One Direction Imagines.

These are all Imagines I have written about One Direction. (I use the name Janae in them because I like that name.)
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(If there is more Imagines for one boy its not because i like him more, its because i do Imagines for people who ask and I've changed the name to Janae.)


21. Imagine (Authors Note)

A/N: I wrote this imagine ages ago, 7 months. So this is what in can do when i'm stressed and going through a rough patch. I know you are probably thinking, if you are going through one now can you do one for me. This took me 6 months to write, i would continue on with it when i was in between moods of really really really really bad and depressed. This would stop my self harming. Yes I am reveling a lot, but i would like to let you all know that I love you to bits and thank you for reading these imagines. I'm extremely sorry if I didn't get around to writing you one, but I am semi getting my life on track and if i do get bad again I will probably write some more imagines. But for now I am not. I write imagines when i'm depressed because it takes me to a happy place, a place I want to be. I could right imagines for myself and about me and the boys, but I know that will never happen because nothing good ever happens. So i write them for other people 'cause you all deserve to have your happy moment. And sooner or later, you will meet them, it could be in 20 years when their fame has gone down and you run into say Harry at the shops with his teenage daughter Darcy. Or Louis' son could play soccer with your son. I don't know, it could be anywhere at anytime you might meet them. It might be completely different to the way you hope. But you know who deserves to meet them, you. You do. I love the boys to bits, but honestly, I don't deserve to meet them. I have done so many screwed up things in my life that I don't deserve to over all the other Directioners. Thank you for being understanding. This might be my last imagine I post but I will continue with other things.


#Imagine you are being directed to your seat in a Johnny Ruffo concert. You had to fly to England, because that was the only place it wasn’t sold out and you had missed Australian tickets. You had tickets at the very back, but you didn’t care, because you were there. You sit down with your best friend. You are both so excited to be there and that you got tickets. The concert was about to start and the lights had dimmed. You noticed the two seats next to you were still empty. Just as Johnny comes on stage, two boys sat down next to you. The one that sat right next to said something to the other boy. You couldn’t figure out what he said but you knew his voice from somewhere. You couldn’t concentrate at all on Johnny, but just on that voice. With only a few minutes to the interval, you realise that it was Niall Horan’s voice. You burst out laughing from that ridiculous thought and your friend slaps you. ‘Sophie, stop it. People are trying to watch,’ she says. You tell her and you both start laughing together.  The lights come on for the interval. You had already decided you were going to stay in the hall, because you had brought your own food.  You turn to grab your bag fool of goodies next to you as you reach down you feel a soft hand grab yours. You look up and see a blonde haired, greenish/bluish eyed, hottie staring back at you. You stand up thinking it’s just a look alike. ‘Hi. I’m Niall.’ You hear him say. It is him. You get excited, you open your mouth, and then the butterflies come. ‘And you are, Sophie?’ he knows your name! ‘Ye-yeah,’ you stumble, ’ho-how did you know my name?’ you realise how stupid that question was after you said it. ‘I heard your friend say it, while you were laughing, may I add it was a very cute laugh.’ He smiles after his amazing Irish voice finishes. You start to blush and your stomach growls. ‘Crap,’ you mumble. ‘Soph, can I call you that?’ he locks eyes with you and you almost forget to nod because you are stuck in his eyes, ’do you want me and Harry to get you something? We have a box, but we thought it would be fun to come down and sit in the crowd.’ You turn to ask your friend, you see a smile across her face and already know the answer, ‘Jas. What do you say?’ asking the question anyway just so Harry would know her name. ‘Yeah, I guess we can go up to the box. I mean I did really want my apple and sandwiches.’ Jas replied as Harry burst out laughing from her joke. Niall, still holding your hand, walks you and him up the stairs.  ‘Hey. I’m Harry. And you’re Jas. I love your name,’ He winks at you and you almost faint. Harry lets you walk up the stairs first, you start walking up the first step and slip back. Harry's strong, muscularly arms catch you. ‘Are you ok beautiful? I guess you would have had a longer fall with no one to catch you when you fell from heaven.’ You couldn’t help but smile. It was the corniness thing you have heard but it sounded so much better in Harry’s extraordinary accent. As you get up the steps Harry decides to break the awkward silence, ‘So Jas. You got a boyfriend?’ ‘A little forward don’t you think?’ Jas replied cheekily. ‘Yeah but I’m just wondering. Surely an angel like you has a boyfriend.’ ‘No. This angel is flying solo.’ They had come to the door of the box and stopped. They were just standing there, waiting for nothing. Suddenly Harry leaned in towards Jas, closer and closer. They both closed their eyes, their lips were almost touching. ‘Bout time you two got here,’ Niall had swang opened the door and ruined the moment, unfortunately before they had time to kiss. Poor Harry, he always gets interrupted, first Louis now Niall. ‘Sorry Haz. Let’s just pretend this didn’t happen.’ Niall walked away slowly and closed the door. ‘So our special little snowflake can do damage.’ Sophie chuckled as Niall walked her way. ‘Should we make our own moment for Harry to intrude on?’ Niall raised an eyebrow, ‘are you think what I’m thinking?’ ‘Maybe. I’m pretty sure we are,’ Sophie winked back. ‘I’m sorry Harry.’ Jas said, feeling unhappy she didn’t get to kiss THE Harry Styles. She leaned up to his ear, ‘but we can do this another time,’Jas whispered in his ear, then pulled away and kissed him on the cheek.   But feeling proud with herself at how good her flirting was. ‘You first this time,’ she gestured to Harry. ‘HARRY! CAN WE GET SOME PRIVACY?’ Niall yelled as he saw the door start to open. ‘NIALL!’ Harry yelled. ‘SOPHIE!’ Jas yelled. ‘STOP EATING ALL THE FOOD!!’ they both yelled as they saw Niall and Sophie sitting on the floor surrounded by food. ‘You took a while and we got hungry.’ Niall said, covering his mouth full of Nandos. ‘Did you save us anything?’ Jas said starting to laugh. Harry slid his hand in Jas’ and walked over to the buffet of food. As Jas and Harry looked out of the box window they saw all the seats taken again and the lights starting to dim. Niall helped Sophie up and they walked over to the tinted, class windows in front of them with his arm around her waist. They looked out to see the dark, crowded arena. ‘This is what it’s like at your concerts, but ten times worse,’ Sophie simply said to Niall. Johnny Ruffo started to sing, when Harry and Niall backed away from their girls. ‘OMG! I can’t believe this is happening to us! I mean who would have thought this would have happened at a Johnny Ruffo concert?’ ‘Calm down Soph. You’ll freak them out.’ It was the only thing that came out of Jas’ mouth. They both heard footsteps behind them and stopped talking immediately as they knew who was walking towards them. Harry put his arm around Jas’ shoulders and Niall was hugging Sophie from behind. The door opened, but no-one turned to look to see who it was. ‘It’s time Harry and Niall. Are we taking them with us?’ Liam’s voice echoed in the box. Harry and Niall looked at each other and said in sink, ‘Yeah we are.’ Sophie couldn’t help but let out a little squeal and a chuckle from Louis followed. As the four of them turned away from the glass, the girls saw the other third of One Direction. As they walked out the door Niall and Sophie were hand in hand while this time Harry had his arm around Jas’ waist. ‘So where are we going?’ Sophie said a little excited. ‘It's a secret Soph. And you can’t tell secrets.’ Niall said, as they walked down a concrete pathway the voices of the audience faded. After a little while the voices got louder and louder the further they went. Johnny had stopped singing. They could see light but didn’t know where it was coming from. ‘Now I have five very special guests here tonight. You might know them. I’m in their town now and it’s my honour to present One Direction to you.’ ‘Vas Happenin?’ Sophie said smiling. ‘Just wait here babe. You’ll know what to do.’ Niall gave her a kiss on the cheek and went up the stairs with the rest of the boys. They could hear every word loud and clear. ‘How are you all doing tonight?’ Zayn said enthusiastically. As the crowd cheered harder the smiles on the two friends’ faces grew bigger. ‘Now, this is a little story for you guys. Do you all remember back when me and Eleanor first started dating?’ he paused to listen to the crowd, ‘well she was just a fan to start with. Now she is my fiancée. Anything can happen you just have to dare to Dream.’ Louis finished speaking so Harry could speak. ‘Now Niall and I have been sitting at the very back, to see the extraordinary Johnny Ruffo  perform, give it up for Johnny,’ the crowd went wild, ‘and while we were doing that we met two phenomenal girls’ Harry finished up. ‘They’re beautiful, kind hearted, nice, funny and so much more. We want you to meet these girls. Soph, Jas. Can you come up here please?’ Niall's echo faded. Sophie and Jas quickly turned to each other and didn’t know what to do. ‘Go on girls.’ They heard Johnny say behind them. They walked hand in hand up the stairs to the stage. They split apart to go to their guys. As Jas reached Harry, he started talking. ‘This is the amazing Jas. She is charming, beautiful, kind and funny. We also have some unfinished business to take care of.’ Without thinking, Harry grabbed Jas’ face and started passionately kissing her. ‘Wow!’ Liam said, ‘get a room you to please.’ Harry and Jas stopped kissing and were just holding hands. ‘What happened to us, Larry?’ Louis said jokingly. ‘I can do it to you as well if you want Louis?’ Harry said cheekily back. ‘No thank you.’ Zayn jumped in. ‘Wow. That’s something you don’t see every day. Now to my fabulous girl, this is Sophie, but I call her Soph. She is hilarious and makes me laugh, she is stunning, has an appetite like mine, which is fantastic,’ he gives Soph a little wink, ‘is kind and I don’t know whether she is a good kisser. But before I do, I’d like to ask you a question. Am I allowed to ask this brilliant girl out?’ he asked the crowd. ‘YES!!!’ the crowd roared back. ‘Sophie, will you do me the honour of being my girlfriend?’ Niall said in his amazing Irish accent. ‘Yes, yes I will.’ Sophie replied as Niall came in closer and hugged her. ‘Have an amazing rest off your night guys; see you when we see you.’ Zayn said alive as ever. ‘Now for the phenomenal Johnny Ruffo!!’ Liam announced as Johnny ran up stairs on the other side of the stage as the boys and girls ran down the opposite ones. ‘Did that really happen?’ Sophie said in excitement. ‘Yes babe, it really did just happen. And so is this,’ Niall grabs Soph around the waist, pulls her in and starts kissing her. ‘Now they’re the ones that need a room,’ Harry said cheekily.  Finally the two had stopped kissing. As they headed down the concrete hall back to the box, Jas got cold so Harry took off his jumper and gave it to her. ‘Do you girls have extra clothes with you?’ Hazza asked casually. ‘No. Sorry hun, don’t you like our clothes?’ Jas replied. ‘No it’s not that bub. We were just thinking maybe you’d like to stay the night? Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie are coming over so you could meet them and then you can stay the night.’ Harry said a smile beginning to boom on his face. ‘We can call the girls and see if they can bring some clothes over for tomorrow?’ Louis asked so sweetly. ‘And pyjamas or you can sleep in our t shirts.’ Niall winked at Sophie. ‘Hehe. I guess we can do that. But where will we sleep? And mum, she’ll get worried.’ Jas said hoping she knew the answer. ‘Sure babe. I’ll sort out your mum. But I don’t think we have extra beds. Aw well you’ll just have to sleep with us.’ Harry replied and kissed Jas again. Jas dialled her mums’ number into Harry's phone. ‘Now that’s not for your personal use.’ Zayn joked. Everyone laughed except Harry who was waiting for Jas’ mum to pick up.


