Full Moon

The Volturi is coming. They want Renesmee dead. She is being sentenced for a crime that hasn't been comitted. This is the fight for her life. How far will they all go to save her? And what will happen with Jacob and Renesmee?
A/N this is an entry for the twilight competition.


3. Chapter 3

"They're coming," Renesmee heard Alice say as she walked into the house that night. She flattened herself against the wall and listened more closely. They were around the corner, talking in hushed voices, Bella, Edward, Jacob, Carlisle and Alice.

"How soon?" Carlisle asked.

"I don't know, a week or two," Alice answered.

"We need to be ready," Bella said.

"How many are coming?" Jacob asked harshly. Renesmee knew they wouldn't be offended by his rudeness, they were used to it when it came to the subject of her.

"The whole lot of them, even the wives," Alice replied.

"Why would the wives be coming?" Edward questioned.

"I have no idea, usually only the guard would come to something like this," Alice said. There was a grim silence in which noone spoke until Jacob said,

"Well? Why are we all standing around then? We need to be ready!" Renesmee ran quietly into the next room so they wouldn't know she was there. A while later, Bella, Edward and Renesmee walked home to their cottage. She lay awake in bed for what felt like hours, playing in her head over and over again, the conversation she had overheard, and only drifted off when the sun started coming up.


It was late morning when she woke up. The sunlight from outside poured in from her window and she rubbed her eyes, adjusting them to the sudden brightness. She got up and changed before heading out to the loungeroom.

"Morning sleepyhead," Edward said, smiling as she entered the room.

"Morning," she replied groggily. She buttered herself some toast and ate in silence until Renesmee said,

"Wheres mum?"

"She's gone out. Doing some errands."

"She's been doing alot of those lately."


"I wonder what these errands are?"

"I don't know sweety." She rinsed her now empty plate and they left towards the house.

"Hey Renesmee!" Zafina called out from across the yard.

"Hi!" Renesmee smiled walking over to her.

"Do you wanna see some more visions today?" Zafrina asked with a hopeful look on her face.

"Sure!" Renesmee exclaimed. Zafrina beamed and reached out her hand towards her. As soon as her hand made contact with Renesmee, everything Renesmee saw vanished so that she could now see a beautiful beach. It was like paradise. The sky was a pale pink, the sun setting over the crystal clear blue water and the sand was a dazzling white that was blinding. Renesmee could hear the waves crashing and could smell salt from the sea even though she knew it was fake. Then suddenly the vision shifted and changed. It was now a forest. It was like the ones around here. The trees were covered in moss and there were ferns and shrubs as far as the eye could see. To her right was a bubbling stream full of pond lillies glittering under the sun. Then the scene changed and she was back in reality. Zafrina was standing infront of her smiling.

"Thanks. They were really beautiful," Renesmee said.

"That's alright. Come back anytime and I'll show you some more," Zafrina replied, then walked over to Kate. When Bella got home that night, it was dark and most of the vampires had gone out to hunt. They went back to their cottage and Renesmee fell fast asleep.

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