The M factor

Based on a girl called Miranda Meyer that is in the the M factor and at the judges house.


5. The decision

The next day each of us was going to be called downstairs in turn to see Tanya who had decided which of us was to go through to the live shows .We werent allowed to see each other so I spent most of the morning returning Tanya's guest bedrooms back to normal because our flight back home was to be tommorrow. Whilst packing my suitcase,Julie the producer came in .

'Rose its your turn'

I smiled and followed her to the garden next to the pool where Tanya was sitting in a pale pink dress.

'Okay Rose can you sit next to Tanya and we will start filming from then on'said Julie

I nod.

'Ready.Steady.Action'shouts the camera man

'Rose I really admire your ambition and the way you always smilie when things are hard or tough.I thought your performance was very big and bold although I didn't think it was orginal .Every performance I see this amazing talented person but not the same person.You need to develop that orginality a bith further.So...I think that we could do that , your coming with me girl .'said Tanya

I've started crying

'Thank you so much.You won't regret it'

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