‘Hello, Nat speaking. How may I help you?’ Jas’ mum answered. ‘Hello Nat. What a nice name. I’m Harry Styles.’ Harry paused. ‘Jas, do you have some One Direction posters up in your room?’ Harry asked Jas. ‘Yeah babe,’ Jas started to blush. ‘Now, Nat. Do you know that poster in Jas’ room of One Direction?’ Harry asked. ‘Yeah, Harry.’ Nat replied confused. ‘Well. The curly haired, dimpled cheeks and very handsome guy is me.’ Harry said cheekily. ‘Oh! Hey Harry. What would you like?’ Nat replied. ‘Well Niall and I were wondering if we could take these two wonderful girls off your hands for the night. Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie are coming over as well so we can just have a chill session. And we’ll have them back to you tomorrow.’ Harry said, fingers crossed. ‘Yeah that’s fine, just don’t do anything stupid. Tell the girls I said to have fun. See you tomorrow.’ Nat replied before hanging up the phone.
‘It’s fine with Nat. Do you girls want to stay or go and beat the crowd?’ Harry asked his arm around Jas’ waist. ‘We will go. We don’t want anything to happen to our pumpkins.’ Sophie said as she snuggled up to her man. ‘Come on we’d better get going.’ Louis said. As the seven of them headed off they had gotten into the foyer and heard Johnny Ruffo say, ‘thank you guys for tonight. Hope you enjoyed and have a good rest of the week.’ Liam instantly looks at Zayn. They both knew what was going to happen, ‘RUN!’ they yelled together. The slow paced seven of them instantly ran as fast as they could. Their black van was waiting out front for them. They just made it into the van before thousands of screaming girls came running after them. ‘I’m so sorry babe for that.’ Niall said to his girl. Sophie rested her head on her Irish boyfriends shoulder. *ahahahahaha* everyone heard Niall’s laugh, but he wasn’t laughing. ‘Sorry guys. I changed my text message to Niall laughing, I thought it was adorable.’ Louis said blushing. ‘Aww. That’s so cute.’ Jas said. ‘So who was it?’ Soph asked. ‘Oh. It was Eleanor. Danielle has picked her and Perrie up and there’s a crowd of people outside the apartment and they don’t want to get out of the car yet cause they forgot their keys so the y can’t go in.’ Louis sort of read the text out loud. ‘I just texted Perrie to say we are coming down the street. I hope my baby is ok.’ Zayn said sweetly. They arrived at the apartment, found the other three girls and all went upstairs before everyone was introduced to each other. ‘Oh my. Your place is huge.’ Sophie said stunned as she walked through the front door hand in hand with Niall. Niall went and sat on the big, blue chair and Soph sat on his lap. Harry sat on the couch and Jas sat next to him, with their legs intertwined. Louis sat on the other couch and Eleanor had her legs on his. Zayn and Perrie were sitting crossed legged facing each other on the same couch as Lou and Ele. And Danielle and Liam were sitting next to each other with Danielle’s legs in between Liam’s. ‘Hey. I’m Sophie.’ Soph introduced herself. ‘You missed something very important. Soph’s my girlfriend.’ Niall said before kissing her on the cheek. ‘And I’m Jas. Harry’s girlfriend.’ Jas smiled as she kissed Harry on the cheek. ‘I’m Eleanor. But you can call me Ele. Welcome to the family.’ Ele smiled. ‘Danielle here. Or Dani, whatever you like’ Danielle chirped. ‘I’m Perrie. But you can call me whatever you want’ Perrie smiled. They all got up and hugged each other than sat back down with their boys. There was a growling noise and everyone looked at Niall and laughed. ‘What? I’m hungry.’ Niall said. ‘Aww, my baby. Do you want me to make you something?’ Sophie said to Niall before she winked. ‘Yes please babe,’ he fluttered his eyelashes at her. Soph hopped off Niall’s lap and went to the kitchen and the rest of the girls followed after her. ‘You two are so cute together.’ Eleanor said to Sophie as she sat at one of the buffet chairs. ‘Thanks Ele. You and Lou are adorable together. This might be personal, but have you chosen a date yet?’ Soph complimented then asked. ‘Yeah. We have actually decided to get married on the 17th of September.’ Ele replied. ‘Aw that’s so cute that you’re getting married on the date you started dating.’ Jas said. ‘Was that the day you started dating, Ele?’ Danielle said, sounding confused. ‘Hehe. Yeah it was.’ Ele replied with a huge smile on her face. ‘That’s really awkward now. Sorry if we freaked you out.’ Sophie said. ‘No you didn’t, it’s nice to know that my friends know important things in my life.’ Eleanor replied then nudged Danielle. ‘I know your birthday Ele. 16th of July 1992’ Perrie smiled cheekily. ‘I think I found my new best friend!’ Ele replied in glee. ‘How’s my food coming bub?’ Niall screamed from his blue chair. ‘Crap! Niall’s food!’ Sophie said before her and the girls burst out laughing. ‘Ele! What movie do you want; it’s your turn to pick!’ Lou yelled from the other room. ‘Surprise me babe.’ Eleanor yelled back. ‘So boys, horror or thriller OR romantic? So either way the girls will cuddle up to us.’ Louis said proudly as if he had just invented the wheel. ‘Oh Louis, you’re so smart. Let’s go thriller.’ Liam replied. ‘Where back!’ Jas announced before jumping on her boyfriends lap. ‘One Peri Peri chicken wrap and a cob of corn, not as good as Nandos though.’ Soph explained as she snuggled up to Niall. ‘Anything from you is as good as Nandos,’ Niall replied then chuckled. ‘So what movie have you guys picked?’ Perrie said curiously.  ‘You have to wait and see.’ Zayn replied cheekily before kissing Perrie on the cheek.  Liam put the movie in then snuggled back down with Danielle. As soon as it started Dani said over excitedly, ‘JAWS! I love this movie!’ ‘Well you scare me,’ Louis said before everyone laughed. Zayn got up to cook popcorn. ‘Um guys. I kind of burnt the popcorn.’ ‘I’ll put another bag on.’ Perrie exclaimed before running to her boyfriend and jumping on him. Soon the movie was half way through and Niall got hungry again. So once again Sophie got up and made him some food. Time flew bye and the movie was quickly over. It was now quarter past one in the morning. Ele went over to the window to see the moon and stars. ‘Guys, there are still fans out here wide awake.’ She said surprised. ‘Really!’ Harry quickly replied. ‘Yeah. Directioners would always wait to have a glimpse of you. I remember me and Soph stayed out for 3 days at an airport just to see you wave at us.’ Jas explained. ‘I wonder why we didn’t notice your beauty then.’ Niall said smiling. ‘We should go say hello.’ Louis said getting excited. ‘There are only a couple of people anyway.’ Ele replied. ‘C’mon then.’ Dani let out while getting up. The 5 couples piled out of the door and down the stairs. ‘I have an idea.’ Perrie said while a big grin filled her face. The fans outside were about to go to sleep in their tents when the glass doors opened. They all turned to see who it was. As they all saw the 5 girls they got excited and a little upset. ‘Hey Danielle. Can I get a picture and autograph?’ one fan said to Dani. ‘Hi Perrie! Whats it like being Zayn’s girlfriend?’ another fan asked as she got Pezza’s signature. ‘Thanks a heap Ele. I’d do anything to look like you.’ A fan let Ele know after she got a picture. At this point Soph and Jas were feeling a bit left out because no one knew who they were. ‘Everyone can we get your attention please?’ Perrie said in a loud voice. ‘It is our honour to present to you these two very amazing girls.’ Danielle described the girls as the 5 of them wrap their arms around each other. ‘They are our two new best friends and know a lot about us. But the way we met them was very unique.’ Eleanor finished. Soon the fans mouths dropped open as the girls broke apart and One Direction came out. Zayn, Liam and Louis wrapped their arms around their girlfriends. ‘This is Sophie.’ Louis said as he pointed to Soph. ‘And this is Jas,’ Zayn did the exact same thing. ‘They are our friends as well. But they are more special to Hazza and Nialler.’ Liam finished off before Harry stepped forward to Jas. ‘Now everyone, we saw you all asking Ele, Dani and Pezza for autographs. Why was that?’ Harry asked. ‘Cause they are amazingly pretty and nice and kind-hearted!’ one fan exclaimed. ‘But would you go up to a pretty stranger and ask for their autograph?’ Niall said Stepping towards Sophie. ‘No. It’s because they are your girlfriends.’ A different fan stated. ‘So why didn’t you ask Jas or Soph for their autographs?’ Harry asked. ‘I know this might break your hearts. But we ask when we tell you this information not to give hate. Sophie and Jas are our girlfriends now.’ Niall got in before a fan ran up to Soph and Jas and gave them a big hug. ‘Thank you,’ she whispered into their ear. As she stepped back she said aloud, ‘Thank you for being Niall’s princess Soph. And Thank you Jas for showing Harry that he can find love again. Thank you.’ Once she finished they gave each other a look and went up to her and gave her a big hug. ‘What’s your name love?’ Louis asked smiling. ‘My names Grace.’ Grace smiled. ‘Thank you Grace, for being happy with our choice and not sending hate to our girlfriends,’ Zayn said smiling as ever. When the boys backed away Danielle, Perrie, Eleanor, Sophie and Jas hugged Grace and said their own thank you’. After the fans got autographs from all 10 of them. While the last couple of fans were getting their autographs from Jas and Sophie, the rest of the friends were talking. After Soph and Jas gave the last fans their hugs Liam started talking, ‘Now once again we might disappoint you a little, which we don’t intensely aim to do’ ‘But we we’re thinking of letting Grace come up and stay the night, well the rest of it anyway,’ Zayn said. ‘We will do anything you want to. Call your friends, play games, do a twitcam. Whatever you like.’ Niall finished in his Irish accent. ‘OMD! Are you serious?!’ Grace asked excitedly. ‘Yeah hun. Just to show our appreciation.’ Louis replied. ‘If it’s okay with your parents though.’ Harry added. ‘Mum, can I please?’ Grace asked her mum. ‘If I can go home, than sure.’ Her mum replied. In 5 minutes Grace had her stuff packed up and was saying goodbye to her mum. They all headed through the glass doors and went up stairs while Grace talked to the girls. ‘So how long have Niall and Harry been dating you two?’ grace asked. ‘What’s the time Pezza?’ Sophie asked. ‘Half past two. Haha.’ Perrie laughed because she knew what Soph was going to say. ‘Well about six hours.’ Once Sophie had finished everyone burst out laughing. The 11 of them had reached the door to the boys place and Louis had unlocked the door. As they all piled into the place Grace let everyone know how she felt, ‘Holly Flack! Your place is massive!’ ‘Exactly what I thought when I saw it.’ Sophie told Grace. ‘We’ll show you to your room, so you can put your stuff down,’ Zayn said as they took Grace to her room.  When Harry got back to Jas she said, ‘I thought there were no spare rooms.’ ‘If we told you that we wouldn’t have been able to share a bed with you.’ Harry replied cheekily and winked. ‘So what would you like to do first Grace?’ Liam asked while hugging Danielle. ‘I would love to call some of my friends but I don’t have credit.’ Grace replied. ‘No problem Gracie. Can I call you that?’ Dani asked. ‘You can call me whatever you want.’ Grace smiled. ‘You can use one of our phones.’ Ele finished Dani’s sentence. ‘Here, use mine.’ Louis handed Grace his phone. ‘Thanks Lou. I’ll call Charlie first. She is in love with you guys but mostly Zayn.’ She laughed. As Grace put Louis’ number on blocked dialled in Charlie’s, they all discussed what they were going to say. ‘Hello Charlie speaking.’ She moaned. ‘Hey Charls, Its Grace. What you up too?’ Grace replied. ‘I was sleeping. What do you want?’ Charlie sort of whispered so she didn’t wake anyone up. ‘Oh. Well anyway. You know how I’ve been waiting outside One Direction’s place?’ Grace got happier and happier. ‘Where is this going Grace? I want to sleep.’ Charlie sounded like she was nearly asleep again. ‘Well I made some new friends. They want to say hi.’ Grace now had a huge smile on her face. ‘Okay. But I still need my sleep.’ Grace new Charlie would be so excited to hear what their names were. ‘Okie Dokie. So we have Sophie, Jas, Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie.’ As Grace said the names of the girls they all said hey. ‘That’s nice you met Zayn’s, Louis’ and Liam’s girlfriends. Now can I go to sleep?’ Charlie seemed a little happier. ‘I met all 5 of their girlfriends. Soph is Niall’s girlfriend and Jas is Harry’s. But there are more people that want to say hey. I have Louis.’ Grace said pausing. ‘Hello there love sorry to wake you.’ Louis replied in his calming English accent. ‘The wonderful Liam would like to say hello as well.’ Grace continued. ‘OMD! YOU ARE WITH LIAM AND LOUIS!’ Charlie whispered screamed before Liam could speak. ‘Yes she is Charlie. Oh it’s Liam by the way.’ Liam told her. An Irish accent sounded through the phone, ‘Grace is also with me. You can’t forget me.’ ‘AND NIALL!’ Charlie nearly screamed. ‘And you might know this guy. I’ll give you a clue, he has curly hair.’ Grace finished before Harry spoke. ‘Thanks Gracie. Hey Charls.’ Harry said before laughing. ‘ARE YOU SERIOUS? YOU ARE WITH NEARLY ALL OF ONE DIRECTION!’ Charlie said in one big go. Grace didn’t bother introducing Zayn, ‘Hello there Charlie, How are you this morning?’ Charlie knew exactly who it was. ‘Hey Zayn. I was tired but now I can’t sleep! Can I just say, be yourself don’t let anyone change you please. I love you!’ Charlie couldn’t believe she just talked to One Direction. ‘Thank you Charls. Night sweetie we have to go.’ Zayn finished up. They all said bye before Grace hung up. ‘So Gracie what do you want to do now?’ Eleanor asked in her soothing voice. ‘I don’t mind. Spin the bottle truth or dare. If that’s okay?’ Gracie replied. ‘Sure I’ll get the bottle,’ Niall alleged walking to the kitchen.  As Niall went they all sat on cushions on the floor, Grace in between Eleanor and Perrie and the rest next to their boyfriends. Niall had come and sat next to Sophie and Danielle. ‘We should invite Josh over and he can play so Gracie isn’t the only single one.’ Soph whispered to Nialler. Niall whipped out his phone and texted Josh to come over. ‘Gracie you spin first.’ Danielle smiled at her. Grace spun the bottle and it landed on Soph. ‘Soph, truth or dare?’ Grace asked. ‘Um, I’ll go truth.’ She replied. ‘If it was the last day on earth what would you do?’ this was Gracie’s question for Soph. ‘I think I’d spend it with my family and Niall and just make the most of it.’ Soph replied before Niall gave her a kiss on the cheek. The front door swung open and Josh walked in, ‘Ello, ello, ello. What’s going on here?’ he said surprised. ‘Well this is my girlfriend Jas. And that’s Niall's girlfriend Sophie. Oh and this is Gracie, she is a lucky fan. Come join us.’ Harry explained. ‘Don’t mind if I do.’ Josh said before sitting in between Gracie and Perrie. ‘Damn Niall. Is Gracie single?’ Josh texted Niall. It was Sophs turn to spin the bottle, it landed on Zayn. ‘Truth or dare mate?’ Soph said as her Australian accent really came out. ‘Dare. Cause I’m a dare devil.’  Zayn cracked up laughing at his own joke. ‘I dare you to exchange a piece of clothing with Perrie and Harry.’ Soph said proud. So Zayn swapped his beanie with Perrie's hat and swapped shoes with Harry. Now it was Zayn’s turn to spin the bottle and it landed on Liam. ‘Daddy Direction? Truth or dare. Dundundundun.’ Zayn said in his scariest voice. ‘I’ll go dare for a change.’ Liam responded. ‘Okay! I dare you to choose a player to draw a face on your tummy and the belly button is the nose.’ Zayn sounded evil. ‘Louis can draw it.’ Liam sighed. Once Louis was finished they took a picture of it and posted in on twitter with the caption, ‘playing spin the bottle with my friend George.’ Liam spun the bottle and it landed on Grace who chose truth. ‘Are you single Gracie?’ Liam questioned. ‘Actually yes I am single which is sad to say.’ Gracie answered blushing. ‘Does that answer your question?’ Niall texted Josh. As Gracie spun the bottle for the second time it landed on Eleanor. Ele decided to choose dare. ‘I dare you to swallow a shot of tomato sauce.’ Ele swallowed it in no time. The bottle landed on Josh after Ele spun it. ‘Joshie, truth or dare?’ Ele mentioned. ‘Dare of course!’ Josh was the type to always take dares. ‘I dare you to kiss Gracie!’ Ele said knowing Josh wanted to. Josh looked at Grace, to get the okay. Grace nodded then Josh leaned into her and they kissed. When they broke apart Josh asked a very serious question, ‘hey um, I just met you and this is crazy, but I’d like to do that again. Would you be my girlfriend Gracie?’ Before she could think she immediately said, ‘Yeah I’ll be your girlfriend Joshie.’ After more crazy dares and serious truths, the game was over. It was now 4am and they had to go to bed. ‘We will do a Twitcam tomorrow Grace. If that’s okay?’ Liam asked after he yawned. ‘Yeah that’s fine!’ Gracie replied too excitedly for the time of morning. ‘Okay then. Night guys we are going to bed.’ Perrie and Zayn went up to their room. ‘We are going as well. Night Night!’  Lou said as him and Ele went to their bedroom down the hall from Pezza and Zayn’s.  ‘We need to get our beauty sleep. See you in the morning loves.’ Liam and Dani walked hand in hand up the stairs then disappeared. ‘I’m going to hit the hay and get my sleep.’ Jas said then hugged the other remaining 5. Harry said ‘night’ and left with Jas. ‘Is my room free Nialler?’ Josh asked. ‘Urm. About that, you wouldn’t mind sharing with Gracie?’ Niall asked winking. ‘I guess we can work something out.’ Josh replies winking at Grace. ‘Okay well I got to sleep so night.’ Sophie says hugging Josh and Grace. ‘Night guys.’ Niall says slipping his hand into Sophs and taking her to his bedroom. ‘So what top do you want, Lakers, Celtics, over sized One Direction top or my red polo?’ Niall asks going through his cupboard. ‘I couldn’t possibly wear your red polo! I’ll wear the One Direction top.’ You say shocked he even suggested his polo. Niall changed into his boxers and you change into a pair of pyjama shorts that Ele gave you and the top Niall gave you. You both hop in bed and kiss each other good night.


