I would have never imagined

Hi i'm Alexandra (also known as Ally or Alex),
i live in New York, with my dad and my three brothers Ky (Kyle), Lukey(Lucas) and Andy (Andrew and he times gets called Android). My dad had to fly over to London for the weekend to vist the rest of my family. My brothers and I had to go to my auntie's house overnight. My auntie and I had a fight, i ran to the park near a lake, i was crying under a tree when a boy came up to me...


1. Bad News

Ally's POV 

My dad called my name "Ally can you come here for a minute," "yeah dad i'm coming," I wandered into the kitchen where my three brothers where, Ky opened his mouth to say something but Lukey uninterrupted "dad wants to talk to us about something," He said, "Uh? Dad said that he was going to buy me a new Android cover and he wanted me to choose one with him," Android said being very confused. "Sorry Android i had to get you into the kitchen some how, okay  guys i have to go to London for the weekend because the rest of our family is wanting to see me and talk about family stuff, so i thought you guys wouldn't want to come,right?" My dad said, " Right!" we all said in sync."So all of you are going to your Auntie's house," he continued, we all groaned, "but dad last time we went there you ended up taking us home because of her," Ky complained and pointed at me, " Auntie Jacklyn started it first though!" yelled trying to prove my point."i know Ky, it will only be for two days okay?" said dad, we all went to our rooms while dad packed.I wandered downstairs half an hour later to say goodbye to dad, he left and i started to cry, then android came up to me and hugged my waist then wandered back to his room. then i was suddenly lifted and carried (bridle style) by my brother Ky to my bedroom, of course he chucked me onto my bed and left.

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