Busking in Love

'You will be my Love Song'

Gen Lovic has been singing and playing the guitar for as long as she can remember but when Felix comes a long will he take advantage of her talents?


1. My Life

And now all your love is wasted

Then who the hell was I?

'Cause now I'm breaking at the britches

And at the end of all your lines


Who will love you?

Who will fight?

Who will fall far behind?


Come on skinny love

My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my

My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my


I belted out the last verses and smiled at the surrounding people in the street. I took my guitar off and stared into the case, there looked about five quid in there. I was good at maths, well, so I was told I got bored of it though, thinking it was geeky.

I took the last bite of my cheese sandwich and chucked it into the bin. I packed the rest of my stuff up and walked home. As I wandered through the town, I gazed around. There aren't many people today are there? I covered my mouth and laughed to myself, I always talk to myself - In my head, of course; though sometimes I say it aloud. Call me weird, many people do.

I arrive home at half three, I chuck my bag on the floor of the hallway and run upstairs with my guitar. My dad walks out of the shower. At half three? I bet your thinking? Well yes that's my dad for you. We don't mention these things though...

"Aah Gen! Hello sweetheart." He reaches out his arms to hug me, forgetting about his half put on towel. I quickly pull it up and step backwards. Dad sniffs, "Mm, thank you sweetie." He's always calling me sweetheart or sweetie or something 'dad like'. "Hi Dad." I smile as I walk into my room. I look back around at him, he's still standing there, waiting for something. I raise my eyebrow at him, "Oh, yes. Money! Haven't counted it yet, but I'd say about five pounds." He nods and claps his hands. I laugh and close my door.

I lay on my bed for about an hour, I'm so tired. I go busking every weekend in our local town, I love it and I've been doing it for as long as I can remember. Well, 2 years actually. What I meant to say was I've been singing and playing the guitar for as long as I can remember - I'm 16 now. Suddenly mum pops her head round the door, "Have fun Genna?" I sit up, I've been going every weekend for 2 years and every time she asks me if I had fun? I'm always trying to find a way to tell her this but today I just smile and reply, "Yeah it was." Mum beams, she's got her teeth whitened again. Ever since she's been going to these Yoga Classes with all the 'Posh Mummies' she's seems content on keeping her appearance to a 'high standard'.

"We really need to re-decorate this room of yours Genny." Genny? She's never called me Genny! It's always been Gen, or Genna; my proper name's Genevieve but she only calls me that when shes angry. "Never." I reply crossly to her statement. I'm not letting her decorate my room again, that's why I have posters smothered on all the walls. I quickly change the subject to stop her creating ideas in her head, "Have you picked up Ash from Jumbo Jim Gym or whatever yet?" Yes, my brother is called Ash as in Ash tree. My parents are strange, henceforth, we have strange names. " Oh shoot! I can't, I have to go round to see Bella, would you-" 

"No. Nonononononoonononononono." 

" Why not? He's your little brother."

" Last time, everyone thought I was his mum and told me Ash should go into adoption."

"That's why he was packing his monkey ba- I'll pay you."

I squint at her, " Twenty."

"TWENTY! Kids you days, money doesn't grow on trees!"

"That's why you named your kid after one then!" She just looked confused. "Rubbish joke, was it even a joke? I don't know, anyway money?"

" I'll give you a tenner."

" Fifteen, final offer." I stick my tongue out. My parents are wealthy enough, especially if they had enough to buy a two hundred pound egg mixing thing. We don't even make cakes, for many reasons which I shall not go into now.

"Genevieve, you just earned a lot of money in town, do I really have to give you more?" I nod and she carefully reaches out a five and ten pound note from her white flowery purse, which I, yes me, bought HER with MY own money. "Yes! Thanks mum, love you much."

I race out the door, arms flying, waving my money around. I get to the crossroad when I'm out of breath. I suddenly realise...

I don't have a car and I have to walk half a bloody mile. No. I look back. How far did I run?

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