You wake up on Niall’s chest with his arm around you. You check your phone and the time is 12.15. You check your Twitter as you always do.

@samlovesya: Omg! I can’t believe Niall has found his princess and Harry has a new gf. Is it a rumour?

@Tori.Stail: @samlovesya, are you serious?! I bet they are so ugly and harry has another grandma. HARRY HAS FOUND HIMSELF ANOTHER GRANDMA AND NIALL HAS FOUND A TOAD!! HAHA THEY JOIN THE CREW OF HAVING UGLY GIRLFRIENDS!


A tear built up in your eye. You slipped out of Niall’s grip without waking him, left your phone on the bed and went to the kitchen to make breakfast. You saw Jas sitting on the couch trying to hold her tears in. ‘You saw them as well, didn’t you?’ you knew she had, you just wanted to let her know you saw them as well. You sit next to her and just hold each other in silence. You heard Danielle, Perrie and Eleanor coming through the door with some groceries. ‘We got some food for tod...’ Ele stopped as she saw you and Jas on the couch. All three girls dropped their bags of food and ran to Sophie and Jas. ‘Are you two okay?’ Dani asked. ‘What happened?’ Perrie questioned. Eleanor saw Jas’ phone and saw the Tweets. ‘Don’t let them get to you. You’re two beautiful, smart, amazing girls. And if people are jealous of you than you should be thanking yourself for being who you are, not anyone else.’ Dani had such a soothing voice as she spoke. By now the five girls were on the couch in each other’s arms, tears running down their face. They all heard Josh’ and Graces door open and close but didn’t want to turn around in case it was Josh. When they saw Grace the all let out a breath. ‘I saw them. I’m so sorry for people that hate on you. You five are perfect and make the boys happy, you shouldn’t deserve this.’ Grace said as a tear came out of her eye. She gave everyone a hug than sat on the couch with the rest of you. Sophie got up and everyone could see the hurt, frustration, anger and sadness in her eyes. She went into the kitchen and started cooking breakfast. ‘Should she really be cooking like this?’ Perrie asked concerned. ‘Trust me she cooks best when she’s unhappy, it realises her feelings.’ Jas replied. Niall woke up to find that Sophie wasn’t with him. A tear fell down his face as he read what was on the screen of Sophie’s phone. ‘It has already started,’ Niall whispered to himself.  Niall wiped the tear and ran down stairs. He saw Sophie and ran directly to her. Niall turned Sophie around, and wrapped her in his arms. ‘I love you Sophie,’ his warm breath on your face. ‘I love you too Niall,’ you whispered back feeling a kiss on the top of your head. Everyone came into the kitchen with either tear stained or tears sliding down their face. The 12 of them embraced into a group hug. Sophie finished making breakfast and everyone sat on the lounge room floor. For breakfast Sophie made eggs, bacon, cooked mushrooms and tomatoes, French toast and pancakes. The 6 couples sat and ate their feast for breakfast. ‘Thanks Soph for breakfast!’ Grace said smiling. ‘You girls go get dressed. We’ll clean up.’ Liam said winking at Dani. ‘We brought a lot of clothes for you girls to try on,’ Ele said giggling. ‘We didn’t know what you would want to wear, so of course we had to bring heaps,’ Perrie said laughing. The six girls went up to Louis’ bedroom, his ended up with the biggest somehow. There were three suitcases on the bed. A flower patterned one, in the middle was a tribal patterned suitcase and a plain red one on the end. You knew exactly whose suitcase was whose ‘Told you we brought heaps.’ Dani said beaming.  Sophie, Jas and Grace tried on about 10 different outfits until they found the perfect ones. Ele, Dani and Perrie chose their clothes and they all went and had showers. After, the six girls met back up in Louis’ room to do their makeup, which they didn’t need.  They walked down the stairs once they were ready hand in hand. ‘Wow!’ The six boys said together astonished at their gorgeous girlfriends. ‘I made a picnic for us,’ Josh said still looking Grace up and down. ‘Aww. What a cutie.’ Grace replied while going up to Josh and giving him a peck on the lips. They all headed down the stairs. They noticed their fans had gone home. ‘That’s good they have gone home. They need some proper rest.’ Zayn said an arm around Perrie. Liam unlocked his Range Rover as did Eleanor. Zayn, Perrie, Harry, Jas and Eleanor all got in Ele’s car with Louis driving. Liam, Dani, Grace, Josh, Niall and Soph got in the other car. The two cars followed each other until they arrived at the edge of a group of trees. Liam and Louis put the two cars in park and everyone piled out. ‘Please don’t tell me we are hiking!’ Soph said not looking forward to it. ‘No babe. It’s a surprise. Lads you got the stuff?’ Niall asked. ‘Yeah, follow us ladies.’ Harry said lifting his head high as everyone laughed. The couple walked hands intertwined behind Harry and Jas. All of a sudden the six guys stopped. ‘Now ladies, close your eyes and no peaking.’ Liam said. Josh, Louis, Zayn, Harry, Niall and Liam placed their hand over their girlfriends’ eyes so they couldn’t peak. ‘Louis that tickles,’ Ele said giggling. ‘We’re here!’ Josh announced. The six girls moved their boyfriends hands down, opened their eyes and all six of their mouths dropped. ‘Where are we?’ Grace asked in shock. ‘I think we’re in Paradise.’ Dani said surprised. ‘Or Heaven.’ Jas said next. ‘This is where the 5 of us and our band come to relax. No one knows it’s here so that’s great. It’s our own little Paradise.’ Harry said hugging Jas around the waist. Sophie turned around in circles. As she turned she saw a crystal clear waterfall the shined in the light, a mesmerizing blue lake, a big beautiful tree with a swing hanging from it, a small, but big enough, beach covered in golden sand and the greenest green possible coloured grass. ‘Babe are you okay?’ Niall said snapping you out of your spinning. ‘The place is as dreamy as you,’ you replied cornily. Zayn and Louis set up the picnic blanket and food. ‘I wish you had told us we needed our swimmers.’ Perrie said lying on Zayn’s chest. ‘We brought you girls’ bathers. We couldn’t ruin the surprise.’ Josh said winking at Grace. The 12 of you sat and ate your picnic. There was all sorts of food ranging from dips and crackers to chicken and salad sandwiches to curry. Sophie got up and sat on the swing to think after everyone finished their lunch. ‘What’s wrong Soph?’ Jas asked walking over to her. ‘Is this a dream?’ those four words nearly brought a tear to Sophie’s eye as she said them. ‘What do you mean hun?’ Jas said worried she knew the answer. ‘I mean will I just wake up sometime and everything be over. Will we not have met Harry and Niall at the concert. Would we not of gone on stage with One Direction? Would we not have met Ele, Dani, Pezza, Grace, Josh, Liam, Louis, Zayn, Niall, Harry or Paul? Will we not be here? I’m scared it’s just a dream.’ Sophie said as she couldn’t stop her tear. ‘No it’s all real. And if it’s a dream than we must party our arses off and go wild and have fun!’ Jas always knew what to say to cheer you up. She wiped the tears off your cheeks and you two grab the swimmers Niall and Harry brought for you and went and got changed into them. Louis had brought Ele’s favourite swimmers, her black ones with white and yellow polka dots and pink love hearts. Dani was wearing her black strapless bikini Liam had brought for he, and Perrie in her white frilly bikini. Sophie had a beautiful floral bikini on chosen by Niall. The bikini Harry chose for Jas was a strapless, blue polka dot bikini with one frill on the top. Grace’s one was a plain yellow which complimented her eyes so much. The twelve of them took some photos to remember this day. ‘Last one in is a rotten egg!’Harry yelled before running and diving into the lake. Sophie and Niall held each other’s hand and went in last together.  When they were deep enough they dived under hand in hand. They looked into each other’s eyes and locked lips. When Niall and Sophie surfaced they spun around in each other’s arms. ‘I don’t know what I did before I met you.’ Niall said staring into your eyes. ‘I do. I fantasised about meeting you.’ You replied giggling. After nearly two hours of swimming everyone walked out of the lake hand in hand with their boyfriend and girlfriends. ‘Oh no! We only have six towels. I guess we will have to share.’ Louis said smiling as Ele wrapped her arms around Lou’s waist. The other five girls snuggled up to their man and their guys wrapped the towels around both of them. ‘Jas, babe, you’re shivering.’ Harry said before giving Jas his jumper. After everyone was dressed they packed up their picnic and started to walk off. ‘Stop!’ Zayn said, ‘cover their eyes.’ With those words only the guys covered Dani’s, Gracie’s, Jas’, Pezza’s and Sophie’s eye. ‘What’s the point of this?’ Dani spoke. ‘So you don’t know the way to Paradise.’ Liam said before kissing her on the cheek. They finally got to the two cars and split into the two groups they came in. ‘Will do a twitcam when we get home Gracie.’ Niall said turning around and smiling. ‘That sounds great. Thank you.’ Grace replied resting her head on Josh’s shoulder. They all met up again as they went upstairs to the boys’ place. *She’s not afraid of all the attention. She’s not afraid of running wild. How comes she’s so afraid of falling in love. She’s not afraid of scary movies. She likes the way we kiss in the dark. But she’s so afraid of f-f-falling in love.* Jas’ phone went off and everyone sang along. 
