The M factor

Based on a girl called Miranda Meyer that is in the the M factor and at the judges house.


4. Performing

The day of the performance had come and each of the girls had a set time they would perform.I was to perform 6th,second to last,I didn't think this would make a difference though.Micheala was first,Jude was second,Amy was third,Jasmine was fourth,chloe was firth and Sasha was last.The performances were going to be in the living room so we all agreed to wait at the pool whilst each person went down.Micheala went off her light brown hair blowing in the wind and come back although she didn't say what had happened,then Jude went stridding off with lots of confidence.Amy look pretty her hair tied up in a messy bun and walked of in a model sort of way.Jasmine walked slowly almost apprehenstivly her long dress blowing away whilst she walked.Chloe though was completly different , her face was full of make up and she was wearing lots of perfume ,her hair tied up in a stiff plait without any lumps or bumps her walk was big and bold.

Then it was my go,I went off and opened the living room doors.Tanya and Titchy was sitting on a streched sofa.

'Hi rose just do you best and don't be worried'said Tanya

I smiled.

'I heard that you'I sang with all my strength

The rest of the song went well without any breaks or stumbles.

'That was beautiful Rose'said Titchy

'Thank you Rose'

Just as I went I realised that had been filmed .

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