These are our moments in time

Bodine is just an average girl. When she goes on holiday to Australia to see her family for her birthday, her mum buys an iPhone, tickets. These aren't any ordinary tickets. They are CONCERT ticket to a ONE DIRECTION concert.She automaticly invited Phoebe and Shannon. What they don't know is they have backstage passes to the concert and then what will happen from there, you will have to wait and see.....


5. Lost and dinner plans

Liam's P.O.V

Wow. What is taking Niall and Bodine so long just to get something. I wonder what they are doing. "Hey guys. I am going to go and see what is taking Bodine and Niall so long. " "I'll come with you, Liam. " Phoebe said straight away. "Yeah. I wonder what they are doing?" Harry said as Phoebe and I started walking away. " What did you and Bodine talk about earlier?" I asked before I could stop myself. Phoebe looked shocked. "Do you want to know?" I nodded "Well. It is kinda girl stuff, and Bodine said not to tell anyone. I'm so sorry, I wish I could tell you Liam. She said smiling. But I finally got the idea of what happened.

When we got to the room, I found that the room was a bit cleaner than before. Bodine had started to clean up for me. Well, I think she has. "Guys?? We are all waiting down stairs for you. What have you guys been doing??" I said wondering around the hotel room. " Liam. I am here. Umm. nothing has happened up here." Niall said coming out of the bathroom.

"Where is Bodine?" Phoebe asked. "She went to grab something from her room. I think." He said. Then, Bodine walked into the room. "Bodine??" Phoebe said to here. "Eww. No. Nothing happened." Bodine said. "Good" "I have had 7 missed calls from Nikki. I'm guessing we are in huge trouble, Phoebe."

Bodine's P.O.V

I called Nikki. As soon as she answered all I could hear was "BODINE??? WHERE ARE YOU???? I have been worried sick about you, so has everyone else. We in the lobby at the moment." "I have been up in my room with Phoebe the whole time. Can you see three boys sitting on a lounge in the lobby that looks like Zayn Malik, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson?" "yeah. Why?" "Well, that is actually them. I am up in their room with Liam Payne and Niall Horan and of course Phoebe girl." I said smiling. "Oh. Ok, well, we are all going down to Paddy's markets and then we are going to come back for dinner and you and Phoebe are coming too." "Can the boys come aswel? I want you to meet them. PLEASE??????? It is my birthday anyway." I said pleading. "Ok. They can come since it is your birthday. See you all tonight. Bye cousin." "Love ya Nikki" I said with a huge smile on my face as I ended the call.



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