‘Hey mum!’ Jas answered happily. ‘Hey hun, are you coming home today? And why are you so happy?’ Nat answered. ‘Yeah mum I’m coming home. And I’ve had a perfect day.’ Jas replied a huge smile on her face. ‘Okay Jas. See you sometime today. Love you!’ Nat said. ‘Love you too mum.’ Jas hung up after that.
‘Aww. I wanted you to stay tonight babe.’ Niall said hugging Soph around the waste. ‘Well we would have to get some clothes anyway. I’ll talk to mum and she might let us stay another night!’ Jas said getting excited. ‘The twitcam’s set up.’ Perrie yelled from the lounge room. Everyone gathered around the laptop and introduced themselves. They had the best twitcam ever and it went for two and a half hours, but it went so quick they didn’t realise. ‘Crap! It’s 6.30 and we need to get back to Nat!’ Sophie said checking the time on her phone. ‘I’ll drive you guys!’ Harry said kissing Jas on the cheek. ‘We will all come!’ Grace said happily. Once again they split into the two cars and went to the apartment Sophie, Jas and Nat were staying. When they arrived down stairs they all had to run to the elevator. ‘Someone’s touching my arse!’ Louis said sassily when they were in the elevator. ‘Sorry Lou. That was me,’ Ele said winking at him. *Ding* the elevator went off. ‘This isn’t our floor. GET TO THE FRONT!’ Soph yelled. With that Jas, Gracie and Soph lined up in front. ‘Sorry it’s full,’ Grace said immediately as it opened than closed it again. ‘That was close,’ Niall said wrapping his arms around Sophie’s waist. *Ding* ‘This is our level!’ Jas said excited that Harry was going to meet her mum. *Knock knock* ‘Room service,’ Zayn said cheekily. ‘I didn’t order room service.’ Nat said opening the door. ‘Mum!’ Jas squealed jumping onto Nat. ‘Your home!’Nat said hugging Sophie and Jas. ‘We like you to meet some people.’ Soph said as she and Jas stepped aside. ‘Ah. Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn. It’s so good to finally meet you.’ Nat said bringing the five boys into a hug. ‘Ugh Um,’ Josh said interrupting their hug. ‘Oh Josh! I can’t forget you. Come on in.’ now the 7 of them were hugging and the 5 girlfriends cracked up with laughter. When the seven broke apart she invited everyone in. ‘Dani! Ele! Pezza! I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you there.’ Nat said before individually hugging them. At the time Gracie just stood there awkwardly. ‘You’ve hugged more people than we have mum.’ Jas said giggling. ‘Sorry Jas. I’m Nat. Let me guess this is Josh’s amazing girlfriend?’ Nat asked looking at Grace. Grace shot her head up and smiled. ‘She sure is. And I love her very much.’ Josh said as Nat wrapped her arms around Grace embracing her in a hug. ‘Nat, how do you know who we all are?’ Liam questioned. ‘Jas is my daughter and Soph is like a daughter to me. I have always been told I need to know about you in case one of you...’ Nat said before Jas and Sophie yelled, ‘You don’t need to know that bit!’ ‘Go on Nat. I want to hear.’ Niall said hugging Sophie. ‘In case one of you boys become my son in law. And I know Zayn has the gorgeous Perrie, Louis have the stunning Eleanor and Liam has the striking Danielle. But you guys look cosy.’ Nat chuckled at herself. ‘Haha. Nat can I ask you a question?’ Harry continued as Nat nodded, ‘would I be a good son in law?’ ‘You might be. And yes, I give you my blessing to date my daughter. I already know though, so go on, and do your thang.’ Nat said. ‘Please mum don’t ever say that again. Also can we stay at the boys again tonight?’ Jas said holding Harry’s hand. ‘Sure. Just stay safe and don’t let the hate get to you. Any of you, you are all inspirational and are so sweet.’ Nat said kissing everyone on the forehead. ‘Go get your stuff you lil rascals.’ Nat giggled. Five minutes later Soph and Jas came out of the room they were sharing with a bag each. ‘We’re ready!’ they said in harmony. ‘Come on then. Nat you should come over for dinner.’ Louis said smiling. ‘Why I’d love to. Let me just get my coat.’ Nat grabbed her coat and got in the same car as Jas. ‘Oh my. Your house is huge!’ Nat said when they got back to the boys place. Everyone laughed as they all thought the same thing the first time. For dinner was pizza that the boys and girls made together. When they were making the bases they had a flour fight and fell on the floor laughing. After a 3 hour dinner Jas, Sophie, Niall and Harry dropped Nat back at the apartment. ‘Night Mum,’ Jas said hugging Nat. They all said goodbye and went back to the boys place. When the four returned home they saw the other 4 couples had set up six two people tents in the lounge room. ‘What’s this for lads?’ Harry asked glancing at the tents. ‘We are camping!’ Eleanor said excitedly. ‘We can’t go camping outside, so we are camping inside!’ Dani said stoked. ‘Now go get into your pyjama’s and let’s get this camping party started!’ Perrie said jumping up and down. They put their pj's on and sat in sleeping bags around a small fire. ‘It’s no camp fire without my guitar.’ Niall said smiling as he grabbed his guitar. They sang songs around the campfire and roasted marshmallows. ‘Scary story time yet?’ Gracie said raising an eyebrow. ‘Let's do it.’ Josh said smiling. ‘I’ll start,’ Louis said a grin on his face, ‘Mrs. Urlich was a sweet, kind, old, PARANOID lady. So at night when she got in bed she would put her hand down and her dog would lick her fingers to let her know that everything was ok. She would do this every night and if she ever woke up in the middle of the night she would do that and her dog ALWAYS licked her fingers. One night she woke up but couldn't figure out what had waken her. So she put her hand down and the dog licked her fingers. She assumed everything was ok so she just went back to sleep. About ten minutes later the same thing happened so once again she put down her hand, the dog licked it, and she went back to sleep. Just like always. But about twenty minutes later...she woke up again. She put her hand down...nothing happened. She got a little worried so she sat up and listened. Drip, drip, drip. She wondered what it could be. "Probably just the faucet in the bathroom" she thought to herself. So she got up, went into the bathroom, looked at the sink, but it wasn't leaking. So she looked at the shower. She pulled back the curtain and SCREAMED! There...hanging on its neck with a rope...was her faithful companion (her dog). His stomach slit open...blood dripping...drip, drip, drip. She turned around to run...then screamed again. Written in her dogs blood on the mirror was the words...HUMANS CAN LICK TOO!
2 days later… she was found lying in the bath tub with HER stomach slit open...along with her dog. The police never did find the he's still out there you wake up in the night...dont forget...humans can lick too.’ At this time Dani’s head was in Liam’s chest and Perrie was cuddling up to Zayn. Grace was lying on Josh’s torso holding his hand and Jas had her head resting on Harry’s shoulder. Niall was stroking Sophie’s legs which were on his lap and Louis had his arm around Eleanor. ‘Boo!’ Harry said tapping Jas’ back. ‘Arhh! I hate you Harry!’ Jas screamed when she jumped. ‘Really?’ Harry pouted. ‘No. I could never hate you.’ Jas said before kissing him. After some more scary stories, campfire songs and roasted marshmallows the 12 split off in to their tents and went to bed. ‘Night babe I love you.’ Louis whispered into Eleanor’s ear. ‘I love you too, even if you tell the scariest stories.’ Ele whispered back. In Grace and Josh’ tent, Grace was saying goodnight, ‘night babe. Thank you for everything.’ Josh replied, ‘If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be here so happy. I love you too.’ Josh kissed Grace on the forehead. ‘I love you Dani. Sweet dreams my darling.’ Liam said kissing her on the nose. ‘I love you too Lili.’ Dani replied before falling asleep in Liam’s arms. ‘Night my beautiful, I love you.’ Harry said. ‘I love you too curly.’ Jas ruffled Harry’s hair. ‘Night my sexy man,’ Perrie told Zayn winking. ‘Night my perfect girl,’ Zayn winked back. ‘Now princess, you’ll be the first thing I see in the morning and that’s all I want.’ Niall said smiling. ‘Night Niall. I’m glad I’m your princess.’ Sophie replied before they passionately kissed then fell asleep in each other’s arms.


