One Direction Imagines.

These are all Imagines I have written about One Direction. (I use the name Janae in them because I like that name.)
If you want to use these you can just give credit to me.
Thanks all :)
If you would like an Imagine i'll do you one but it won't be up right away.
(If there is more Imagines for one boy its not because i like him more, its because i do Imagines for people who ask and I've changed the name to Janae.)


6. Niall Imagine 2.

#Imagine you are at the boys concert and Niall is about to sing his part in 'Moments', but in stead he says, "Hang on a second I'd like to introduce you to two very special people." As he is walking off backstage you here Louis saying, "they are someone very, very, very, very, very.." "PheonomiNIALLy special to Niall," you here Zayn interupt. Niall reaches you, his girlfriend, kisses you and your 

belly and says, "I know this isn't planned but I want to show everyone that you, Janae, are my life." Harry comes running down the stairs and almost trips. "C'mon guys. We have run out of ideas and Liams acting like he is Woody," Harry says trying to hold in a laugh. "So you might know one of these two people. One is my amaZAYN, brilLIAM, exrtaordiHARRY and fabuLOUIS girlfriend." Niall says walking up the stairs onto the stage. You are now on the stage and girls are screaming at you some are in hate while others are in joy! "I would like to tell the world that standing with me are my two favourite people in the world all in my hand." "Hey. What about me, what about us. I though what we had was special Niall!" Liam says. "I still love you Liam!!" blows a kiss to liam, "now i know you only see Janae, but in her stomach is my little girl or boy." "Ok. Now down to the serious part. We need everyone to be silient, for this magical part." Zayn says getting excited. "Janae Thomson," Niall says getting down on one knee, "I love you with all my heart and I never ever want to stop." "Awwww," Louis interupts so Harry hits him. "Will you Janae do the honour of being Mrs. Janae Horan?" Niall finishes. You have a tear stream down your face. "YES!! YES!! Yes i will!!" Niall pulls you in close and you passionately kiss as Zayn says, "Did you hear that. Niall's getting married!!"   * * * * * * * Okay So this is a Niall Imagine I did a while ago. Mikkayla yours is in progress. I't will be up shortly   So what do you all think of my Imagines?
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