One Direction Imagines.

These are all Imagines I have written about One Direction. (I use the name Janae in them because I like that name.)
If you want to use these you can just give credit to me.
Thanks all :)
If you would like an Imagine i'll do you one but it won't be up right away.
(If there is more Imagines for one boy its not because i like him more, its because i do Imagines for people who ask and I've changed the name to Janae.)


16. Liam Imagine 2. (For Bryana)

#Imagine you were at the zoo one day with your boyfriend Roderick .You two were always off and on. Some days you two are lovey dovey and others you two are at each other’s throats. Today was one of your lovey dovey days, or so you thought. As you two were walking past a small restaurant you notice Roderick isn't by your side. You turn around to see him checking out two girls in skimpy clothing. You go up to him and hit his arm.”Ah, hey! What the hell!" He yells. "What the hell?”

"Yeah, what the hell, as in, why the fuck did you hit me?! " he said rubbing his arm.

"How about why the fuck were you staring at those two hoochies?!"

"I wasn't staring at-"

"Roderick your eyes were right on their asses!”

"Why don't you lighten up?"

"Why don't you try to be a better boyfriend?” You snap.

"You know what, I'm sick of this, I'm sick of you!”

"What’s that supposed to mean?!"

"It means we're fucking over, we’re through!”


"Yeah, whatever. " he says before walking off into the direction of the ‘Hoochies’. You walk into the small restaurant and sit at an empty table. Then you bury your face into your hands. You hear a few whispering voices then someone get up. "Um, excuse me miss?" You hear a deep, British accent .You wipe away a few tears before looking up. When you do you see an adorable boy, light brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. "Yes." You say sniffling. "Are you okay?” He asked a concerned look on his face. "Yes, I'm fine, thank you." You say wiping away another tear. "May I?" He said motioning towards a chair. "Yeah, sure." You tell him. He hand you a tissue and takes a seat. "Um, my lads and I just saw what happened, that guys a real jerk."  "Yeah, tell me about it." You say looking into the tissue.  "You're way to pretty to have to deal with that." You hear him say. You look over to him and smile.

"Thank you; I'm Bryana by the way.”

"What a gorgeous name, I'm Liam." He says shaking your hand.

"Very nice to meet you Liam, you're very sweet." You tell him. You two start chatting away and soon you've forgotten all about Roderick. He introduces you to the rest of his friends and they invite you to spend the rest of the day with them. You accepted .As you were walking with them you spot Roderick...Making-out with one of those girls. You stop, you felt like your heart just dropped a thousand feet. "Bryana, what’s wrong?" Liam asks. Roderick hears your name and turns around; as soon as you see his face you turn and run in the other direction. You run behind a dumpster and bury you head into your knees. You feel as if you're going to cry but there are no tears. You hear footsteps behind you, running at first but now going slower, and then stop right in front of you. "I'm sorry you had to see that." you hear Liam say. "Don't be it's not your fault." You say without lifting your head. He sits next to you and pulls you into a tight hug; you rest your head on his chest.  "I'm sorry you have to go through this, no girl as beautiful as you should have to go through this." He says. He finally gets you to stand and come join the rest of the boys again. "Wait here." Liam tells you then walks over to the rest of the boys .He tells them something and they all agree and walk the other way. Liam comes back up to you, "Where are they going?" You ask him. "Oh, well I thought we would just hang out together." he said looking away, his cheeks turning red. "I'd like that." You smile. You two spend the rest of the day arm and arm and having a great time. He even buys you an adorable stuffed Tiger. You two exchange numbers and you end the day very happy.

About 3 days later he asks you out on a date. You accept. You had a great time with him and you two go on many more dates. He finally asks you to be his girlfriend. 2 years later he asks you to be his wife on stage at one of his concerts. You accept right away. You two have a beautiful wedding and honey moon in Italy. 6 months later you learn you’re pregnant, with twin girls!

9 months later you give birth and name these two beauties Lily Katharina Payne and Anna Jerica Payne.

Lily and Anna were the best daughters ever. So gorgeous and smart. Lily was a bit of a shy girl, she'd much rather sit back and read a book on a Friday night. Anna however was very outgoing, she loved going out to parties. But one day your beautiful Anna made a foolish mistake. Making her pregnant at 16. She had her baby boy and named him Malcolm. The father of the baby was very supportive. Anna moved in with her boyfriend when she was 18 and became a stay at home mum.  Lily went to college and studied law. She became a lawyer, one of the best there is. She had her first baby at 30 it was a girl who she named Farrah, Two years later she gave birth to a baby boy, naming him Billy.

You and Liam were very happy together. Liam died at age 79 from kidney failure. He accidentally drank the wrong drink while celebrating with friends. You died at age 91 from a heart attack.

You two were reunited in heaven.

Sorry about the swearing. It just fit in.

And sorry for the last three being sad. i was in a sad mood when i wrote these. :)

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