These are our moments in time

Bodine is just an average girl. When she goes on holiday to Australia to see her family for her birthday, her mum buys an iPhone, tickets. These aren't any ordinary tickets. They are CONCERT ticket to a ONE DIRECTION concert.She automaticly invited Phoebe and Shannon. What they don't know is they have backstage passes to the concert and then what will happen from there, you will have to wait and see.....


9. Getting ready for dinner


"Niall? NIALL!!!" Bodine screamed at me. "What? What did I miss?" "We are late. I only just realized what time it was. We need to go and get dressed for dinner with my family." She said smiling at me."Oh. Ok." I said thinking about what happened earlier before Bodine disturbed my thoughts. :See you down in the lobby guys in 15 minutes." Phoebe said winking at Liam. I looked at Liam in shock. He looked at me back and shrugged. I went to the closet and just looked at all of my stuff. I walked out of our room and knocked on Bodine and Phoebe's door. I heard the shower turn off then I heard a little giggle from Bodine.

"Yeah?" I just looked at her, staring. She only got out of the shower. her hair was dripping wet. She had a towel around her. I stopped staring and looked down to the ground. "I don't know what to wear to meet your family." I said

Bodine's P.O.V

I just laughed. "Come in and wait for me till I get dressed then I will help you find something to wear." I said letting him inside. I walked over to my suit case and said "Niall. What should I wear?" He walked over to me and then he started to go through my suitcase. "Why not wear a dress?" I scoffed at what he said "I don't wear dresses to dinners or just to go around a hotel or my house with. I only wear them when I have to go to somewhere special. If I wear dresses at anytime, I always feel as if they are slipping off of me and they will leave me in my underwear." I said looking up into his blue eyes. I leaned in as he leaned in and we kissed. I caught up with Niall's slow pace. He started to get faster. "Niall," I said pulling away. "don't forget that we have to. Fine. I will wear a dress for you.

Now turn around while I get dressed." I smiled as he turned around. I went through my suitcase for some underwear and a strapless bra. I put them on. I then threw the towel at him. "You better not turn around at all now because I am only in my undies. "I said smiling at him. I pulled out a peach, strapless dress that comes up to the knees. I slip it on and then I get out a pair of high heels that are the same color as my dress. I put on my heels and stand up.


"You can turn around now. I don't know if you will like my dress." He ran towards me. "You are finally the same height as me." I laughed. "Phoebe. Come out here. Do you like what I am wearing?" Phoebe walked out of the bathroom in a hot pink, strapless dress that comes up to her knees aswel. She has a pair of black velvet shoes on. "Love the dress Phoebe." I said giggling. Come on Phoebe. Lets go help Nialler here find something to wear. Shall we?" I said as I opened the door. She nodded and walked towards the door. We walked into the boys room and Phoebe and I stopped in the doorway. There were the boys with no shirts on. They all looked over to us. "Wow. You two look stunning. " Liam said winking at Phoebe. She giggled. 



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