These are our moments in time

Bodine is just an average girl. When she goes on holiday to Australia to see her family for her birthday, her mum buys an iPhone, tickets. These aren't any ordinary tickets. They are CONCERT ticket to a ONE DIRECTION concert.She automaticly invited Phoebe and Shannon. What they don't know is they have backstage passes to the concert and then what will happen from there, you will have to wait and see.....


20. Surf's UP!!!!

Louis's P.O.V

We got into the dingy and headed for Bondi Beach. I soon pulled up to the beach and then got out to pull the dingy up onto the sand. "Coming guys?" I asked Liam, Bodine and Niall. They all nodded and got out of the dingy. "Liam and I are going to go and get changed. So see you guys back here in about an hour?" I said with a smile. Bodine and Niall nodded and then walked away. Hand in hand. EEWWW!!!!


Bodine's P.O.V

Niall and I started to walk away from Louis and Liam. I soon heard all of these screams. I looked up and then all of these teenaged girls came running towards us. I looked at Niall and he looked at me. Then he started to run. I chased after him. The fans were getting closer and closer as we kept running. Soon he tripped over a piece of drift wood and then i fell on top of him by accident. I looked into his beautiful blue eyes as he looked onto mine. I soon felt all these pairs of hands grab me and pull me away from Niall. "NIALL!!" I screamed as my vision of him faded. "HELP!!!" I screamed then everything blanked out. 


Niall's P.O.V

All of these fans pulled Bodine off of me and then I couldn't see her beautiful face anymore. "NIALL!!!!" I heard her scream. I got up and looked around for her. But i couldn't see her. "HELP!!!" I heard her yell. That reminded me of louis on the XFactor video diary whatever week it was. I can't remember. Anyways. I Tried to walk towards the way that she had been pulled away from me but I couldn't go anywhere. Everyway was blocked by fans. I gave a few autographs and took a few pictures and then they all left. I looked around for Bodine but I couldn't see her. 


"BODINE!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU?????" I yelled waiting for an answer. But there was no reply. Sadly, my heart is skipping a few beats as I listened to the silence. I walked straight ahead and tried to follow the way that she had been pulled away. But that didn't work. So, I walked up to the lifeguards tower. I knocked on the door and walked inside. "Hello???" I asked to see if they were here."Yeah?" I heard a deep australian voice say. There was a tall, slim man sitting with  walkie talkie on the bench next to him. "Niall? Niall Horan. Form the band One Direction??" He asked me. I nodded. "It's a pleasure to meet you mate." He said standing up holding out a hand for me to shake. I shook it. "What can I do for you mate?" "Well, Me and my gi- err friend were walking along the beach, when all of these fans came running towards us. We both started to run. I tripped over a piece of wood and she fell on top of me by accident. Then she was pulled off of me by all these girls and then she was screaming. I signed their books and took pictures with them. They all went away and then i couldn't see her. I tried calling for her but she didn't answer. So that is when i came here to ask you to help me." I said nearly in tears. "It's ok mate. I will help you look for her. And i was watching you the whole time." He said. That made me feel a little bit better than before. Maybe he could have seen who took her away. 


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