I would have never imagined

Hi i'm Alexandra (also known as Ally or Alex),
i live in New York, with my dad and my three brothers Ky (Kyle), Lukey(Lucas) and Andy (Andrew and he times gets called Android). My dad had to fly over to London for the weekend to vist the rest of my family. My brothers and I had to go to my auntie's house overnight. My auntie and I had a fight, i ran to the park near a lake, i was crying under a tree when a boy came up to me...


2. The rushed morning

Andy's POV

"Luke!!!!!!! give my phone back!!!!!!!! i yelled across the hallway then i decided to tackle him. well that didn't work he just threw me onto the carpet and ran into the kitchen. So i run after him running into Kyle, great! "Hey watch where your going Andrew!" he yelled at me, he never calls me by any of my nicknames which i get pissed off by, i hate my full name!!! I got up and rushed down the hallway into the kitchen and saw that Luke disappeared  how the hell did he get out of the kitchen so fast without stuffing a piece of cake into his face. Then out of the blue i heard this munching noise "Luke?" i said, he ran out of the kitchen back into the hallway into Ally's bedroom i think. So i ran up there again, to then get stopped by Sammy our dog, "Sammy really not a good time," i ran to Ally's bedroom door.

Ally's POV

In the morning i heard screeching of sneakers downstairs in the kitchen i think, so i guessed that Luke stole Androids phone and ran downstairs, i chuckled. then i heard foot steps outside my door, Luke rushed into my room then yelled to android coming up to my door "Kyle had your phone the whole time!!". "Ally? We have to pack our bags because Lily's (our cousin) taking us to Auntie Jacklyn's at in 10," he said to me and walked out.Shoot! i wasn't ready i opened my wardrobe and grabbed my overnight bag and chucked everything i needed into it,then zipped it up. I run into the bathroom with a change of clothes and quickly got dressed and put my hair up in a messy bun. I smelt bacon coming from the kitchen i was drawn to it. In the kitchen was 4 plates with bacon and eggs on them and all 3 of my brothers, shoveling it down. So i joined it, i finished in record time 2 minutes,35 seconds and 67 milliseconds,then the doorbell rang it was time.

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