Breaking Love part 2

After Bella's traumatic death, Jacob is still furious with Edward. But when new girl Caitlin arrives in Forks, Edward sees her as the new Bella and can't resist her... But on the other hand Jacob is still madly in love with Bella's daughter Esmee who she gave birth to following her death. New girl Caitlin is just like Bella in her ways, but Edward can't help himself when he's around her.... But Caitlin has a dark secret just like Edward..........
( I know bella didn't actually die but in my plot I have decided that she died)
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1. 1st day of college

This book is written in Caitlin's point of view

Restlessly, I rolled my self out of my unbearable lumpy single bed, to see a dim light shining though a gap in the curtains illuminating the room. First day of college! I thought to my self. Forks sure was different to Malibu, but only if there was a college there I hate being away from my mum.
Here I'm all alone in a damp old apartment. I stumbled toward the wooden door, it opened with an ear bleeding screech. Is started off my day with my Daily routine. I washed my face and applied a light amount of makeup. My face was already pale enough, which meant foundation didn't help.
My personality is usually described as clumsy, shy, and arrogant. But that's not until you get to know me. Roughly I combed my glossy brown hair trying to de - tangle it but I knew it was impossible. So I'm going to be the new girl again? I sighed looking into the mirror. Carelessly I dragged my clothes on and loaded my girly backpack with heavy text books. I made my way outside , thankfully the weather was fine so I decided I'd walk up. On my way I saw a couple of other girls chatting amongst themselves , they were blushing about some guy ahead of them. I must admit he was quite attractive. He turned around and looked at me I put my head down and carried on walking. He was also very pale like me, his eyes were glowing a beautiful golden colour as he glanced at me. As I came up to the college entrance my spine shivered with fear "don't be a coward!" I whispered to my self

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