I would have never imagined

Hi i'm Alexandra (also known as Ally or Alex),
i live in New York, with my dad and my three brothers Ky (Kyle), Lukey(Lucas) and Andy (Andrew and he times gets called Android). My dad had to fly over to London for the weekend to vist the rest of my family. My brothers and I had to go to my auntie's house overnight. My auntie and I had a fight, i ran to the park near a lake, i was crying under a tree when a boy came up to me...


3. Getting To Auntie Jacklyn's

Ky's POV

I looked over at Ally's plate the bacon and eggs were gone and so was Ally.I turned around to see Lily staring at me of course i wasn't dressed haha she likes what she is seeing me in underwear haha not. "KYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GET DRESSED!!!" She yelled, "HAHA yeah whatever Lil," i run upstairs and put on my awesome red Vans i grabbed my backpack and packed duck tape, clothes, a stick  and my shoes (Blue Vintage Nike's).I ran into the bathroom grabbed my toothbrush and squeezed the crap out of my toothpaste, chucked water onto it and shoved the toothbrush into my mouth and ran downstairs.

Lily's POV

Kyle as always never gets ready and when i tell i'm to he just slacks off and i end up pushing him into his room. But not today as soon as i said Get Dressed in a matter of 3 minutes he was down with a bag and a toothbrush (Typical Kyle). 

Ally's POV

Lily drove us all including Sammy (our Chocolate Labrador) to Auntie Jacklyn's house were Lily,Tom and Josh were staying.As soon as we got there Josh was kicking a football around while tom was chasing him,haha it was so entertaining.Lily escorted us to our room and guess who was sleeping in my bed... KYLE!!! i was so glad because i anyway have to sleep with Lukey or Tom not that i hate them or anything its just they BOTH snore like its the end of the world. its annoying but Ky is so quiet its like he isn't even there but sure enough i always get hugged to death by his legs, cute i know  but it gets annoying after a while. it was Lunch the second riskiest part of the day at Auntie's. We were all called over to the dinning room table and were each given a plate of Sausages and Mash potato's.We ate and i tried not to get her attention to much, other wise i'll pay for it.Well lunch was okay well better than i thought, so i ran into my room and i got a text from Cassie (My BFFL) 

*Start of text*

To: Ally Bear

From: Cass

Hey Hey Al hows it going at ur auntie's? miss ya already girly hehe ;P byi byi 

xx Cassie ;D

*End of text*

we texted for hours and then i was called for dinner,Great just what i wanted.So i shyly wandered down the hallway and there it was, on my plate the big Risk, i was worried about all day,was right in front of me its was... the dinner plate full of baked potato(that wasn't the problem), vegetables (that wasn't the problem either) and Basil I hated basil and Auntie Jacklyn was told over and over again, but she just doesn't listen, basil is always the start of the fight between us everytime i go over there.  

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