The M factor

Based on a girl called Miranda Meyer that is in the the M factor and at the judges house.


2. Meeting the Judge

After we got of the plane we where greeted by a limo.

'Im really nervous now'said Jude

'I wonder who its is?'asked Jasmine

'Yeh'I wondered out loud.

The limo suddenly came to a stop.

'Alright girls, the camera people are on the beach waiting for you to arrive while your gone im going to drop your bags off at the judges house'explained the Limo driver

We all started to get out of the limo and walk towards the beach.The sand was smooth and the sea was lapping over it like a duvet over a bed .The camera people were busy setting up and explained the judge would be here in 5 minutes we all shuddered at the thought.When the time came the producer pointed us towards the sea, where a speed boat was coming in full speed.The excitment then was building up in my body making me shake and want to scream .Then I saw a figure,a womens figure.Its was Tanya Coates  with Titchy Taylor,rapping sestation .

'Hi girls im going to be your mentor so your each going to perform for me and Titchy later this week to get through to the live shows .There are 7 of you and I can only take 3 through.So work hard and play hard and that could be you'










































































































































































































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