was now comfortably resting in Harry's lap I layer down on Niall lap and curled up he wrapped his arms around me and continued to sing I listened and quietly fell asleep. " Jamila, Jamila" Niall's angelic voice floated threw my mind I felt his hand shake my shoulder and I slowly opened my eyes it was almost pitch black dark except for the shine of the moon I looked into Niall's eyes " what time is it I asked looking around "it's 2:30 babe" shit did I really sleep for that long I slowly sat up and looked up everyone was getting ready to go to bed Niall got up and grabbed my arms and pulled me up with him I put one arm around his neck and he let me go in first and change I zipped up the tent and quickly got changed into my silk night gown " ok I'm done" I jumped into the bed and pulled my blanket over my chest Niall unzipped the door then zipped it back up again "uh you may want to turn around" I quickly understood why I heard him unzip his bag and take off his clothes " ok you can look now" I turned around and saw all he was wearing was his white Calvin Klein boxers he had to have been working out because he had a really big six pack and I could see his muscles tense and relax as he moved. He jumped into the bed and turned over to me " I love you Jamila" he said opening his arms up so I could cuddle in next to him I quickly moved over and rested my head on his arm, I felt so safe like nothing could touch me he rested a small kiss on my head " ready to go to sleep" he asked I nodded he leaned over and turned the little light off and I fell asleep to the feel of his warm skin against mine.

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