One Direction Imagines.

These are all Imagines I have written about One Direction. (I use the name Janae in them because I like that name.)
If you want to use these you can just give credit to me.
Thanks all :)
If you would like an Imagine i'll do you one but it won't be up right away.
(If there is more Imagines for one boy its not because i like him more, its because i do Imagines for people who ask and I've changed the name to Janae.)


4. Niall Imagine.

#Imagine you have invited your long time friend, Niall, over for dinner. He has been seated next to you and your dad and he is really nervous. Your dad realises and he turns to him and says, "You are a very nice boy Niall. I'm happy you're friends with my daughter." Niall smiles looks at you and replys, "Me too." It's getting towards the end of the night and as you are walking Niall out the door, 

he stops and kisses your mum on the cheek goodbye and shakes your fathers hand, like a true gentlemen. "I wouldn't mind if you were dating my daughter either," your father says as you start to blush. You step outside and close the door. You feel the breeze on your face as Niall says, "I'm going away tomorrow Janae. And I wanted to let you know that I like you." "I like you too," you reply. "You don't," Niall starts to say, then thinks of a better way to express his feelings. He grabs your face with his soft hands and kisses you. You don't want this feeling to end, but you know it will. You finally stop and Niall says, "I will call you every night. If you want to see other people you can, just let me know." "No. I don't. But why me?" Niall doesn't hesitate to answer with, "you're beautiful, funny, nice. I could continue but we would be here for years." You give each other another kiss goodbye. You couldn't believe it. Niall drives off and you here him screaming "I LOVE YOU JANAE!!!"
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