Full Moon

The Volturi is coming. They want Renesmee dead. She is being sentenced for a crime that hasn't been comitted. This is the fight for her life. How far will they all go to save her? And what will happen with Jacob and Renesmee?
A/N this is an entry for the twilight competition.


1. Chapter 1

"I won't let anything happen to you," Jacob said to Renesmee, late one afternoon in the forest near her house. The sun flitted down through the leaves in the trees and the flowers were blooming all around them.

"You better not," Renesmee joked but her stomach knotted in worry. Jacob chuckled.

"I promise," he whispered in her ear. Renesmee gave him a sweet smile.

"We better get back home, it's getting late, dad will go off his head if we're not back in time," she said, getting to her feet. The sun was setting over the trees, almost out of sight, and the stars were starting to come out into the sky overhead.

"Great. Back to the house full of reeking vampires " Jacob said unhappily but got to his feet also, "I'll give you a ride." She turned away while he changed into a werewolf. He gave a small bark, telling her he'd changed. She looked back at the place where Jacob was which now an enormous russet wolf had taken his place. It blinked it's big brown eyes at her before lowering itself to the ground so that she could hop onto it's back. She swung her leg over it's back and clutched onto its fur as it stood up. The large wolf started running through the forest towards the house. The wind whipped Renesmee's face and her hair flew out behind her. When they reached the house Edward was already waiting for them on the porch to come back. Bella was over with Kate training to project her sheild.

"Your late," Edward said slowly, standing up.

"No, we're right on time," Renesmee replied. After looking at her, frowning, he said,

"Go get some dinner."

"Bye," Jacob said to her then ran to where the other wolves were at the edge of the clearing.

"See ya," She called out after him. She trudged into the house to have some dinner. As soon as she walked up the stairs into the kitchen the wonderful smell reached her nose.

"Smells good," She called out to Esmee who was cooking dinner for her behind the counter.

"Thanks honey," Esmee replied smiling at her. She put the food on a glass, blue plate and handed it to Renesmee. Renesmee would be eating roast chicken and garden salad. She sat at the kitchen table and dug in. The food was scrumptious. The chicken was juicy and the salad was fresh.

"Thanks grandma," Renesmee said to Esmee.

"No worries, glad you liked it," Esmee said then walked down the stairs to everyone else. Renesmee got up and walked over to the large glass window. She looked into the yard at all the vampires that were gathered there. Her favourites by far was Zafrina and Carmen.

"Come on, it's your bed time," Edward said from the doorway. Renesmee groaned but followed him out of the house.

"BELLA!" Edward called out towards the direction in which Bella was.

"Coming!" She called back. In a second there was a flash of light and she was at their side. They jumped across the river and ran to their cottage. The cottage was beautiful. Ivy was creeping over the stone walls and roses were growing out of the bushes under the windows. They walked into the cottage and Renesmee walked off into her room and snuggled into the covers of her bed.  

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