I would have never imagined

Hi i'm Alexandra (also known as Ally or Alex),
i live in New York, with my dad and my three brothers Ky (Kyle), Lukey(Lucas) and Andy (Andrew and he times gets called Android). My dad had to fly over to London for the weekend to vist the rest of my family. My brothers and I had to go to my auntie's house overnight. My auntie and I had a fight, i ran to the park near a lake, i was crying under a tree when a boy came up to me...


4. Meeting Louis

Ally's POV

great auntie is going to crack it if i don't eat my  basil!!! i have to do something, great she's watching my every move, i have to get her to stop watching me, i have to do the impossible... eating a whole mouth full of basil, great! Well me eating it made her stop watching me until... i spit it out, great i'm going to really get it this time! "ALEXANDER IRIS GREENVALE YOU ARE SO IMPROPER AND YOU ARE SO NOT LADY LIKE, PACK YOUR BAGS AND GET OUT OF MY HOUSE, OH AND TAKE YOUR STUPID BROTHERS WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!" auntie Jacklyn yelled at me, i balled my eyes out, it was hard to take it in that she just kicked my brothers and i out, it was hard and dad was on the other side of the world and he couldn't help us, what could i do, but to pack my bags and go, so that's what  i did.I asked the boys what to do, Luke said to run to the tree i use to go to when she had fights, but they are SO SO SO much littler than this one.Lily, Tom and Josh ran out with their bags as well, poor Lily, she hates it when auntie Jacklyn and I have fights, we all met up at the lake near but not close to Auntie Jacklyn's house. We all broke down, we almost made a puddle. "Guys i have to tell my dad about this, he'll know what to do," i said to the little ground of six, "but Al dad won't be able to help us, he's in London remember," Ky said, "i know it's just dad's voice is comforting and he'll know what to do even if he isn't here," i said running off with my bags,i ran behind a near by tree. I looked at my phone 9:30 we started dinner late about 9:00 and then it took 15 minutes to get here and we have been talking for 15 minutes, i texted my dad this : "Hey dad it's Ally, she kicked us ALL  out and i don't know what to do i'm scared" he replied almost straight away saying this: "Hunny its okay i'm going to call you and tell you my plan, it will be okay Hun don't be scared". Then i had the feeling that i was being watched, people were giggling just ahead of me, "hello?", "Hello!" Someone said in the distance, "its okay, i'm Louis," he said bouncing over to me, my heart stopped... Louis Tomlinson was right in front of me offering his hand to help me up, "Oh come on i don't  bite," he said, i took his hand and up i went, "Hey are you okay coz from where i was frolicking in the bushes, you were crying," Louis said to me, i giggled at the thought of him doing exactly what he just said, i smiled, i was blushing... then it hit me, he LIKES me, no no no that can't be possible, Kyle wandered up behind me, Louis's smile faded, "Whats my lil sis doing? Hows dad and what his lil plan, oh and Lily, Josh and Tom are staying at Josh's friends house," Kyle said to me obviously, Louis's smile crawled back onto his face, he obviously realized that Kyle was my big bro, not my boyfriend, i giggled. "Whats that, oh la la my lil sis has a crush," Luke said walking over, i blushed and i went rose red, great Andy is going to come up to me and pock me saying tomato, as i was always right, he did embarrassing me, "GUYS!!!!!! YOU ARE SO MEAN!!"I yelled playfully and then shoved them all over, "haha take that!!" i yelled giggling, i Louis pulled me over to him and whispered  "Hey you look like you don't have a place to stay, maybe... if you want you and your brothers can stay with me and the boys for a few nights until you find a place to stay," Louis said, OMG Louis Tomlinson just asked me if i wanted to stay at his place, oh yeah... right i have to decide quick or he'll get curious, "yeah that be great, thanks Lou!!!" i said to him hugging him, he smiled, "teddy bear attack!" i said to him as soon as i jumped on his back, "its good to see you feel comfortable around me," he said and then caught me when i fell. "Well it's settled how bout you go tell your brother our plan," Louis said to me, then i got a text from my dad saying: sorry Hunny i took so long to reply its just the seat belt sigh come on and we just landed a few minutes ago and i'm in the gate, do you want me to call you? -love daddy" well Louis beat me to it "HEY BOYS YOUR HANGING AT MINE FOR A FEW NIGHTS" he said tackling them all over i could tell my brothers were going to get along with all of one direction, i texted dad back saying: "Its okay were staying at one of my new friends place- Ally <3" sent wait did i just say that Louis was my new friend, GREAT!?!?Well Louis drove all of us to his place and i got to sit in the front with him, hehe!  

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