These are our moments in time

Bodine is just an average girl. When she goes on holiday to Australia to see her family for her birthday, her mum buys an iPhone, tickets. These aren't any ordinary tickets. They are CONCERT ticket to a ONE DIRECTION concert.She automaticly invited Phoebe and Shannon. What they don't know is they have backstage passes to the concert and then what will happen from there, you will have to wait and see.....


3. Waking Up

Oh My God!!! What just happened? That had to be a dream. Looking at Niall Horan made me black out?? I can feel someone warm lying besides me. Phoebe?? I  soon opened my eyes. Who do I find. It wasn't Phoebe. It was NIALL HORAN!!! "Hello love. How are you feeling?" "Fine, thanks. Wait. Why are you in my room and on my bed?" I asked confused. "We have all taken turns to look after you for the day. I have only just started my turn. " He said smiling. Wait!?!?!? Where is Phoebe??? "Where is everyone else?" I said sitting up. " They are down at the Harbour Bridge. We are all going to walk up the Bridge tomorrow. Do you and your friend want to come?" I want to come but i am scared of heights. You may want to ask Phoebe if she wants to do it though." "Don't worry about the heights. I will be right behind you.


Phoebe's P.O.V

I wonder if Bodine has woken up yet? "Do you think that we should go back to check on Bodine?" "Why are you so worried?" Liam asked. I looked down at the ground. He picked up my chin with his thumb. " It is just that she has never done that before. For as long as I have known her, she has never done that. EVER!" "If it makes you feel better, we will go back to the hotel if you want." Zayn said. Oh My God!! I cant Believe that I am talking with Zayn, Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall. Wait. NIALL!! That is why Bodine blacked out. " I know why Bodine blacked out earlier." "Why?" They all said together. I turned to the direction of the hotel and started running as fast as I could. "PHOEBE!! WHY DID SHE BLACK OUT EARLIER??" I could hear Liam yelling as he ran after me with Harry, Zayn and Harry following him.


When I reached our room, I was out of breath. I walked into the room and looked at the bed. She was gone. I heard the toilet flush. "Bea?? Are you in there." "Phoebe. Can I talk to you for a moment?" "Yeah, sure." Bodine then unlocked the door and I walked in, then I said to the guys  "I will knock on your door when we have finished." "Ok" They all said at the same time as they start to walk out/


Liam's P.O.V

"Yeah, sure" Phoebe said. Bodine opened the bathroom door and Phoebe walked inside, then she turned to us and said  "I will knock on your door when we have finished." "Ok" We all said as we started walking out of their room. I shut the door and unlocked our door as we all walked inside. "I wonder what Bodine wants to talk to Phoebe about?" I said "I think it should just stay in between them and not known by all of us." Harry said 


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