Stella is a normal girl with insecurity problems. Some people would call her life perfect, and it gets better through a few coincidences. (harry styles/louis tomlinson fanfic)
**A/N this is my first movella so yea! comment your opinions! please no hate! i can take criticism but hate is just rude! ENJOY! :)


4. Packing

I take a big long yawn. I should not have stayed up so late reading fanfiction last night... I look through my closet, I pick out my bathing suit, a one piece and some nike shorts and an Adidas jacket (to cover up my thighs and arms) for the beach because i have to go there... I hat that my body is so unattractive that i have to hide. I would love to wear those cute half tops that all of the pretty girls wear. *sigh* I will just have to deal with it and move on.( see her beach outfit here) and then i stuff my suitcase with sweat pants, jeans, jean shorts, graphic tees, sweaters, sweatshirts, beanies, a pair of heels, my light brown converse, my light pink converse, my white leather converse, a dress, my nike's, my adidas tennis shoes, my raquet, my visor, and some tennis clothes. I lug my suitcase down the stairs of our house, where my mom is already waiting with a backpack on her back.

Mom: "Did ya get the sink?"

Me: "You aren't the one who is looking for One Direction, Mom!"

Mom: "Just remember that we are here for school."

Me: "hah, yea and im a stamp collector from tokyo. lets just go."

Mom: "Alright I'll write Emmy a note on the white board."

Me: "okay, I'll wait in the car!"

I go to wait in the car and become glued to my phone again. I go on twitter for the millionth time, when i decide to actually tweet something instead of just retweeting.

"@Louis_Tomlinson @Harry_Styles @Zaynmalik @NiallOfficial @Real_Liam_Payne Cant wait to see you boys in Tampa! #1dinflorida"


I wait a few more minutes skimming through iFunny when my mom comes out.

Me: "Jeez mom! Did you write her a book?!"

Mom: "Dont be irreverent!"

Me: *fake sob* "Dont make me feel irrelevant like i deserve a banana in the face!"

I miss the video diaries. Oh well, if I met one direction than I could be in a twitcam, or a video diary! But who am i kidding, why would any of those amazing guys go for a lame and ugly girl like me. Whatever. Even if i just barely got a glimpse of them I would be happier than a slinky on an escalator. (credit to allstate commercial) the one thing that i was dreading was the 150 mile drive from west palm beach to Tampa. Great. Better put in my headphones. Its gonna be a long day.



**A/N HAI! I could write for hours more, but i have to go to bed. favorite and comment! what are some of your ideas to put in the next chapter?! email them to ! (I know its a nerdy name but i made it when i was like seven so ya know, its whatever.) Thanks!


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