-Your hand fits in mine, Like it's made just for me, But bear this in mind, It was meant to be, And, I'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks, And it all makes sense to me. -
‘Turn the music off Jas! I’m trying to sleep,’ Sophie whisper yelled.
- The crinkles by your eyes, When you smile, You've never loved, Your stomach or your thighs, The dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine, But I'll love them endlessly. -
‘Morning beautiful,’ Niall said seeing you come out of the tent. You came out of the tent to see the boys were sitting in a circle singing Little Things. When Louis sang his bit he couldn’t take his eyes of Eleanor. You went and sat next to Dani in the line of girls. You saw Jas blushing when Harry blocked everyone else out but her when he sang. It was now Niall’s solo. You smiled at the floor remembering your time together so far. As you looked up you saw Niall blushing but not caring about anything or anyone else but you and only you. After the song was over the 6 girls, with tear filled eyes got up to hug their extremely adorable boyfriends. ‘We love you,’ the boys said at the same time. ‘We love you too,’ the girls smiled back.

*1 year later*

You and Jas kept a long distance relationship going. The press found out about the four of you and Josh and Grace. All they could say was congratulations. Directioners stood up for their relationships and didn’t like the hate. You were staying at Jas’ for a week. One day Nat had to take care of some business. She said something was delivered and she had to pick it up. When Nat came back it wasn’t and “it” she had, it was “them”. Jas and you were so happy when your ten best friends came through the door. Zayn and Perrie then Louis and Eleanor. Danielle and Liam than Grace and Josh. Your eyes lit up as you saw them, Harry and Niall. You and Jas ran and jumped on them.  ‘I’ve missed you so much! I love you!’ You said to Niall not being able to hold in your smile. ‘I’ve thought about you every day and night and missed you so much. I love you too!’ Niall replied before kissing you. ‘You didn’t call my 100 times a day Harry. I’m not happy.’ Jas said jokingly with her arms crossed. ‘I’m sorry babe, I promise ill do it every day.’ Harry pleaded on his knees. ‘Get up silly and give me a kiss.’ Jas said, arms unfolded. ‘So why are you in Australia?’ Soph questioned. ‘Well we have some exciting news!! Louis and I are getting married in Australia!!’ Ele said with glee. ‘Are you serious? I’m so happy for you,’ Jas said before her and Sophie hugged Ele and Lou. Ele and Lou had the most magnificent wedding. The colors were red, yellow and white. Eleanor’s dress was beautiful and Danielle, Perrie, Grace, Jas and you were her bridesmaids. The cake was an enormous red velvet cake.

While everyone was in Australia they went to a Johnny Ruffo concert. Once again the boys were called up on stage, but it was different this time. ‘Soph, Jas, Ele, Dani, Pezza, Gracie and Josh can you please come up here?’ Zayn asked. The seven came on stage before Louis said, ‘You all know my amazing with Ele?’ The crowd roared with excitement. ‘Sophie Dayman. I haven’t known you my whole life. I haven’t known you as long as Ele and Lou, Dani and Liam or Pezza and Zayn. But I have known you long enough that I want to do this.’ Niall stopped and got down on one knee. You were shocked this was happening. ‘Soph I remember the first time I heard you laugh because you didn’t think it was me. I remember how warm and soft your hand was when I grabbed it. I remember our pig out session in the box. I remember the way your heart skipped a beat when I wrapped my arms around you and the way you were speechless when I looked in your eyes. I remember how you couldn’t believe everything was happening at a Johnny Ruffo concert. I remember everything at that one concert. I knew you were perfect the day I saw you. So I do this tonight in front of this crowd, not the same crowd we me at but the same type. Will you Sophie Dayman be my princess forever?’ Niall said. Once again you were shocked but you nodded and a tear ran down your face. Niall got up, ran to you, picked you up and swung you around safe in his arms. ‘That’s all for tonight guys.’ Liam said as you all walked off stage.

*Far Into the Future*

You and Niall had a fabulous wedding in Ireland, which was so much fun. It was a blue themed wedding. The room looked so relaxing. You danced all night long. You went on holiday to Germany. You moved to London, you all had gotten houses around each other so your children would grow up together. Two months after your wedding you had become pregnant with a baby girl. She was named Cara. She was strong willed and didn’t let anyone get her down. She was so kind to everyone. Everyone judged her though for having tattoos. Four years later you had a baby boy. You named him Bobby after his granddad. He had sparkly blue eyes and golden blonde hair. He played soccer all the time. He grew up to be a famous soccer player. A couple of months before Bobby’s second birthday you had a baby girl and named her Katharina, she had silky brown hair which was curly when short but straight when long. She had brown eyes that always sparkled but you could see her emotions in them. She loved cooking and always made food. She opened her own chain of restaurants and become a well renowned chef. Fourteen months after Katharina you had your last child Fiona. She was beautiful with her strawberry blonde hair. She always giggled. Her dad taught her how to play guitar and you could always here there jam sessions through the house. You love how they became so close with each other over something they loved. Louis and Eleanor had three children, a son named Tommo than a daughter Jay and another daughter Jane. Grace and Josh had twins named Oliver and Sonya. Danielle and Liam had four children. The eldest a girl Claire, a boy James, than their second boy Paterson and their second girl Jerica. Zayn and Perrie were blessed with a baby girl Louise. Harry and Jas had a baby boy Edward and baby girl Darcy.

The six couples never stopped being friends and did everything together. The sixteen children all became successful and had wonderful families. They also grew up to be the best of friends.

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