One Direction Imagines.

These are all Imagines I have written about One Direction. (I use the name Janae in them because I like that name.)
If you want to use these you can just give credit to me.
Thanks all :)
If you would like an Imagine i'll do you one but it won't be up right away.
(If there is more Imagines for one boy its not because i like him more, its because i do Imagines for people who ask and I've changed the name to Janae.)


14. Niall Imagine 6. (For Kenzie)

#Imagine It was st. Patrick's Day and you wanted to have as much fun as possible cause as soon as your parents found out what you did to the car; you would be grounded for life. ! You were out at the big st. Pattie's day parade that your town has every year. You were just finishing your hair when your Best friend Janae’s car pulled up. She honked her horn and you dashed out the house and into the car. You had to sit in the back because she brought along her boyfriend. Whom of which you hated, and he hated you just the same. It was an awkward ride to the parade but as soon as you got there you jumped right into the party spirit! All you really wanted to do was Party with your best friend but she ditched you for her boyfriend. You sighed and decided to get an air brushed tattoo and pass time. You got one of a Four Leaf Clover, and then you decided to go get a hot dog.  You sat down on the grass to eat. You’re halfway through your hot dog when an adorable boy with light blonde hair sat next to you. "Hello." He said. He had an Irish accent and Haunting blue eyes. "Hi." You replied. "I saw you were sitting alone and I thought to myself, what is a pretty girl like yourself doing all alone." He said his cheeks turning a bit redder than before. "Aw, well thank you, and I'm alone because my best friend ditched me for her boyfriend." "Oh, well, you want to hang out with me then." He asked looking at his feet afraid that you would say no .You looked at him and smiled. "I would like that.” He looked at you and smiled a wide smile. Then he helped you up from the grass. "I'm Niall by the way." he told you. "I'm Kenzie and Niall huh? I really like that name." "Thanks, Kenzie is a really adorable name." "Thank you."

You two hung out and partied all day. By the end of the day you both knew you definitely wanted to hang out again. You gave him your number; he was too shy to ask. He gave you a hug goodbye before leaving the parade. Your best friend Janae comes up behind you. “Wow, who was that hottie?" she asks. "Niall." You say dragging his name and smiling.

----2 days later-----

You get a call a number you don't know. You answer it and an unfamiliar voice talks to you with an English accent. "Hello?" You say.”Um, hello is this Kenzie." "Yes." "Well, I'm one of Niall's friends Liam, and I'm calling to see if you would go out with Niall Friday night, He would've asked you himself but he's quite shy." "Okay, tell him to pick me up at 7." "Brilliant thanks, bye.”


Niall took you out and you two had a blast. After about 3 dates he asked you to be his girlfriend. And after 4 years he asked you to be his wife. He proposed to you on Valentine’s Day at a gorgeous Restaurant .You two wed in Ireland, and had a lovely honeymoon in Canada. Two months after you got back from your honeymoon you learned you were pregnant. It was a boy! You decided to name him Niam Edward Horan and made Liam the Godfather!

Niam grew up, got a steady job, and now has a family of 3 kids. Two boys, Max and Alexander. And his little daddy's girl Kaci. His wife Died of heart failure just after Kaci was born. You and Niall both Loved her.


You and Niall Both Love each other very much. Niall was killed at age 79 in a car accident that took place not to far from your home. You died at age 89 of natural causes.

You and Niall reunited in heaven and watched over your grandchildren.

Sorry it took so long to update. I have had school. So happy though I have 300+ views!! Thank you guys!!!

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