The M factor

Based on a girl called Miranda Meyer that is in the the M factor and at the judges house.


1. At the airport

I never knew I was going to get through the audtions.Or bootcamp.But getting through to the Judges houses that was a dream come true .I knew I was going to be in the girl category but who was my mentor ? Was it Gareth Bidget , the singer from a long ago boy band ? Was it Natalie Smith,the beautiful singer ? Was it Lewis Wiget an old M-factor judge.What about Tanya Coates,the singer from a rapping band called a-bubz but was know going so low ?

When I arrived at the airport I found a hundle of girls with multicoloured suitcases.A tall one with blonde hair in a thick plait started whispering .

'That must be the last one,she gorgoues' she said .

I looked around who is she talking about ?

'She might have clear skin and black hair to die for but dosen't mean she is any better than us'repiled another girl .

I looked around again but nobody had black hair except from me.I walked up to them .

'Um hello'

The tall girl spun around .

'Hi im Amy , this is Jude,thats Chloe and Jasmine and Michela and Sasha'

They all where looking at me know.

'Im Rose,do you know when we are going to find out where we are going ? I said sweetly.

'I don't know but that man is walking towards us with a camera seems highly likely'laughed Sasha.

We all smiled.

'Hi girls,we need to get this done in one shot,okay,here's the slip'said the camera man,passing the slip to Chloe.


Chloe opens the slip.

'Miami ! ' She shouted

I cheered and smiled like the others but who is in Miami ?




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