I would have never imagined

Hi i'm Alexandra (also known as Ally or Alex),
i live in New York, with my dad and my three brothers Ky (Kyle), Lukey(Lucas) and Andy (Andrew and he times gets called Android). My dad had to fly over to London for the weekend to vist the rest of my family. My brothers and I had to go to my auntie's house overnight. My auntie and I had a fight, i ran to the park near a lake, i was crying under a tree when a boy came up to me...


5. Memories and Moments

Ally's POV

As soon as we got there my brothers were sleeping,great! "Um.. Louis?" i pointed to my brothers  in the back, "Oh, right! How do you wake them up?" he asked, "Leave this to me," i climbed into the back and poked Ky constantly,his reaction = annoyed, next Android i sat in his lap and wriggled constantly, his reaction = Clueless and finally Luke i whispered one word into his ear... Cake. "where?where?where's my cake?" he yelled. we all got out of the car, Louis was walking funny, hang on? I know that walk from somewhere... High school. I decided to stop him before he opened the door, i threw him a lot of questions to do with his high school, Who was your history teachers name?..... Mr Fine.....Who were your best friends in high school?...Niall,Harry,Zayn and Liam..... Do you by any chance remember Ally Greenvale?.....Yes?Why?....OMG it is really you!.... what do you mean?..... I'm Ally Greenvale ..... What?! wow okay its really you!!!!!! "Hang on your her secret crush in high school," Luke said, i gave him the your dead look, Louis chuckled and then opened the door.

Louis's POV of that same moment

When i drove up to our driveway, the girl that is sleeping at my flat tapped me on he shoulder and told me that her brothers were sleeping, after she woke them all up we walked to the door then from out of nowhere she threw random questions at me like, who was my history teacher,my best friends,if i remembered Ally well i did remember her i loved her and heh heh still do, then she basically yelled ' its really you' then she said she was Ally, her brother said that i was her high school crush... NOOOOOOO WAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Ally's POV 

he looked pretty shocked but hey so was i, i might have a chance to go out with him, as we walked into his house the light were off in the hallway in fact every light was turned off but one, the Lounge room TV. "Um you'll have to put up with my fellow band mates i hope your okay with that, but i'm sure you know them already they were my friends and still are from middle and high school," louis said as he opened the door and taking my brothers to the three spare rooms, leaving me in the room with all the boys i wish i saw at high school, they paid no attention to me their probably to into the movie to notice me at the door. or they might of thought i was Louis. so i decided to tip toe behind the couch and as i was just about to slip in my new spot, Louis sat there, smiled gestures for me to sit on his lap. I slipped over the couch without the boys noticing and sat on Louis's Lap, he smiled and whispers "still a quiet mover i see," i nodded dumbly.


i felt so sleepy, the movie ended and my  brothers walk into the room "Ally Bear?! are you awake?" i think it was Ky i had my eyes closed, i nodded opening my eyes slightly to revel Zayn,Niall, Harry,Andy and Luke running around the living room screaming like kids, Liam and Louis siting on either side of me and Kyle my brother siting on the floor staring at me. I turned and looked at louis and smiled he was talking softly to a pigeon called Kevin.the boys stopped running around and walked to their rooms well except for Niall he wandered into the kitchen. "Liam? I cant reach my phone can you help me?" niall asked from the kitchen, Liam got up straight away, leaving Ky, Louis and I in the Lounge Room alone, "Night Ally night um...?" Kyle said, "Oh i forgot i'm the one and only Louis the tommo tomlinson," louis said to Ky, "Well then night Louis," Ky said and walked to his room. So it was just Louis and I for a few minutes before Niall bounded into the room, "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM NANDOS?!?!" yelled practically yelled, "The usual please," Louis said, "Um can i have 4 chicken wings and chips with coke please niall," i said, "thats all?" Niall asked me, i nodded, "Okay!" he said bounding back into the kitchen,


i was a little bored of waiting for Niall to bound into the room again yelling we have to pick it up, i try to come up with idea. i guess Louis had the same problem, "hey um Ally do you want to challenge me on a black ops 2?" Louis asked me, to be honest i would probably lose to him he is like a pro at it but i agree to it anyway. Just as i thought he beat me three times, "your not very good at it are you?" He asked, "Yeah i am good at it its just your a pro at local games and i'm good at Live Games," i replied. "Yeah alright we'll settle that..." Louis and and then was cut off by Niall, "Come on! ITS READY LETS GET OUR FOOD!" Niall said practically dragging us out of Louis''s room, " later," Louis continued. So we drove to Nandos and then went home, it was quick because it was just down the road.We ate in our own room's i was in Louis's room because they didn't have another spare room so i'm sleeping with Louis. After we finished eating louis started to play Black ops 2 again, i fell asleep i think.  


(A/N)if you copy and paste this into ur web address > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTbQlGgMqTw <  you will see who Kevin is :D thanks for reading my movella it  means a lot. 



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