Life is just a bowl of cherries

Teenagers are constantly pressured in society, especially girls, and we can't always handle it in the way that we should. I aim to inspire people to live life to the full, no matter what anybody else says.


1. Perfection

Perfection. This is what every girl has to face taunts from, every day. The media looks to perfection as being skinny, beautiful, and artificial; everyone must look the same and think the same things. But this idea is unrealistic, and damaging to self esteem.

75% of women and girls in the world feel that they are too fat, and a further 60% are ashamed of their hips, stomach and thighs. These people are beautiful, yet crushed by the ideal dream of a perfect body. But there is no such thing as perfection, as it means something different to everybody - for some, it is blonde hair and blue eyes, yet for others it may be ginger hair, and green eyes. Supermodel thin appeals to some people, yet an average size 12 woman or teen, or size 20 woman or teen may be ideal for other people - there is not one perfect appearence that everyone should have!

The number of people that are undergoing cosmetic surgery, or wish to have it because of the way they look, is dramatically increasing. 48% of women and girls say that they would be interested in cosmetic surgery, liposuction, or both, and another 23% say that they would possibly interested. Why feel the need to change your body? It is what you were destined to have! Your body is a temple, and i think that as long as you treat it right, by exercising and eating healthily, then you have nothing to worry about. Bullies are cowards. Bullies are jealous of you, and especially the people that have the confidence to say: "Who cares? I am happy and that is all that matters!"

I live by the saying, 'Life is just a bowl of cherries'. I think that it is completely true - you may get criticism about what you look lke, or act like, or aspire to be, but you can't let it ruin your self confidence, because right around the corner is someone who aspires to be like you, and look like you! You are their role model. There are ups and downs in life, and it may feel like all it has been for you so far is downs, like you are on a one way track to faliure, but i can assure you that you are not. The next stop will be your road to success!

I speak from the heart, as i have encountered people that have mocked me, and made me feel worthless, as i do not look like societies idea of perfection, and i am what people would refer to as a geek. But i will not let this get to me any longer, because after all, when they are unemployed, and eating take outs every night, i will be a lawyer, or scientist, like every other girl that has been mocked in this way.

Ladies! I am talking to you! Have some body confidence, have self esteem and keep it real. Be true to yourself. Achieve your dreams and dont let anything or anyone stop you. After all, life is just a bowl of cherries. We are all destined for success.

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