The M factor

Based on a girl called Miranda Meyer that is in the the M factor and at the judges house.


3. Rehearsing

Tanya's house was amazing.It had 6 bedrooms each with a seperate bathroom,a kitchen,a living room with a piano in,a dining room and a pool.I spent most of my time in the living room rehearsing,practsing and hoping that Tanya would see my talent and take me to live shows.I was going to Perform an Adele song and hopefully that would wow her.

When I wasn't rehearsing,I was at the pool or out partying with the girls although sometimes I felt a bit awkard . Did the girls know I heard them in the airport? They probably didn't but I wish one of them had apologiesed .I noticed Amy was kind to me all of the time and I wondered if she felt guilty about what she had said .

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