The Music World

Maggie Martella loves music. Singing is her passion. She wants to do it for the rest of her life and make a living singing. But it isn't as easy as it seems. Maggie has to try to push her way into the music world, because, honestly, it's one of the hardest businesses to succeed in.


2. Being Discovered

I walked down the oh so familiar sidewalk to my favorite city park. There was a large fountain in the middle with tall hedges around a small field of grass. There were a few white benches on either side of the fountain, and under the fountain was a concrete circle with a diameter of about 5 feet. I loved performing here.
I kneeled on the ground and took my guitar out of it. I put my open case at the edge of the concrete so people could give me money if they wanted to. Frankly, I didn't care as much about the money as I did to just share some music for people, although the money did help pay the bills.
I contemplated what to sing first for only a minute before one of my all time favorite songs came to mind. It was Crazier bye Taylor Swift. She was an idol of mine because she became really famous when she was really young and she was really talented.
I began strumming the first chords of the song and I began singing,
"I'd never gone with the wind. Just let it flow. Let it take me where it wants to go.
'til you opened the door. And there's so much more. I'd never seen it before.
I was tryin to fly but I couldn't find wings. 'til you came along and you changed everything"
People started gathering around to listen to the song. I could tell I was going to get plenty money and a big round of applause from this song because I'm singing it basically all day every day.
I continued the song.
"You lift my feet off the ground and spin me around, you make me crazier, crazier.
Feels like I'm fallin and I am lost in your eyes. You make me crazier, crazier,crazier."
I sang the last two verses and, as I predicted, got a huge round of applause from the now really large crowd that filled the entire park. Many people came up and put in a few dollars. Today is a good day.
After that I sang the no rap versions of Pay phone by Maroon 5 and ET by Katy Perry.
Then I sang some other songs, all receiving applauding and large rounds of people donating money.
To wrap it all up, I sang a song my little sister introduced to me. It's from a movie she absolutely loves, Camp Rock 2. It's a really stupid song, buts it's fun to sing and it's really funny, so I really wanted to sing it, and then send Ashley, my little sister, a video of me singing it. The song is called Introducing Me by Nick Jonas (A/N Stupid Song I heard and I find it absolutely hilarious)
I played the into on my guitar and sang.
"I’m good at wasting time,
I think lyrics need to rhyme,
And you’re not asking,
But I’m trying to grow a mustache.
I eat cheese, but only on pizza, please,
Sometimes, on a homemade quesadilla.
Otherwise it smells like feet to me.
And I, I really like it when the moon looks like a toe nail.
And I love it when you say my name.

If you wanna know, here it goes.
Gonna tell ya there’s a part of me that shows,
If we're close, gonna let you see everything,
But remember that you asked for it.
I’m trying to do my best to impress,
But it’s easier to let you take a guess, at the rest,
But you wanna hear what lives in my brain, in my heart,
Well, you asked for it.
For your perusing,
At times confusing,
Slightly amusing…
Introducing me!

Do do do do do do,
Do do do do do do.
La da da da,
La da da da da da da, da.

I never trust a dog to watch my food.
And I like to use the word 'dude';
As a noun, or an adverb, or an adjective
And I never really been into cars.
I like really cool guitars and superheroes and cheques with lots of zeroes on ‘em.

I love the sound of violins and making someone smile...


Well you probably know more then you ever wanted to,
So be careful when you ask next time.


Do do do do do do,
Do do do do do do.
Do do do do…
Introducing me!"

(A/N see what I mean by funny?!)

Everyone kept laughing during the song, then clapped at the end and more people gave me money.
"Thank you all SO much!! I'll be here almost everyday, if you ever want to hear more." I yelled and people began to disperse with a few more people that were in the back came up and gave me money.
I kneeled down and placed my guitar in the case on top of all the money and closed it. I never counted my money until I got home. I stoodnback up and before I was able to walk away in the direction of home, a man with a black jacket and sunglasses on walked up to me and introduced himself. "I'm Allen Rogers, with A&N Studios. I was hired to find a new icon for us.I heard you and came to find out who it was. I would be happy if you would come sing for my boss at A&N Studios."
That was a lot to take in, so I was sort of speechless."Umm, thank you so much." I've been waiting so long for this, and now it was here. I had to say yes, I'll go with you. Yeah, maybe A&N may not be as popular as it used to be, but it's better than nothing, right? "Erm, yeah. I would love to." I was calm on the outside, but inside I was screaming my head off.
"Great. Can you give me your address?"
"Yeah, here. I'll write it down for you." I pulled a piece of paper out of my case and a pen and wrote it down for him in the neatest handwriting I could possibly do. I handed it to him and he looked it over.
"That's great. Just down the street. I dont know how we haven't heard you until now, but at least I have now. I'll send someone by to pick you up at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon." he told me.
"Sounds good to me," I replied as he walked away.
I can't believe it. I have finally been discovered by someone other than the random citizens strolling in the park, who only spare a few dollars.
Now I have to go home and figure out what I'm going to wear tomorrow...

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