These are our moments in time

Bodine is just an average girl. When she goes on holiday to Australia to see her family for her birthday, her mum buys an iPhone, tickets. These aren't any ordinary tickets. They are CONCERT ticket to a ONE DIRECTION concert.She automaticly invited Phoebe and Shannon. What they don't know is they have backstage passes to the concert and then what will happen from there, you will have to wait and see.....


10. Late for dinner

Nikki's P.O.V

Where is she? I hope she is OK? " I will be back in a minute. I am going to go and see what is taking the girls so long." I walk over to the elevator, pressed number 8 and waited till I got there. 805. They are staying in room 805. Ah, 805.

*knock, knock, knock*

No answer. "Bodine? Phoebe?" "Yeah" i hear them say it but it wasn't from their room. They walk out of the door of 804 with 5 boys. "What were you doing in there?" I asked furiously "We were just helping the boys get ready for dinner. That was all." Phoebe said. They had come out of the room with.. One Direction???? They were staying right next to them?"Lets go down stairs then, shall we? Everyone is worried about you two." I said. "Ok" The girls both said together. The boys followed us towards the elevator. 

Granny's P.O.V

"Bodine! Phoebe" I said as soon as I saw them both. They walked towards me and gave me a big hug. "Where have yo two been for the last 15 minutes?" "Oh, we were both helping the boys get dressed by choosing what they should wear." They said smiling. "And who are 'THESE' boys, exactly?" I asked. "Do they look like a band that Phoebe and I like to you?" Bodine said, moving aside so I could have a better look at them. 

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