Breaking Love part 2

After Bella's traumatic death, Jacob is still furious with Edward. But when new girl Caitlin arrives in Forks, Edward sees her as the new Bella and can't resist her... But on the other hand Jacob is still madly in love with Bella's daughter Esmee who she gave birth to following her death. New girl Caitlin is just like Bella in her ways, but Edward can't help himself when he's around her.... But Caitlin has a dark secret just like Edward..........
( I know bella didn't actually die but in my plot I have decided that she died)
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2. "Hi my names Caitlin"

Casually, I walked though the sliding doors toward the reception. I stood politely waiting my turn, once the young girl infront of me had finished I stepped forward. The lady at the desk wore her long hair up in a tight bun, her face had little make - up on, which made her eyes look very effective. "Hi, my name is Caitlin cook I'm new starting today" I stuttered. "Ah yes! Caitlin we were expecting you a little earlier, but it's ok. "Sorry" I slightly felt my face blush. "Now here's an introducton map, to help you around. She sharply handed me a folded piece of paper with a colourful background. "Thank you, now I better get off to my first lecture" As I walked out of the reception, standing directly infront of me was the boy those girls were blushing about. Trying to keep my head down I frantically walked past him. Before I knew it I was hurtling towards the concrete. Oh no! I'd tripped over, and my textbooks had fell in a huge merky puddle. "Are you ok!?" A kind voice spoke startled. It was that boy! My face must of went tomato red! " Errrrr.... Yes" "I stuttered trying to stand up my legs were killing me. " My names Edward Cullen and you are" he had a flirty smile across his face. "Caitlin cook I'm new here" I smiled at him. "So il see you around?" " um yeah Thanks! " He cautiously helped me up and looked deeply into my eyes. He was perfect. His eyes were now a deep coal black, which was strange as they were golden earlier.............
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